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Mystical Store Releases

Greetings, witches and wizards!

The Store team is pleased to share this month's newest release, the Mystical Store Releases! This release includes two new magical warp keys, a hat perfect for the summer, and even a popularly suggested bundle! The items are as follows:
  • Spellbook Warp Key: Enhance your magic and warping with the beautiful new spellbook!
  • The Electrifying Wand: Cast with magic swirling around you and up your arm!
  • Raven Warp Key: Grow your raven collection with the newest warp key, perched on your shoulder!
  • Bucket Hat: Wear the trendiest, sun-safe hat for summer!
  • Cowboy Emotes: Embrace your inner cowboy with these extravagant emotes! These include:
    • Tip Hat
    • Yeehaw
    • Howdy Partner
    • Quick-Draw Duel
    • Horsing Around
  • Clockwork Bundle: All your favourite clockwork-themed releases: together! This includes:
    • Clockwork Aviator Hat
    • The Clockwork Staff
    • Clockwork Broom
For more information, visit the new releases section of our store! You can also view these items in the in-game store before purchasing them on our website or in the Potter Points store!