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Mythology Store Releases

Greetings, witches and wizards,

The stories are true - monsters live among us. Bring the tales of ancient myth to life with our brand new Mythology Store Releases! Channel your inner demigod with the new Helios' Headpiece, or guard the gates of hell with a Pet Cerberus by your side. The items included within this release are:
  • NEW The Thyrsus Staff: Nobody parties like Dionysus, the Greek god of celebrations. Why not join in the fun with a replica of his thyrsus?
  • NEW Keres Crown: Claim your victories in style, adorned with the crown of the Greek death spirits themselves!
  • NEW Helios' Headpiece: With this stylish hat, you're sure to shine brighter than the rest. After all, Helios is the god of the sun!
  • NEW Selene's Headpiece: If shining like the sun isn't quite your style, why not cast a gentle moonlight glow with the headpiece of Selene, Goddess of the Moon?
  • NEW Hermes' Hat: There's one thing cooler than a golden hat.... A golden hat with wings, of course!
  • NEW Ares' Chariot Mount: Valiantly ride into the battlefield atop this chariot of legend, test-driven by the God of War himself!
  • NEW Pet Cerberus: He may guard the gates to the underworld, but he's a cute little guy. With him by your side, surely no spirits can harm you!
  • NEW The Trident of Poseidon: Roar with the might of the God of the Sea behind you when you use this trident to cast magic upon your foes.

Hungry for more ways to delve into the land of the gods? We also have a wide range of existing items that pair up perfectly with these new releases:
  • FEATURED Golden Laurel: Blend in with the Olympians and equip yourself with this epic crown of the gods.
  • FEATURED Pet Baby Pegasus: This winged pony makes the perfect companion for any experienced traveller!
  • FEATURED The Caduceus Wand: Pair up Hermes' Hat with this caduceus and perfectly embody Hermes, God of Messengers & Thieves!
  • FEATURED The Lightning Bolt Staff: Show off your might by channelling Zeus' powers with his lightning bolt staff!
  • FEATURED Pegasus Mount: Elegantly glide down from the lands above on this noble white pegasus!

For more information about the new items, check out the New Releases category of our store! The featured items listed above can be found in their respective categories. All items are available for preview in our In-Game Store and can also be purchased from our Potter Points store.