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New Honeybadger Housemaster

Congratulations to Emily (eimly) on becoming our next Honeybadger Housemaster! :honeybadger:

As I progress IRL, it’s time I pass on the role of Housemaster to someone who has more availability to dedicate to the position. I am certain that Emily will do a wonderful job in this position & we're excited to see all she does!

I have absolutely adored being your Head of House/Housemaster, but all good things must come to an end, and I know you all deserve someone who is able to show commitment to the role and involvement with the community. You’ve all been amazing, and are real embodiments of the spirit of the Honeybadger house.

Congratulations again, Emily & stay kind everyone!

- Kieran (KieranTM)



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Congratulations Emily! I’m super excited to see all you do 💕