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New Minigame: Barrel Racing!

Greetings Witches and Wizards!

With the Butterbrew Festival season underway, we are excited to announce our new seasonal minigame: Barrel Racing!

In Barrel Racing, players hop on their barrels and race each other through the course. Unlike our typical games, players must finish three laps in order to be victorious. Along the way you can collect unique Butterbrew-inspired powerups to help secure your win, ranging from Barrel Bombs, Stirring Spoons and Twisted Brew.

Leaderboard and Statistics
Speak to Samuel Nottingham at the Butterbrew Festival in order to join the queue or queue via /games. For the duration of the event, a live leaderboard will be situated next to Samuel displaying the top players, players with the highest win streak, and the fastest players on each of the two maps.

You can view your individual statistics in /gs.

We’re excited to unveil two exclusive maps for this minigame. They are Appleby Village and Barrel Boulevard. You can view them here.

Players will earn the following rewards from competing in Barrel Racing.





15 Event Tokens

12 Event Tokens

10 Event Tokens

7 Event Tokens

All players are rewarded 5 Barrel Racing tickets for every game of Barrel Racing that they play. These can be exchanged for other game tickets via the Tickets & Tokens Exchange near Samuel Nottingham.

Finally, players can complete the Barrel Racing taskboard activities by speaking to Joyce Appleby near the Town Hall.

We hope that everyone enjoys this new minigame!