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New Minigame Maps!

Hello everyone!

We're very excited to announce minigame maps for you to play. It's been a long while since we've released any maps so we hope you very much enjoy these new maps.

The new maps are;
- Dropper: Chamber of Mysteries made by Lauren, Cherry and Darren.
- Dropper: Owlery made by Snowy and Lauren.
- Flying: Hogsend made by Belle, Zis, Quinn, Mason and Chrin.
- Flying: Riddle's Graveyard made by Robo and Elle.
- Flying: Interwizard Tournament made by Shira, Aaron, Mason and Toiq.
- Hide & Seek: Grimlotts made by PotatoEmma, yuckitsemma, Mason, Max, Belle and Zis.
- Melting Floor: Common Rooms made by Snowy, Cherry, Flora and Lauren.

Stay tuned for more maps coming soon!
- The Build Team



Minecraft IGN: TbhKate_
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Super pumped to try these new maps out! Thanks Robo and the build team! :)