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New Official Art Discord

Art Discord Banner.png

For many years, art has been a large part of the Potterworld community. Whether it be drawing, rendering, or building, the art community has a wide variety of talents and interests!

To better grow and strengthen some of our server's communities, we have opened an all-new Art Discord! This server is not just for digital artists or renders, but instead for all different mediums. Writers, cooks, modelers, and more are welcomed!

This Discord also serves as a different way for PW team members to interact with players. There will be opportunities for players to get sneak peeks into the creative side of the server (Media & Build), get their work featured in our works such as Daily Diviner, and more!

Click here to join our Art Discord server!

Note: All rules from the main PW Discord apply & individuals will need to have their account linked (do /discord in-game).

If there are any questions, please get in contact with the Head of Media on Discord (sunnya#6761).