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Option for /audio


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I'm not sure if there will be copyright issues with adding music but I think it'll be cool if each village played a certain soundtrack from the movies (or at least an altered version of the original soundtrack). It'll be a nice welcome to hear music when you discover a location since it helps indicate to new players that they are close by (this may help a bit if they're lost). The lobby you log into and the sorting quiz should also have a soundtrack playing in the background.


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  • Movie music isn't possible. There is a reason it's called Potterworld with Hogsworth, Quabble ball etc.
  • It would require more work than just adding music to the resourcepack - defining town borders, plugin that would tell the client what song to play, fading it in and out without dependency on the soundtrack lenght
HP co-op/single-player map got around this issue by asking someone to compose the music for them.

I think adding just the music without combining it with places would be a great start.


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This is a great idea and can be done with plugins such as openaudiomc which are used on some very large themed servers I know to add audio to certain places. This is possible as you can add music to even the smallest of places when making a region of any size, even using realistic speakers with links to music of 1-1000+ blocks, but I don't know if they would consider to use this plugin. As someone who owns a Disneyland server, it is definitely not impossible though as stated above. It does require some work like adding the tracks to youtube, and using those links to apply it to regions. I think they should consider this as an optional feature for players to strengthen the RPG exp. They could add serpent common room ambience tracks to the common room, great hall ambience track to the great hall, and even add custom sounds to collectable objects!


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I am a composer and have tried bringing this up with staff many times and was shot down each time. It would be a lot of work and also they would have to implement it. I use the resource pack that was shared above for a more authentic experience.


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I believe this is already a thing they're working on? There was a suggestion on the old feedback website uservoice where it was put on hold. As for implementing it, it would be quite easy with the recent addition of the scoreboard which tells you where you're located currently - all the regions have been set up for that already.


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Hello to the thread poster, and everyone who commented on this thread!

Thank you for bringing this idea to us! I love it whenever I get to read the suggestions and ideas that you all have for the server. I am pleased to say that this is something that we will be doing in future, as we like the idea of having our own audio and want to do this. It would definitely help to create a more immersive experience. However, it will likely be something that will happen further into the future, as we have a lot of other things that involve gameplay and content creation to focus on that have a higher priority. Thank you again for sharing your idea on the forums!


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I already made a suggestion about adding the minecraft discs playing around the map. That was actually a thing a few years ago and it would be really cool if we had it back. Each music disc was played in a certain area and you could easily turn it off in your minecraft options.