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Poltergeists and Tech & Dev Merge

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We are excited to announce that the Poltergeist subdepartment will be moving from Community Management to join Technology & Development!

These changes will establish closer communication between the playerbase and our Developers, and it will increase transparency with players regarding valuable core aspects of the server. We will be making some large backend changes over the next months to adjust how we handle suggestions. This will increase the efficiency and communication in the team. As a result, this new system will also decrease the wait times for suggestions to receive an official decision. Effective immediately, we will no longer be sending out initial responses to suggestions to accommodate and match these changes, as well as creating a smoother and simpler system for us to work with.

We will also be making some changes to how we gather feedback and suggestions, such as slightly raising the amount of AC received from filling forms out, working on shortening forms, sending out broadcasts in-game when forms are released, and using new methods to gather statistical data. We can't wait to see the effect these changes have and how the Poltergeist team grows with them!



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Do you guys have a set response time from when a suggestion is posted to when there's a staff response, like within 2 weeks or 1 month, or is that still being worked on? Thanks for the changes!
This is still being worked on. With the new system, we want to make the general process more efficient so it also has to go through less stages before a decision is formed. Unfortunately, it will take a little bit to properly develop and test the tech required for this. I can say that even with the new system, all threads will take at minimum two weeks to receive a reply. This is because we always want to give the community first some time to reply, and then leadership needs some time to take all factors into account and come to a decision.