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PW-tober 2023 Prompts & Giveaway

Hello witches, wizards, and other magical fellows!

Throughout the month of October, you'll have the opportunity to share your art with us for a chance to win either the Enchanter's Hat or the Resting Raven Staff as well as 200 Potter Points and 100 House Points through our PW-tober Raffle!


PW-tober is our own spin on Drawtober/Inktober, and we've come up with 31 unique prompts to encourage our artists to aim to create art every day of October. Every day that you create a piece following the prompt and share it with us, your IGN will be entered. If you submit a piece every day, you can get your IGN put 31 times in the raffle!

One winner will randomly be picked on November 1st. The winner will be announced through a separate announcement and get to decide whether they want the hat or wand appearance. If the winner has both items, they will instead get 700 Potter Points.

Giveaway Guidelines:
- You must follow the prompt for the day that you are making a submission. If a submission is made for the wrong prompt on the wrong day, it will not be counted.​
- You may only make 1 submission per day.
- All submissions must be made by you, no AI use or generation is allowed.​
- You may create any type of art for your submission, as long as you are able to share it with us (drawings, renders, builds, etc.).​
- All submissions should remain appropriate.​
- Submissions for each prompt should be sent by 11:59 pm PST on the assigned day. However, there is a 2 hour grace period.​

Giveaway Timeline:
- Submissions Open: October 1​
- Submissions Close: October 31​
- Winner Announced: November 1​
To enter, share your submission with us here or on the Art Discord by sending it in the #pw-tober-2023 channel! Just be sure to include your IGN in the message when you make a submission. The prompts are attached below.

For any questions, please message Alexa (aerastice). We can't wait to see what you create!


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