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Return to the Enchanted Valley - Valentine's Event 2024

Our story begins not once, nor twice, but thrice upon a time…

This Valentine’s Day, once again the Fairytale Council has requested the help of Hogsworth students in the Enchanted Valley! The Fairy Godmother needs assistance in helping the town’s residents each find their own happy ending after one of the Fairytale Council members gave Villains access to the Valley. Speak to Kevin just outside the Great Hall to step inside a storybook and help solidify the bonds of family, friends, and romantic partners as you return to the Enchanted Valley.

The Valentine's Event will be available from February 3rd to March 9th.

Quest Journal
In your quest journal, you will see a new icon for the Valentine's 2024 Event. This will be accessible throughout the entire event and will be disabled after the event ends. Utilise this to find the starting locations for all of the event content!

Main Quests
Throughout this event, you will have to earn storybook pages to unlock the main quests. Storybook pages can be obtained by playing side quests and activities. You can unlock main quests and exchange Inspiration Sparks for Storybook Pages in the Enchanted Valley’s Castle Library.

Repeatable Gameplay
There are 5 side quests that can be played every 12 hours: Painting Tales, Flowers Everywhere, Cupid Troubles, Mischief Managed, and Chip's Delectable Problem
There are 2 side quests that can be played every 3 hours: Dreamweaver and Go Fish!
All side quests can be played for event tokens and storybook pages.

There are also 2 activities! The Chocolatier's Assistant has 30 chocolates hidden around the valley that can be found to receive storybook pages every 3 hours. Merlin, a new resident to the Enchanted Valley, is too old to search for the knowledge he so desires and has many fun secrets for you to find across the valley. These secrets reward event tokens and storybook pages.

We also have many droppers, parkours, mazes, and elytras to earn additional Event Tokens and Inspiration Sparks. Inspiration Sparks can be exchanged for storybook pages.

The Daily Taskboard will reward additional bonus Event Tokens for completing its daily challenges! The Daily Taskboard is located right in the Castle Library.

You can purchase a ton of rewards with Event Tokens in the Town's Marketplace! We have a few old rewards, as well as some newer ones! You can also trade Event Tokens in for Gold at a 1-to-1 ratio at the Rewards NPC.

Content Creation:
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Mobs + Spells:
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Render - Lukeius
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Trailer - 0ceqn
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