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Rules Update

Hello everyone!

On behalf of the Moderation department, we'd like to announce an update to the rules! I've recently gone through and updated all the rules to not only be more reflective of who we are as a server, but also to include a lot more detail than what they previously did. These are active immediately, so please make sure that you know them as you will be held accountable.

Please contact the Head of Moderation, or any other Head Staff or Sr. Prefect, on Discord, or submit a ticket in-game or on the website if you have any questions or concerns with the update.

All rules can be found by clicking here.



New magician
Minecraft IGN: ShaneChi
Staff Phoenix Raven Jr. Professor DD Writer
It's always great to see a refresher, thank you to the wonderful Moderation department for keeping our server a positive and safe community!