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Sanctuary Store Releases

Greetings, witches and wizards!

As spring is rolling in and the days are growing longer, celebrate the natural world with our brand new Sanctuary Store Releases! Kick back and relax in the tranquil surroundings of the Fairy Sanctuary Scenery, or explore the natural world with one of our new pet cats by your side. The full range of items included in this release is:
  • NEW Fairy Sanctuary Scenery: Shrink down to the size of a fairy and live among this enchanting toadstool village, fitted with its own play area!
  • NEW Pet Ginger Cat: This household pet just got a lot more magical! Now you can wander the castle with your trusty feline friend.
  • NEW Pet Grey Cat: It may be more common than a ginger cat, but it's not any less special! Treat yourself to the calm-tempered little cat.
  • NEW Mushroom Hat: Shelter from the rain with this natural umbrella! It's rumoured that anyone who wears this hat is guaranteed to be a fun guy...
  • NEW The Butterfly Wand: Spread your wings and fly with this graceful vessel of your magical powers.
  • NEW Hive Broom: Buzz through the skies with the swarm to guide you. Who knows, maybe you'll become part of their colony.
  • NEW Butterfly Death Effects: Spread your wings and fly to the spawn point with this colourful explosion of death effects!

Are you a fan of these enchanting releases? Our Pet Butterfly is the perfect companion for these butterfly-themed items. If you're looking for something else, why not check out one of our Pet Fairies, blending in perfectly with the new housing scenery?

For more information about the new items, check out the New Releases category of our store! These featured pets can be found in the Pets category of our store. All items are available for preview in our In-Game Store and can also be purchased from our Potter Points Store.