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Scheduled Maintenance - Gear Rework

Hello everyone!

We will be putting the server into maintenance mode tomorrow [May 1st] at 3 AM PST. This will be done to allow us to release the long-awaited gear rework. More information regarding this update will be posted as we near the end of the maintenance.

Spoiler: It's an awesome update.

We will be keeping everyone updated in #maintenance-updates on Discord, and on this thread. We will not be providing any ETAs. Hubs and minigames will remain available during the maintenance.

Update 1 - 3:10 AM PST:
We have now enabled maintenance mode - mini games and hubs will remain open for the entire maintenance. We will be providing updates when we reach certain milestones.

Please :bear: with us!

Update 2 - 6:17 AM PST:
It's been a bit quiet, so I'm here to provide a small update! Some unexpected issues and hurdles occurred that we had to get over, which made things a bit slower - but things are going pretty well! We're getting closer and closer as each minute goes by, and everyone is working super hard to get this update finished

We'll be doing a staff-testing before opening the doors to make sure that everything looks good - we'll let you know once we start with that.

Thank you everyone for your patience so far!

Update 3 - 6:45 AM PST:
We have enabled Snowballing (our seasonal winter mini-game) so you guys can have fun playing that while we're continuing to work on the maintenance :) You can queue for it in /games

Update 4 - 9:55 AM PST:
We have just opened the doors for staff-testing and have fingers crossed :fingers_crossed:

Update 5 - 12 PM PST:
We're nearing the end of the maintenance (no eta!) - the next announcement for us will be us opening the gates and announcing the changes!

Thank you for your patience! We're super excited to reveal this update and we hope you all enjoy it. Shout-out to everyone who's spent the last 8 hours on this maintenance! :muscle:
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