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Spell Tree role 2

Which Spell tree role to take?

  • Charm

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  • Curse

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  • Transfiguration

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  • Defensive

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  • Your choice on how you feel about it Tuna

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  • Still thinking about it yet

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  • Idk you do you lol XD

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  • Hybrid two spell trees like jinx/healer or charm/jinx etc

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Minecraft IGN: Tuna2
I know I did this last year but I want to make sure 1 more time just to make sure with everyone cause I'm very good with the Healer/Medic role but with enough practice and gear I can take on any Spell tree but it's hard to choose between backing up your allies with Attack spells or support and heal them along the while trying to make sure your whole team survives as long you don't get targeted and faint in the battle field because I'm an All-rounded/Jack of all trades guy really but maybe with enough practice I would get out the Habit of switching so much and say with 1 for some time or maybe forever instead of doing every samll thing each time even though I'm an alright duelist in backup but get taken down very easily lol XD but I am curious on everyone's opinion 1 more time though.