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Spellbound Store Releases & Sale

Greetings witches and wizards,

Once upon a time in the Enchanted Valley, many tales were waiting to unfold. Start your first enchanting chapter with our fantastic new Spellbound Store Releases & Sale! Spread the magic with the Pixie Dust Wand and Death Effects, or fall in love with your very own Pet Frog Prince! To celebrate the season of love, all items in the store are also 30% off until the end of February 17th. The new items included in this release are:
  • NEW Enchanted Mirror Warp Key: "Mirror, mirror, in my hand. Take me somewhere rather grand." With this warp key, one quick glance can take you across the world!
  • NEW Pixie Dust Wand Effects: Enchant the hearts of your friends, or foes, with these charming new wand effects.
  • NEW Pixie Dust Death Effects: If you're looking for a more brutal way to charm your enemies, these death effects are sure to strike them when you go down! Who knows... maybe you'll leave behind a longer-lasting enchantment?
  • NEW Wellness Emotes: It's important to remember that all fairytales need a hero! Take a moment to care for the hero in you with these new wellness emotes:
    • Drink Water
    • Meditate
    • Practise Yoga
    • Take a Nap
    • Take a Walk
  • NEW The Hook Wand: Off to Longbay Landing are ye? Not so fast! You'll need this hearty wand appearance to chart your course through those shark-infested waters. Yo ho, let's go!
  • NEW Pet Frog Prince: Sometimes a frog is just a frog. Sometimes a frog is a prince. Sometimes, like this pet, a frog can become your best friend.
  • NEW Pet Swan: Elegantly glide through the great lake, or soar through the skies with this symbol of wisdom. Spread the grace of a swan with this Pet Swan by your side.
  • NEW Pet Ladybird: Roam the streets of the Enchanted Valley with this cute little critter to guide the way.
  • NEW Timekeeper's Warp Key: Make sure you don't arrive late! When your clock doubles as your method of travel, you'll never miss an important event ever again!
  • REDUCED Nature Death Effects: Treat yourself to these calming death effects at their new, permanently reduced price of just $3!

Looking for more ways to find your own fairytale? Blend into the mystical woodland with our Fireflies Hat & Warp Key Combo. Alternatively, you can try out one of our various colours of Fairy Wings for just $6 each!

For more information about the new items, check out the New Releases category of our store! Our existing Fireflies Hat & Warp Key Combo can be found in the hats category, alongside the Fairy Wings. All items are available for preview in our In-Game Store. The items can also be purchased from our Potter Points store. New items are not included in the Valentine's Sale.