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Spooky Store Releases & Sale

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Greetings witches and wizards!

As Halloween approaches, we come bearing our Halloween seasonal items and a sale! We have some new permanent store items, new seasonal items, and returning seasonal items. The seasonal items will only be on our store for one month (until November 16th), so get them while you can!
  • NEW - Devil's Pitchfork: Wield this weapon of great power and take control over the flames from beneath the ground! It works well with our Devil Horns.
  • NEW SEASONAL - Witch's Broom: Fly high above the clouds on your spooky broom casting jinxes, hexes & curses at people below!
  • NEW SEASONAL - Pumpkin Death Effects: Leave behind a pumpkin upon your death that bursts into a fiery explosion!

  • SEASONAL - Halloween Emotes: Participate in the spooky season with your friends using these emotes!
  • SEASONAL - Plague Hat: Give yourself an eerie look this Halloween with this frightful hat!
  • SEASONAL - Jack-o'-Lantern Mask: Pair this cool hat with a scary Halloween costume for the spooky season!

Additionally, we also bring you the Spooky Sale with up to 40% off on all store items except for this month's new store items! The sale will endure until the 1st of November at 12 am PST, so make sure you get the items you want on time!

For more information, you can view our store at store.potterworldmc.com/category/new-releases. You can also preview these items in the in-game store! Enjoy!

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