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Spring Festival 2020

Hop on to Potterworld for our annual Spring Festival! This year is being celebrated inside the burrows of 3 booming candy companies, with the goal of producing as many of their new candy, Choco Bunnies, as possible! Travel to the Recruiter NPC in the Great Hall Courtyard to enter the tunnels!

There are three bunny companies that are competing to see who can make the most Choco Bunnies. The company with the most Choco Bunnies by the end of the event (May 2nd) will receive an exclusive reward!

The bunny companies are:
- Delectable Magical Delights > Delly's
- Million-Hares Chocolates > Hare's
- Hop’s Sugary Delights > Hop's

Each company has its very own headquarters in the tunnels. Follow the colored carpet to find them!

Obtain ingredients from various methods throughout the tunnels, then brew a potion to combine with chocolate in order to create a Choco Bunny! The potion brewing in this event is our finalised version of brewing for the Revelius Update! More specific information can be found at the Information NPC when entering the tunnels.

There are also 50 Hidden Eggs around the tunnels, find all 50 eggs and talk to the Easter Bunny to receive the Easter Basket! The Easter Basket can be used the same way as a Beaded Handbag.

Event Lead - JessicaTM
Implementation - xAutumnn, lorynn, HeyLookBunnies, Sunnya, Magicath_, NSgaming
Mobs - FLiiiPENDO
Build - trashdotcom, Blizz
Testing & Feedback - SysterTM, KieranTM, Anxieteas, LiviDk, MamaDuckie, ChampionOfUno, AstroAsh_, d3ci, SLGMatt, Deivius