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Staff and Non-Staff Ranks - What They Are and What They Do

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Staff member
Non-Staff Positions
These positions are non-staff positions, however they still play an essential role in maintaining the server.

Media & Public Relations

A Performer is a non-staff Potterwatch position which entails working with the Potterwatch Directors to help create content on the YouTube channel. Main responsibilities include acting, both voice and character acting, being available on both Discord and the server, work with a team to create quality content, and to take direction from the Potterwatch Directors.

Director Intern:
Directors create videos for our YouTube page. They record Let's Play's, events that happen, tutorials, skits, and many other kinds of videos. Interns are non-staff directors who are still learning the ropes of video creation and the workings of the Potterwatch team.

Daily Diviner Writers:
The Daily Diviner team sets aside time in their own schedule to write the articles that you see in each biweekly publication. These articles are held to a high standard that has to be approved by the Lead Producer.

Daily Diviner Editors:
The Daily Diviner team sets aside time in their own schedule to write and edit the articles that you see in each biweekly publication. These articles are held to a high standard that has to be approved by the Lead Producer.

Architect Team
Jr. Builder:

This entry role's responsibilities include assisting other builders with building special-themed builds, structures for the world map and minigame maps.

Staff Positions
Community Management
Jr. Prefect:

Jr. Prefect is the starting rank in the Community Management sub-department Moderation. The responsibilities of these staff members include answering support tickets, moderating chat, aiding students and fellow staff members when in need of help, and overall enforcing the server rules. As a Jr. Prefect, you may be the first person a new player interacts with, so it’s important to remain professional and friendly when it comes down to customer service and never ignore a player in need.

Prefects inherit the responsibilities held by Jr. Prefects and additionally gain more permissions to enhance their ability to moderate and handle a larger amount of situations. They also gain the ability to serve as a mentor to lower ranks.

Sr. Prefect:
Sr. Prefects share the same responsibilities as Prefects but also gain an increased range of permissions to handle more issues. Additionally, with their seniority comes the responsibility of setting a standard for the rest of the team.

Lead Prefect:
Lead Prefects assist the head of the department in managing the team. With the rank comes the responsibilities of Sr. Prefect and more permissions to handle higher situations.

Staff Training:
This side-rank is in-charge of holding staff training sessions, in these sessions they work to ensure consistency in protocol and that professionalism is maintained.

Members of Wizencouncil, manage the website forums and answer questions found there.

Discord Moderator:
Discord Moderators are in charge of enforcing rules and moderating Discord channel chats and voice calls.

The Poltergeist’s main responsibility is listening to the players, whether this is on the feedback and suggestions section of the forums, or in-game. They pass this information onto the rest of the team, so it can be discussed and then brought up to the head of the specific department. They also test gameplay and new updates before they are released and leave their feedback. This is all done with the player kept in mind.

Sr. Poltergeist:
Sr. Poltergeists inherit the responsibilities of the Poltergeists. They also organize testing sessions, feedback forms and makes sure the feedback is submitted in an organized matter. They are a link between the Poltergeists and the Leads & Heads of Departments.

Lead Poltergeist:
Elder Poltergeists are the lead(s) of the Poltergeist team. They manage and monitor the team, as well as assisting in training.

The Inquisitors’ main responsibility is to create staff activities and events to help bring the staff team together and benefit and encourage the team’s communication.

High Inquisitor:
High Inquisitors inherit the responsibilities of Inquisitors, as well as assisting in overseeing the Inquisitors and organizing activity and event projects.

Lead Inquisitor:
The lead(s) of the Inquisitorial Squad. They help manage the team and assign tasks to the lower ranks.

Scribe Intern:
Scribe Interns are staff members responsible for writing the pages placed on the Potterworld wikipedia. They are tasked with searching for the information that will be seen by the community, which can be found through their partnerships with the other various Potterworld departments.

Scribe Publisher:
Scribe Publishers inherit the responsibilities of Scribe Interns, as well as assisting the Lead Scribe in making sure that the pages are properly implemented onto the wikipedia. They also have the responsibility of giving feedback and makings sure that all of the Scribe Interns are writing the proper information.

Lead Scribe:
Lead Scribes are the lead(s) of the Scribe team. They help manage the team and assign all of the pages to the Scribe Interns and Publishers. They are in charge of making sure that the day to day performance of the team is up to standards, and they also manage the applications, interviews, hiring, etc.

Media & Public Relations
Social Media Publisher (SMP):

Our SMP's manage our social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2D Arithmancer:
2D Arithmancers are artists who understand graphic design. This role is responsible for making graphics such as banners and promotional material, and more.

3D Arithmancer:
3D Arithmancers are artists who understand 3D modeling and texturing. This role is responsible for making banners, artwork, and renders for any project needed on Potterworld.

Skin Arithmancer:
Skin Arithmancers are artists who work on various skin related projects for Potterworld. They are responsible for creating skins that are used all around the server and our Social Media (including Youtube).

Jr. Director and Sr. Director:
Directors create videos for our YouTube page. They record Let's Play's, events that happen, tutorials, skits, and many other kinds of videos. Jr. and Sr. Directors are also able to host different kinds of streams. Click here to view our YouTube page!

Daily Diviner Lead Producer:
This rank is in charge of producing the Daily Diviner. They hire writers, review articles, and publish the publication biweekly. They’re in charge of all writers and editors for the publication.

Architect Team
Sr. Builder:

Established builders that know the PW style and the intricacies of being on the PW build team.

Jr. / Sr. Architect:
Established builders that can act as project leaders for various projects on the build team. Serve as a role model for other builders and are experts with their tools and the PW style.

Lead Architect:
This rank assists the heads of the department in managing the team.

Class Helper:

Helps out in classes. Answers questions, enforces rules, and interacts with the players.

Jr. & Sr. Professor:
This rank is responsible for creating lesson plans and teaching them to students. They must also create test questions and textbooks.

Class Design:
Class design is the team that takes the suggestions and feedback of the player base and staff team to make classes and classrooms better. They come up with new interactive ways to teach classes and work to make classes interesting all the time.

Game Design
Lore Keeper:

Lore Keepers write various pieces of work for the server. This includes mob descriptions, location backgrounds, character biographies, stories, etc. They essentially create the world we spend so much of our time enjoying.

Lore Master:
The senior rank of the Lore team. Lore Masters have the same responsibilities as Lore Keepers, however they will also oversee Lore Keeper projects.

Lead Lore Master:
The lead(s) of the Lore team. The Grand Lore Master(s) assigns and manages all lore projects, providing feedback to both Lore Keepers and Lore Masters. They also communicate with the Chief Unspeakable(s) in order to organise lore being implemented in game.

Implement all events content.

Expert Magiventologist:
Have the same responsibilities as Magiventologists, as well as overseeing larger projects within events.

Lead Magiventologist:
The lead(s) of the events team. Master Magiventologists assign and manage all event implementation, providing feedback to both Magiventologists and Expert Magiventologists. They also communicate with the Elder Seer(s) in order to organise collaboration with the roleplay team for events.

Unspeakables implement all content, including quests, professions, gear, etc.

High Unspeakable:
They have the same responsibilities as Unspeakables, as well as overseeing Unspeakable projects.

Lead Unspeakable:
The lead(s) of the Unspeakable team. The Chief Unspeakable(s) assigns and manages all content implementation, providing feedback to both Unspeakables and High Unspeakables. They also communicate with the Grand Lore Master(s) in order to organise new lore pieces for future gameplay.

Seers create the story and all in-game roleplay content, including events, items and more.

High Seer:
High Seers inherit the responsibilities of Seer, while also overseeing content created by Seers.

Lead Seer:
The lead(s) of the Roleplay team. The Elder Seer(s) assigns and manages all roleplay content implementation, providing feedback to both Seers and High Seers.

Arena Squire:
Arena Squires assist Arena Masters with running challenges and tournaments in-game. They keep track of champions, finalists and backups, and also manage our Dueling and Flying Discord servers.

Arena Master:
Arena Masters inherit all responsibilities of Arena Squire, as well as organising and running the monthly tournaments and challenges.

Lead Arena Master:
The lead(s) of the Arena team. The Arena Grandmaster(s) oversee the team and ensure all tournaments and challenges are running smoothly.

Technology & Development
Jr, Mid, Sr Developer:

These Developers discuss ideas on plugins, create plugins, help test the server for bugs, and collaborate with staff to better the server.

Development Aide:
Aides the Developers in tasks; mainly organizing, documenting, and configuring.

Ground Keepers:
Ground Keepers aide the Development team with bug testing and bug reporting.

Head Staff
Each head staff member leads a different department within the team. All head staff work together to make decisions for every department, however the lead makes the final call. Head staff focus on keeping the server a positive place while fostering a desire to help the server grow.

Special Ranks
These ranks are non-staff ranks which are given on special occasions.

VIP is a rank giving to any non-staff member who we feel has contributed something great to the server or community. This is given solely at the discretion of head staff. This rank cannot be asked for, applied for, or bought. Only a select few people will be awarded this rank and it’s rare this happens.
This rank only comes with a prefix in game and on Discord.

Content Creator:
This rank is designed for popular Content Creators such as Youtubers and Twitch streamers. The rank provides a small amount of permissions to make creating content on the server a bit easier and their experience on the server more comfortable.
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