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The Aurorlock Redemption Event

Joel Crestello

Minecraft IGN: Joelowo
Honeybadger Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Vampire Werewolf Lore Master Unspeakable Performer S.P.E.W Seer

The Aurorlock Base has been reopened! The Ministry of Magicians has helped our Chief Aurorlock rebuild the brand new department and has officially made the Aurorlock Offices open to the public.

To attend this event, travel to the Ministry via the Telephone Box in London, enter the new Aurorlock Offices and speak to the Aurorlock Base NPC to access the roleplay Aurorlock Base.

To learn more about this event, speak to the Matt Griffiths NPC in the Chief Aurorlock Office. This event will last until the 10th of September.

Don't worry, the build will still be accessible after the event ends!

Build - Build Team
Implementation - Joelowo, NSgaming, Crestilia, Droobledore
Gameplay and Story - Roleplay Team