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The Daily Diviner - Breaking News 19

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The Daily Diviner

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Written by Roleplay Team
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After the shocking events that occurred in the Unicorn forest, the Daily Diviner received information regarding a recent attack on the Werewolves. Several Werewolves residing in the Werewolf Shelter of Hogsend were found dead in the early hours of this morning. Eyewitnesses immediately alerted the Ministry upon discovering the deceased Werewolves, and soon after Aurorlock units were dispatched and arrived at the scene to investigate the situation.

Further examination revealed that some of the deceased had wounds which appeared to be inflicted by Unforgivable Curses and other acts of dark magic. Several burnt pieces of dark cloth and a tattered dark hood were found on the scene as well. An insider within the Ministry reported that the current evidence suggests that the Dark Followers were responsible for this atrocious act. The Werewolves that survived the attack refused to leave the shelter and their fallen friends and family behind. This, along with minor hostile behavior from the surviving Werewolves, heavily impacted the Aurorlocks’ ability to investigate the scene, and after many attempts of resolving the situation peacefully, it resulted in the Aurorlocks clearing the building through the use of force.

Werewolf Alpha Kade Everard issued a statement of the event and shared it with The Daily Diviner: “As Werewolf Alpha, this act is more than unforgivable. If the evidence is clear that this stems from the Dark Followers, then I will make what they’ve done very clear to them. If they lay another hand on one of my werewolves, I won’t hesitate to take one or more of their members, as they’ve taken from me. As for the Ministry, their promise of protection was proven to be mere words and nothing more. This negligence can not and will not stand. Consequences have to be harsh and need to be executed in a timely manner.” These are strong words coming from a strong leader. Aside from what has been reported today, the Aurolocks have yet to issue any statement on this crime.

In light of the situation, it is encouraged for everyone to stay safe and report anything suspicious to the authorities. Here at the Daily Diviner, it is our goal to keep you updated on the situation, as well as the recent catastrophe at the Unicorn forest. Thank you for reading the Daily Diviner, and be on the lookout for any future updates on the mysterious occurrences that plague our community.
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