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The Daily Diviner - Issue 105

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Server Spotlight


Wondrous Witches: Celebrating Women’s History Month
Written by yakko__
Edited by snotflower

Happy March, Daily Diviner readers! But it’s not just March… It’s Women’s History Month in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia! For anyone unfamiliar, this annual celebration is exactly what it sounds like: a month dedicated to the historical contributions of women. This is the 38th Women’s History Month, and the theme this year is "Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion". In this article, I’ll be writing about three women from Potterworld lore who embodied one of these traits in their lives and work, and a fourth who embodied all of them!

Equity, in basic terms, refers to fairness. For this, we can look at Dr. Daphne Tonkin, best known for her newspaper column “Dear Dr. Daphne” and radio show of the same name, which she started with her wife, Sylvia, in 1982. Daphne has spent her life learning about medicine and sharing that knowledge freely with others, especially children and teens.

Her work focused on equipping all magical people with basic medical knowledge and skills to help them stay safe in their daily lives. She is even involved in many of the show’s big decisions to this day, despite no longer being a producer. This determination to share important and simple healing potions and cures, even to young children, demonstrates her devotion to equity of information and access to medical care.

An advocate for diversity is Eloise Livingston. In 1627, she founded Silvermorne alongside Jonathan Saunders, another European, and Gwilelth and Teilent, who were chiefs of the Native American Carayarro tribe and the Nengarmo tribe respectively. She and the other founders specifically designed the school policy to respect the Native American land and the different cultures upon it.

To this day, Silvermorne is accepting of students from all different cultures as long as they are respectful and accepting of each other’s differences. Though running Silvermorne was a group effort, Eloise played an important role in its creation, as well as building and maintaining its reputation of respect and diversity.

In terms of inclusion, look no further than Jiang Suyin during her tenure as headmistress of Jade Phoenix Academy in the 1600s. Suyin was a dedicated historian, poet, and scholar. As a child, she loved learning about history and unmagical subjects, particularly from her unmagical father. She was one of China’s leading historians and is widely celebrated to this day.

While headmistress of Jade Phoenix Academy, she focused on updating the school’s library, working to be inclusive to many different types of knowledge for her students. She also made sure to remember each student by name, helping them feel included as well.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are all interconnected ideas, and a woman unrivaled in showcasing the three together is Hogsworth’s very own Heidi Honeybadger! As most of our readers likely know, she was one of the four founders of Hogsworth, and the Honeybadger House is named after her.

Honeybadger House is commonly known for accepting and valuing students from all walks of life, and its namesake was no different. Heidi was incredibly compassionate to her students and wanted all of them to share the values of inclusion, loyalty, and equality. Her legacy and values live on in all of Hogsworth, not just her own House! This wonderful mix of different backgrounds and experiences among students is what helps them thrive and grow as they learn about each other and see that spaces for people like them will always exist in Hogsworth.

Those are the four women in Potterworld lore I wanted to celebrate for Women’s History Month! These witches can serve as awesome inspiration, but it is important to recognize the amazing women you know and respect in your own life as well. I hope you had fun learning about interesting women’s history and continue to do so all month (and even year) long!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Heartfelt Reflections
Written by Silquer
Edited by Immites

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to the Editorial column of the Daily Diviner. The Valentine’s season is coming to a close at last. After an event-filled February and March (quite literally, in Potterworld’s case), it is time to look forward to spring, the season of fresh beginnings. However, before we move on completely to newer things, let us reflect on the past Valentine’s season on PotterworldMC.

The 2024 Valentine’s Event, Return to the Enchanted Valley, has just wrapped up, leaving the fairytale characters behind to their mended stories. Despite this being Hogsworth’s third trip to the Enchanted Valley, walking through the cozy streets felt both nostalgic and brand new. New side quests and activities explored familiar buildings and paths, and new challenges in old places were presented to players in the form of the Go Fish Guide and Merlin’s Enchanted Notebook.

The most enchanting new activity was certainly the Enchanted Notebook. Much like how discoveries work in the overworld of Potterworld, the Enchanted Notebook allowed players to catalog the locations they had visited in the Enchanted Valley. It was great fun to do different mini-activities to unlock new locations; from standing under Juliet’s balcony at just the right time to looking at just the right painting, it was a joy to discover hidden Easter eggs around the valley. This magical treasure hunt full of mystical interactions brought the whole valley to life in an exciting new way.

The most entertaining quest was easily Seven Parts of a Whole, the fourth quest unlocked through Storybook Pages, for similar reasons to the Enchanted Notebook. Snow White’s poor Seven Dwarves were cursed to act like the opposites of themselves, causing Snow White and her dwarves lots of pain. The dwarves were scattered about the valley, and each one required you to solve a little mystery to return the dwarves to their natural states, just like Merlin’s notebook. This fun puzzle made for a lovely challenge and really brought the world and characters to life.

The most satisfying daily side quest was Painting Tales. This quest was fairly simple: you first had to visit the Art Shop in the Marketplace and speak to Master Phineas, who would then send you on your way to collect materials for your masterpiece. After gathering the materials, making your art, and showing your piece to Phineas, your work was stored in the Art Journal. There were seven different art pieces you could create, and you had to complete the quest seven times to unlock them all. At the end of those seven quests, you could look back at your journal and admire the fairytale-themed artworks you had created, from a Magical Tiara to a Rosy Red Apple.

Looking back at the event, something that sticks out are the rewards. You got a special collectable for completing the final quest of the event, If The Shoe Fits, from the Rewards Vendor in the Marketplace. Similarly, if you had completed the Painting Tales quest seven times, you would have been able to collect the Statue of the Arts, an exclusive item for those dedicated artists.

On another note, moving away from the Minecraft server to the official (and unofficial!) Discord servers, both the official Potterworld Art Discord and the student-run Event Lounge hosted competitions centered around the Valentine’s Event. On the Art Discord, the WizNetworker team hosted an art and media competition with the theme “depicts a love story”. Winners of this competition could receive House Points and one of three specific items on the Store. Submissions this year ranged all the way from digital art to 3D renders. There were even some creative builds. The winners were RainbowElfe in first place, Aklokin in second place, and Ghowostie in third. You can look at all of the wonderful submissions on the Art Discord, as well as the winners on the forums here. The Event Lounge also hosted its own annual Screenshot Competition, where players could submit screenshots of themselves at the event to receive a reward of in-game gold. Some screenshots were silly, some serious, but all were wonderful to scroll through.

Although the event is over, and we have to wait a full year until the next Valentine’s Event, there is more to look forward to this year. Spring is on its way, and there are sure to be plenty of things in store for players before the next event. In fact, St. Patrick's Day is up next, making now the perfect time to visit Ireland on Potterworld! Or, if you are still working towards becoming a Graduate, between events is a great time to explore the many quests, activities, and adventures Potterworld has to offer. The Valentine’s Event and season on Potterworld this year was full of lovely moments and experiences; I cannot wait for what comes next. Have a happy spring season!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

The Collector MysticalBlizzard
Server Spotlight
Written by autumnngrace
Edited by LMNJ

Greetings, witches and wizards of Potterworld! For this Server Spotlight, we will be featuring MysticalBlizzard. MysticalBlizzard is a very kind and generous Raven that has been playing Potterworld since 2017!

What initially drew you to Potterworld? And what keeps you coming back? Why?
Harry Potter drew me here initially. I had a lot of fun memories in class and with friends! It feels like a part of me now. 7 years, it's easy to say. 7 years also feel like nothing in Potterworld years. I wish I had started sooner. I was 13 years old when I came to Potterworld, and now I am 20. That is almost 1/3 of my life. Years pass by quickly!

Do you have any goals for yourself on Potterworld? If so, what are they?
I would like to finish my Droobledore collection by obtaining a Droobledoll! Other than that, I'd like to be a Class Helper as I really enjoy classes. I'd like to keep on trading people collectables and enjoying new events.

Looks like MysticalBlizzard achieved one of their goals, as they have recently become a Class Helper! If you too want to become a Class Helper, you can apply on the Potterworld website! Check out the responsibilities and requirements and find out if it is for you. If not, there are plenty of other applications open that I urge you to check out.

What is something you're known for on Potterworld? Or what is something you're proud of having accomplished on the server?
I am certainly known for collecting Droobledore-related items since 2017. I mostly do collectable trades to earn gold, and that's how people know about me. I am proud of doing a Secret Santa between players, as it helped a lot of players get to know each other and give their best wishes for the new year!

What does a normal day for you on Potterworld look like?
A normal day on Potterworld is coming in, saying hi to everyone at first, then messaging my friends in the game. Doing gauntlets, visiting housings, and doing trading! I join Arena Challenges whenever I have the chance to. I always join the classes whenever one pops up in chat.

If you are in need of Gold, Gauntlet is definitely the way to go. Not only do you get a varying amount of Gold per boss you defeat, but you also get a gear piece per defeated boss! You should also check out the other minigames Potterworld offers, as those are also great fun.

Do you have a favorite activity to do on Potterworld? What is it? Why is it your favorite?
My favorite activity is probably collecting old items. I love things that are unique and things that create particles. It just adds to the magic of Potterworld! I enjoy owning them, and I like the idea that I can always grab them and use them. Searching for unique items gives off the same vibe as rummaging through drawers. I enjoy it very much!

Trading is an amazing way to get to know other players on Potterworld. I have seen so many friendships blossom due to trading, whether it was a store trade or just a normal old collectable trade. Getting to know the community is definitely one of the most fun aspects of Potterworld, so it is amazing that you have been able to do so!

What is your favorite location on the map? Why is it your favorite?
I believe the answer is simple. Hogsworth is my favorite location! It is where I spend time the most; it is where I can roam around the halls freely.

If you could recommend one thing about Potterworld that you think everyone else should try at least once, what is it and why should they try it?
Well, it's the classes! I always believed the best part of Potterworld was learning magic from real teachers. Talking with them, taking notes, and doing assignments is something everyone should experience. It brings us to the highest point we could ever achieve: learning magic through classes! We may not be taught magic in real life, but Potterworld always makes us feel the closest to it.

Do you have anything else to add?
I really appreciate all the staff on Potterworld; they are working hard every day to bring us new ways to have fun. You can always trust this place to make you feel good after a long day of work or studying. It can also be a place that you can run to whenever you feel bad. It is a place where you can make new friends. Truly magical!

That is all I have to share with you this time, so thank you MysticalBlizzard, and congratulations on making it into this edition’s Server Spotlight! All you have to do to be featured in an article just like this one is fill out the form, which is linked at the bottom. Thank you for reading the Daily Diviner, and I hope to see you next edition.

Do you want to be featured in a future Server Spotlight article? Fill out our form here for a chance to be in our next Server Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Idyllic Ireland
Written by Calliequeen
Edited by littledead

The lush fields of Ireland make for a picturesque getaway for all wizards and witches. With valleys of greenery and breathtaking sights, the Emerald Isle is an astonishing destination- but how did Ireland come to be? Kilkenny, a whimsical town on the island, was once just a quaint fishing and shipping town, with only a port, a castle, and a handful of residences in the fifth century.

The founding of Kilkenny has been debated for centuries. Some speculate that the town came to be when the Tuatha de Danann and the Fomorians of myth fought on the land, while others believe it was founded by King Arthur, who built a castle at the heart of the haven. While there is a decaying castle located on the island, there has been no evidence that any members of the medieval courts, King Arthur included, ever resided on the island.

The rural settlement kept to themselves for centuries, with little to no travelers to appreciate the beauty of the town. Kilkenny was lost in history until it was eventually rediscovered by sailors who sought shelter from a violent storm. These seafarers noticed the value of the land and claimed it to be officially known as Kilkenny in the year 1149. By the 1700s, wizards and witches made up the entire population of the town.

The lighthouse became one of the first structures established on the newfound village and has since been a symbol for the town in honor of the ancient sailors who gave Kilkenny life. The basement is used as a storage room for the locals, filled to the brim with trinkets and artifacts dating back centuries.

The church is the second of the first two buildings constructed on the island. This chapel is the town’s pride and joy, as many of the townsfolk visit it frequently. While it has been renovated many times, the church still maintains a majority of its original, century-old building, including the original stone baptismal font.

The decrepit castle, which has since fallen to ruins, is another monumental architecture of the town. Built centuries ago, this castle has been reconstructed into a Quabbleball Arena. With the townspeople spending most of their time here, as Quabbleball is quite a popular sport in the Emerald Isles, this beautiful field is cherished by the entire town.

The insular residents of this quiet town lead a simple life. Tourists are quite sparse, so the town only bears one inn, The Lucky Duck Inn. This inn has since been a destination for townsfolk to hear the stories of travelers. Inhabitants have been known to spend hours chatting away in this lively inn, as it is the main form of contact the Irish have with the rest of the wizarding world.

Despite Kilkenny being a town of peace and harmony, the town’s environment inhabits some of the deadlier creatures of the wizarding world. Treants, aggressive tree-like creatures, Swooping Deaths, and Mermaids roam the hills and seas, all-powerful and fatal. Leprechauns have also been an immense problem, harassing the townspeople and pilfering the town.

Now that you know the history of Ireland, I encourage you to hop on your broom or toss some Fire Dust and visit the charming and quaint town of Kilkenny. Stop by The Lucky Duck Inn to chat the day away with the locals, and take a day to visit the exhilarating sights of the Emerald Isle- just be sure to keep an eye out for those pesky Leprechauns! This has been Calliequeen, reporting for the Daily Diviner.
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