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The Daily Diviner - Issue 36

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The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Potterworld Over the Years
Written by chail3y
Edited by bluecherub

Welcome back to the Feature column of the Daily Diviner. As many of you know, Potterworld is coming up on it’s 7th anniversary, and you know what that means: the beloved anniversary event will soon be released! Today, I will be providing some insight into this event and how it will differ from past years.

In the past, the maze has been the focal point of the event. Whether you loved it or hated it, anyone who has participated in the previous anniversary events understands the difficulties that coincide with trekking through the maze to find the yearly prize. However, this year, things are going to look much different since the events team has chosen to not include the event’s characteristically tough mobs and difficult challenges.

Instead of being centered on the maze, the event will begin in the Clock Room located in the Ministry. Then, by using a Temporal Turner, players can travel to past events. Two player favorites from the past, Dormanstraud Christmas and Halloween Town in Griffins Hollow, are just two of the six total events that will be accessible during the event.

Inside of these old events, there will be quests, activities, and the ability to play old minigames. There are also rumors of competitions being held throughout the event, so keep your eyes peeled for more information about those. For the first time, this event will be going back into Potterworld’s history— so far that there may even be something related to survival! There will be several new collectables on top of a new spell. A few lucky players may even walk away with a Droobledoll!

I spoke with Miss_Strudel, Lead Magiventologist, and am excited to share what she had to say.

What has been the most difficult thing about the creation of this event?

“The most difficult part has definitely been handling the large workload. In April & May, the team has had to work on Spring Festival, May the 4th, Anniversary, and Pride. The initial plan was to cut at least one of those events, but we ended up managing to work on all of them! Creating that much content with our small team is a huge challenge. I’m proud of how much time and energy my team members have put in to pull it off.”

What are you most excited about with this release?

“I’m most excited about references to content that took place before I’d ever even joined the server. I think it’ll be both nostalgic for older players and give newer players insight into Potterworld’s history.”

Any additional comments you would like to make regarding this event?

“I really hope that you enjoy playing through the event and that we can continue increasing the quality of Potterworld gameplay. To do that, we need feedback from you about what you want out of future events. Please DM me on Discord, make a forum post, or fill out event feedback forms to give feedback and help us make our server’s events better and better!”

I want to give a huge thanks to Miss_Strudel for taking her time to share all of this with us today. We are super excited for this event, and I hope that this article gave everyone a little more insight into what is coming with this event. Thank you for reading and be sure to look out for this upcoming release. This was chail3y reporting for the Daily Diviner, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this issue!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
The Newly Released Gear Rebalance!
Written by chail3y
Edited by MamaDuckie

Welcome back to a Web-Exclusive Editorial for the Daily Diviner! On May 1st at 3 AM PST, Potterworld went into maintenance for the first time since The Revelius Update. At 4 AM PST on May 2nd, Gameplay Update 1.3.0 released to the public. There were some major changes made surrounding gear and the way it works on our server. Today I am going to go over the changes during this Gear Rebalance and how the community feels about them!

There were many complaints about gear from players upon the release of Revelius initially back in July. The Systems team paid close attention to this and has been hard at work revamping the current gear system for the past few months. I asked apaulled, who is a member of the systems team, what the main goal of the rebalance was and he responded, “To balance the current system, at least to a place where the meta doesn’t feel completely in favor of one subsect of players.”

The server was placed into maintenance to push these changes on the live servers, and soon enough, the players were excited to finally explore the Gear Rebalance. The first major change is relatively self explanatory: the gear numbers changed. This means that the actual stats of the gear, such as health and damage, have changed. Additionally, gear recipes are no longer part of this system. I asked Paul about how he thinks the player base will adjust to the changes and this is how it went.

What do you think is going to be the change that will be the hardest to adjust to?

“We have re-evaluated the placement of stats on certain items, so some will feel quite different. For example, you can no longer find type damage on anything except for gauntlets and trinkets.” - apaulled

What do you think is going to be the change is the most exciting?

“The elimination of gear recipes is my personal favorite. We may revisit them at a later date for specific pieces, especially really powerful ones, but I think not having them on everything will make our game much more palatable for casual players and people more here for the community, and hopefully encourage players to keep playing past the early game.” - apaulled

Another major change is one that players were eagerly anticipating was broom changes. Paul explained that, “Brooms are now crafted using broom “components”. These are a handle, handle wraps, bristles and footholds. These still drop from mobs and can be found in chests, but are much rarer than the old materials. We’ve essentially tried to keep the same difficulty in upgrading your broom by reimagining it into a simpler system. In the future, we are considering the possibility of being able to upgrade specific parts of your broom at a time, but we do not currently have the tech to make this possible exactly how we want it.”

This is an interesting change and therefore I asked Paul to explain why they chose to change the ways brooms are obtained. He elaborated that, “With the elimination of gear recipes, we realized that the only purpose of raw non-mob-specific materials would be to upgrade your broom. So, in the interest of not horribly clogging drop tables with them, we eliminated them entirely in favor of the new system.”

Aside from the gear and broom changes, there also were some early game mob nerfs. This means that the health and damage values of all mobs from level 1-30 have been cut. The amount that was cut depends on the level of the mob and previous health, but this was done to help newer players.

Along with this, there also was a deflation in gold from quests. Paul explained that this decision was made for a few reasons. He explains, “With the elimination of gear recipes, we lost a major “gold sink” in the game. As such, the numbers had to be adjusted accordingly. Additionally, the previous rewards were just far too much given the number of graduate quests we’ve released since Revelius.”

The last noteworthy change was regarding spell changes & balancing. Paul explains that, “In general, there have been some spells that have just been completely unbalanced since Revelius. Incarcerum, for instance. These were changed because they needed to be. Some spells were also changed to better accommodate the gear changes. Lastly, some spell changes are just more fun the current way. To use Specutelum as an example again, it was changed because the “machine gun” behavior is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time but previously couldn’t. The new way is more skill-expressive because you can hit all of the shots for slightly more damage than before, or only some of the shots for less damage. It rewards better play.”

Specifically, the change Paul was most excited about regarding spells was “Nerfing Incarcerum. If you can’t guess why, you probably don’t duel very often.” He wanted to conclude his interview by telling everyone that, “It’s been a long time coming and I really hope everyone enjoys what we’ve done. Some stuff will definitely be an adjustment but we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished, especially Hunter/Abstract_Magi, who single-handedly developed the entire new method for coming up with gear stats, and in so doing saved us all countless hours of work.”

Now that you have heard a little bit about the rebalance itself, I brought in 3 players from different communities within the server to get their opinions! Salmandingo is heavily involved in the dueling community, Klenellie is only a Sixth Year, and ShatterdHeart is a graduate that is less involved in the dueling community.

What were your biggest problems with the old gear system?

“Damage and healing used to be really high relative to total health and cooldowns were extremely low. The meta felt a bit spammy & most duelists went for damage gear.” - Salmandingo

“My biggest problem with the old gear system was the effort that went into crafting. You'd need materials from all these different mobs. It was either you grind for the materials or spent gold buying them from player shops on top of buying the actual gear. ” - Klenellie

“My biggest problem with the old gear system was getting the materials and having enough gold per piece.” - ShatterdHeart

What are your initial thoughts of the Gear Update?

“So far, I think its a step in the right direction. Dueling feels a lot smoother and more skill based, and I'm seeing people explore charms & transfiguration more which is a great sign :)” - Salmandingo

“My initial thoughts of the gear update were "Oh, wow! Gear is going to be so much less complicated and easy to get.". Turns out this was actually true. Immediately when the update went live, I could easily upgrade all my gear to my current level and it didn't cost me over 10k. Funny story, I spent over 10k to get year 4-5 gear once. ” - Klenellie

“I'm pretty excited overall about the new rebalance because it looks easier to understand to manage overall.” - ShatterdHeart

How has the way that you use gear changed after this update?

“The update has pushed me to experiment a lot more with charms and curses. Previously, I stuck with the same jinx gear that every graduate used, but I am now experimenting with different pieces to see what style I'm most comfortable with.” - Salmandingo

“I used gear for dueling generally and to suit my specific spell tree. I feel this is going to be much easier now. I'm still going to use the gear the way I intended. ” - Klenellie

“I can manage it a lot better now with the items and not having to have mob loot all over my chests and inventory to find recipes.” - ShatterdHeart

What do you think is the most exciting change?

“The most exciting change is the buff to Transfiguration & Charms. Players are finally choosing between all 4 styles of Jinx, Charms, Curses, and Transfiguration instead of resorting to mostly Jinx/Curse. Seeing the versatility in the Dueling community is what I'm most excited about, and it's all thanks to the changes. ” - Salmandingo

“The most exciting change, in my opinion, is the removal of debuffs. Debuffs made selecting specific gear pieces to use very difficult. You'd risk having one thing made more powerful at the expense of something else. For example, a gear piece would have +40% jinx damage, but at the same time add +5% cooldowns. The update allows for you to personalize your magic experience without having to deal with the debuffs. ” - Klenellie

“For me I really enjoy the new way for making brooms, it's more realistic than using mob drops.” - ShatterdHeart

Are there any changes you are nervous about or dislike?

“I'm just worried that Dueling classes & challenges may take a much longer time than usual due to the nerfs in damage and cooldowns, but we'll have to wait & see.” - Salmandingo

“ I'm not really nervous about anything, as the update seems really klene (pun). I'm actually really glad about the update because it really balances some things that are really exploited in the dueling community.” - Klenellie

“Not really, a lot of the changes are really awesome and enjoyable.” - ShatterdHeart

Any additional comments you would like to make regarding the rebalance?

“I'm really proud of Hunter & the curse breaker team, as well as everyone who contributed to the gear & spell rework. Those who tested with me as well brought so much valuable feedback and I believe the update is a huge success!” - Salmandingo

“I really love this update and I'm greatful for everyone that contributed to it. Much love to the developers, testers, etc.” - Klenellie

“Congratulations and thank you everyone who has worked on this update.” - ShatterdHeart

I would like to extend a huge thanks to apaulled, Salmandingo, Klenellie, and ShatterdHeart for their time and opinions. I hope that this article will give everyone a little more insight into how gear has changed. Thank you for reading and be sure to check out these updates if you haven't yet. This was chail3y reporting and I hope you enjoy the rest of this issue!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Marvelous May the 4th Store Items
Written by Serpentella
Edited by bluecherub

Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! May is upon us once again. Although it feels like we’re speeding through 2021, Potterworld takes us away from day-to-day life as we celebrate May the 4th on the server, and with this beloved Star Wars-themed event comes the annual May store releases. New to the server? Let’s go over the items that are returning to the store!

Imperials and Rebels alike will adore the store releases this month! Three hats are available in Potterworld’s store until the end of May. The Rebel Helmet, a quintessential piece for any student who values comradery and freedom, returns to the store alongside the Trooper Mask and Mercenary’s Helmet! The Trooper Mask is the iconic Empire helmet from the Star Wars saga and will suit anyone who seeks to uphold order with the Imperials! The Mercenary’s Helmet, on the other hand, brings a newer-- yet still on-theme-- edge to the collection. Be sure to get your favorites while they’re still available!

If hats aren’t your style, pets could also be a cute and fun addition to your Star Wars ensemble! The Pet R-Unit, a classic high-tech buddy, is great for old and new fans alike and will surely make you stand out in a crowd. Up next, the Pet Porgie is an adorable feathery companion to celebrate May the 4th with! Arguably one of the most well-known pets, though, is the Pet “Secret Package” that returned to the store this month. Ever since its grand release last year, it has been a fan favorite amongst players!

The two reappearing housing sceneries, the Star Settlement Scenery and the Forest Moon Scenery, are a perfect way to spruce up your housing for this event! If you prefer to celebrate by decorating your housing like me, these sceneries will certainly catch your eye. Be sure to grab these snazzy sceneries soon because they’ll only be available this month!

As a store release enthusiast, I’ve been awaiting this month’s items and additions to the store with anticipation. My favorite item from this release is by far the Pet “Secret Package”. It’s adorable, and I love how it can be used in two ways (following behind you OR perched on your shoulder). I’m also a big fan of the Forest Moon Scenery. I love the intricacy of the build. Overall, I think this release is wonderful! All of the items are a staple for the May the 4th celebrations, and all of the returning items fit the theme perfectly. I can tell that Potterworld’s Star Wars fans will adore these hats, pets, and sceneries!

If any Star Wars-lovers are interested in the items mentioned above, you can check them out at the Potterworld Store or the new in-game store feature. Be sure to take a look at the Mercenary Bundle which includes the Pet “Secret Package” and the Mercenary’s Helmet all in one! I’d highly recommend all of these items from this month’s awesome store release. As always, the Store Managers did a fantastic job preparing and releasing the items this month.

On that note, I’d like to wish you all a happy May the 4th. Thank you all for reading the Daily Diviner, and I hope you all have a lovely day! May the force be with you all!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Gameplay Update 1.2.4
Written by chail3y
Edited by kvmw

Welcome back to the Editorial column of the Daily Diviner! On April 11th, 2021, the Unspeakable Team released Gameplay Update 1.2.4, featuring new features and changes, as well as a sneak peek into upcoming content. Today I am going to go over what these are and provide a few community perspectives!

Starting strong, there were three new quests released:

Scribbler Letdown Quest [Lvl. 25]

Stars in the Dark Quest [Lvl. 35]

A Helping Hand Quest [Lvl. 45]
I was fortunate enough to speak with KiraShocksux about their experiences with these quests! I asked her, “Which of the three quests was your favorite and why?” and she responded, “My favorite out of the three quests would have to be A Helping Hand! Ironically, the house elf is also named Kira, which is the main reason I enjoy the quest. The quest in general was very fun to complete as it had many interactive parts to it like setting the table at the Mysterious Manor. It was very nice to do the tasks for the house elf and help get a remedy to make her feel better.”

Additionally, two parkours and a few new features were added! The features added include: a bookbag item (purchasable from Leighton Reed in Diagonal Lane), a helper NPC for finding the Library, and a Wizarding Economics Professor in the castle from whom you can access the Marketplace.

Mira_Bagel believes that the Wizarding Economics Professor is a helpful addition because “Instead of having to get fire dust, go to a town and find the vendor it is easily located within the castle. It is much more convenient to have it here! The location within the castle is also super easily accessible!”

The new parkours are located in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and in the Greenhouses. Aside from these additions, The Dark Mistress Vault Parkour and the Lost Toad Parkour have both been updated and added to the location journal.

In the announcement, apaulled, a Lead Unspeakable, also gave some hints towards future projects, though these are subject to change. One thing that is being looked into is adding more methods of fast travel, locked behind new or existing quests. Currently there are several available such as Journey to Hogsend, London Bound, and the three quests mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Another goal of the team is to add higher-level content to Hogsworth. I asked a few players what they hope to see for higher-level content in Hogsworth and this is what they said:

“I think that a task that allowed you to teach a class (of npcs) would be cool. Like a teacher asking you for help, and you have to run and grab students' things, and then you have to choose if a student's answer is right or not. Quests that have you help out an Allegiance would be cool, although I know there used to be RP quests.”
- Remus_Sanders

“I hope to see the space of the school used better as the build team and others has put endless hours into the build itself. There are corridors and classrooms that are truthfully only used for chest runs that serve little purpose after that sadly. Of course, new quests would most likely be the common answer for higher level content, but I also believe it would be cool to see professor NPCs in the areas leveled locked or possibly some other way to lock to where they give certain spells, like what is in the Transfiguration classroom currently. Another thing that would be cool to see is like "challenge classrooms" for higher leveled players. Almost like what other video games would considered a "dungeon" that has a theme mob/boss in it that players can group up and fight. Both ideas would give reason to fill the empty space as I am sure there are tons of other ideas as well that exist out there.” - Edwin_Barrett

Moving forward, they aim to make the Magical Compass point towards all quest starting locations by clicking the quest in your Quest Journal. The Quest Journal would also be updated to allow players to view the coordinates at which a quest starts. They also are looking to add more world minigames across the map.

Paul, Lead Unspeakable, ended this announcement with a simple and vague statement of the word, "Reputation". This left many people wondering what this may mean, so I reached out to him and this is what happened.

Do you have anything you would like to state regarding the mysterious “Reputation” project?

"I can't say much, but I can tell you that it's going to include something that gets suggested probably twice a week in one way or another." - apaulled

I would like to extend a huge thanks to KiraShocksux, Mira_Bagel, Remus_Sanders, Edwin_Barrett, and apaulled for their quotes. I hope that this article gave everyone a little more insight into what this update brought to our server. Thank you for reading and look out for future announcements because these mid-update patches are released every few weeks. This was chail3y reporting and I hope you enjoy the rest of this issue!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Colorful Scarves and Superb Chicken Nuggets
Student Spotlight
Written by kvmw
Edited by bluecherub

Scarves, stylish collectibles that come in many varieties, are by no means easy to gather. RainbowElfe, better known as Elfe Beef, would know. The owner of one of the largest public scarf collections on Potterworld, boasting a grand total of 109 scarves at the time this article is being written, Elfe is well-versed in the art of collecting. Also a proud Serpent and Hogsworth graduate who has been a member of Potterworld for several years, she somehow manages to find the time to run a delectable chicken nugget business! I spoke to Elfe, curious to know how she manages all of these hobbies, information which she graciously shared with me.

We first spoke about Elfe’s scarf collection; proudly displayed on her housing plot, the impressive assemblage of scarves lines the walls of the entrance room, arranged by color. Seeing them helped me understand the sheer magnitude of her collection, and if you ever have the time, you should definitely visit and take a look yourself!

Curious to know how Elfe came about her scarf collection, I asked her how she got her start in collecting.

“I officially started collecting scarves sometime in June 2020, though I had actually been collecting scarves for a long time before that. I've always had an interest in scarves, even when I first started being active on Potterworld. I would buy every single event scarf as they came out, even logging on during hiatuses and busy periods of my life just so I wouldn't miss a scarf. Back then, I kept everything in a chest, but around the time Revelius was released, I saw luckiestblock's (another scarf collector) scarf display. I thought the idea was super cool, so I decided to display my own. After that, I went ahead and was like, might as well get the other scarves, too. I just went off to find much older, pre-2017 scarves that I hadn't gotten. It took a lot of time, effort, and gold to procure as many scarves as I have now. So. Much. Gold. The first scarf I ever owned was the 2016 Butterbeerfest Scarf. I remember logging in and getting the scarf and a few other collectibles from that event, though that was a long time ago, and I can’t remember much of it now.”

Interested in her process of collecting scarves, I asked her how she goes about it.

“I advertise in the discord trade chat, mail books (this was actually luckiest's idea, haha), DM people on discord, ask my friends, advertise in-game, ask random people, drop advertising books on the ground for people to pick up, literally anything to let people know I wanted scarves. Even then, it’s still difficult to find the scarves I need, as they’re all quite old and very few have them. Sometimes, old players will be active again, and if I’m lucky, they’ll have a scarf I want. Sometimes I’d drag my friends to help me advertise, and they’d think I’m insane for being obsessed with scarves LMAO.”

A remarkable amount of effort has clearly gone into Elfe’s scarf collection, and I applaud her for it! Her passion for scarves is evident, so I asked her a couple of extra questions as a fun bonus.

Q: What is/are your favorite scarves?

A: “My favorite scarf is hands down the Hop’s Sweet Scarf. The color is almost exactly my favorite shade of blue. The only downside is that I wish it was enchanted. My second favorite is the Ghost Scarf, a bit of an old scarf. It’s a lovely shade of grey-blue, and it comes enchanted.”

Q: If you could create your own scarf, what would it be called, and what color would it be?

A: If I could make my own scarf, it would be called the Boeuf Scarf. Mostly because it’s beef in French. It would be a light mint blue, somewhat like the Hop’s.

As mentioned in the introduction, scarves aren’t the only thing Elfe enjoys! Along with SpookyEllie, she runs a business that sells delicious chicken nuggets, but Elfe would be able to promote her chicken nuggets better than I could. When I asked her to use three words to describe the chicken, she said:

“Scrumptious, divine, and godlike. My chicken nuggets are an exquisite and never-before-seen delicacy. You should try one; it’s worth the price!”

Curious to learn where I could buy such lavishly-praised chicken nuggets, I inquired into how she goes about selling them.

“Currently, it’s door-to-door selling. I’ll look for people in housings and ask if they want to buy anything, or I’ll come up to someone and ask in local if they’re interested. When I have the chance, I’ll even ask people during classes. There are also times where people will come up to me to buy a nugget. I don’t have a shopkeeper for chicken nuggets set up at the moment, so the only way to purchase one is through me. Hopefully I’ll be able to set one up in the future. Right now, the nuggets are priced at 50g, but if it’s a good day, you may get a discount and only have to spend 49g!”

Elfe informed me that her friend, SpookyEllie, is in the process of building a fast food restaurant on her housing plot. While incomplete, the building is already impressive, and once it’s done, I’ll be sure to visit! In the meantime, I asked Elfe why she began her chicken business—after all, it’s not every day that someone walks up to you out of the blue to sell chicken nuggets.

“Honestly, nothing really gave me inspiration for it. I always just thought: “Chicken nugget? That’s a funny word.” Before I was a chicken nugget saleswoman, I had a long history of selling other items for high prices. I sold Unicorn Eyes for a day, promising it would give improved eyesight and luck. I sold six eyeballs and walked out with 6k, so you could say I’m pretty convincing. When I went broke (gear made me a peasant, unfortunately), I knew I had to go back to my old ways. I looked through my chests and found an item I had stacks of: chicken. I started selling that chicken, and people have not stopped buying since!”

Clearly practiced in the art of working with others, it’s no wonder I thoroughly enjoyed my time interviewing Elfe. I would like to thank her for spending the time to answer my questions, and I would like to thank the readers of the Daily Diviner for returning every other week! To wrap this article up, I asked Elfe a final question—the most important question of all.

Q: What’s your favorite condiment to eat with chicken nuggets?

A: “Best condiment has to be honey mustard. It tastes good with not only chicken nuggets, but like, everything else as well.”

Do you know anyone on the server that stands out (cool housing, a museum, active in RP, do something cool outside of PW, etc.)? Nominate them here for a chance to be our next Student Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Sights of the Magical World
Written by plsGwen
Edited by kvmw

The Magical World is full of wondrous sights to explore, and today, I’ll be going over my top four locations to visit! Keep reading to find out everything you should know about these places. Grab your luggage and get ready for a magical ride!

Of all the locations in the Magical World, the Hogsworth Castle takes the crown because it has something for everyone to enjoy. If you love reading, the Hogsworth library has you covered! Within this library you are given access to titles such as The Belly of the Beast and Mandrake Mayhem! For the parkour fans out there, courses can be found in the library, Astronomy Tower, DADA classroom , Raven Tower, and the greenhouses. You can also fly on the Quabbleball field and pass the Quabble between you and all your best buds—wait, you don’t have a Quabble? Fear not! You can buy one from the Quality Quabbleball Supplies shop in Diagonal Lane.

Speaking of Diagonal Lane, next on the list is the home to some of the best shops in all of the Magical World. One such shop, Wacky Wizarding Wonders Joke Shop, sells a plethora of interesting products for you to enjoy! Products such as a Self-Playing Harp, a D’Lighter, a Beaded Handbag, and much more. Boundless Books is another fun shop in the same area! From this shop you can buy a book bag which provides you with eight extra inventory slots to store your books, a Rememberball that reminds you of the quest stage you’re on, and a PotterworldMC Guide Book. The last showcased shop is Madam Mym’s Robe Shop, which displays all kinds, from Allegiance robes to student robes! If you leave the shops and continue down the lane, you’ll find yourself in front of Grimlotts Bank. Home to purchasable vaults, which can be found by going all the way towards the back and down the winding stairs, Grimlotts also features several parkour courses. Lastly, if you’re looking for a fun pastime, be sure to check out the Warbeck Theater. This hidden gem features a huge stage and beautiful architecture.

For our next location, it is time to leave London! Grab your coziest coat and a pair of snow boots as we fly our brooms into Wigtown! If you’re a sucker for a good snowball fight, this is the place for you, as every inch of this beautiful town is covered in snow. You can visit the famous bell house or visit Hawkins Lab, located on the outskirts of Wigtown. This mysterious building holds many secrets...what will you find on your visit there?

Last but not least is Eldham Ridge. Nestled between Squalus Cove and Griffin’s Hollow, this mountainous town has all the basic necessities—a tailor, marketplace, and vendors. However, the real fun lies within the architecture of this town. This topsy-turvy town is built into the mountain side, connected by various stairs and bridges. Near Eldham Ridge, mobs such as the Lunarcalf (Lvl 40), Demoxie (Lvl 43), Occamer (Lvl 45), and Troll (Lvl 47) can be found. From these mobs you can collect all sorts of drops to complete quests, craft gear, or sell in your shop!

Those were four unique places to visit in the Magical World! Thank you for tuning into the latest issue of the Daily Diviner. Whether you’re checking out books at the Hogsworth library or spending your gold in one of the various shops at Diagonal Lane, you’re bound to enjoy yourself! All you need is your wand and luggage to experience the magic of these sights. Wait! Remember to grab your broom, because time flies when you’re having fun!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Celebrating Mother's Day!
Written by joyellen
Edited by bluecherub

Welcome back lovely readers to Issue 36 of the Daily Diviner! With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching on the 9th of May, we thought it timely to explore the different ways you can celebrate this special day on Potterworld. Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to the remarkable mother figures in our lives and our appreciation of them, so, in this article, we will explore three ways of celebrating them on server: gifts, restaurants, and activities. Without further ado, let's jump right into the ideas!

One of the most well-known ways to show your appreciation for someone is to give them a token of your appreciation. The following are three different gift ideas, from most expensive to least:
  • Beaded Handbag - The fashionable beaded handbag is available to purchase from the Joke Shops in both Hogsend and Diagonal Lane. For 200 gold, the beaded handbag allows players to open their ender chest from wherever they are in Potterworld. Both functional and fashionable, this accessory makes the perfect gift for the mother figures in your life!
  • Baby mandrake - This cute companion is available to buy from the Mandrake Adoption Centre in London and costs 100 gold!
  • Flowers - Nothing beats a bouquet of flowers as a gift for Mother’s Day! Flowers can be bought from either the Mine Depot on player’s housings, Sheep Shrubs in London or the Plant Shop in Hogsend. The prices of flowers range from 5-10 gold.

However, if you cannot afford a gift for this Mother’s Day or are not the gift-giving type, never fear! There are many other ways you can show appreciation for the mother figures in your life.

Another way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to visit some of the restaurants and food outlets across the server and buy a tasty treat! Some of my personal favourites that would be great places to celebrate Mother’s Day are:
  • Quali-Tea Tea Shop in Diagonal Lane: a quaint little store where you can buy several varieties of tea for only 3 gold each!
  • The Popping Pot in Carket Market: a restaurant where you can purchase drinks such as Butterbrew from the bar!
  • Florentine’s Ice Cream in Diagonal Lane: a shop where you can purchase ice cream for 3 gold each.

Still, if picking up a tasty treat isn’t to your fancy, there are plenty of activities you can share with your mother figure on Mother’s Day.

For example, here are some activities you can do with your mother figure to celebrate their special day!
  • Go shopping around server at places like Hogsend and Diagonal Lane.
  • Try your hand at baking or cooking at the cooking ovens around the server, found in every major town.
  • Visit the “Time is Meow Cat Adoption Agency” in Diagonal Lane and spend time with the cute cats!
  • Sight-see around the server! Some of my personal favourite places to visit are the Vertick Public Gardens, the greenhouses at Hogsworth, the theatre tucked away in Carket Market, and the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magicians.

These are only some of the many ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day around Potterworld. I hope that whatever you choose to do, whether on the server or in person, brings both yourself and the mother figures in your life much happiness.

I would like to thank our magical readers for tuning into this edition. This has been Joy reporting for the Daily Diviner. Have an amazing day, and Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
A Long Way from Home
Original Works
Written by joyellen
Edited by bluecherub

“Dystra to Starbase 1, Dystra to Starbase 1, do you read me? Dystra to Star-”

Reya Dystra’s frantic words were cut off as the force of her spaceship plummeting into Earth’s atmosphere knocked her back against her seat.

“K27-1! Activate the stabilisers and brace for impact!” Reya ordered, knuckles turning white from gripping the steering mechanism tightly.

A panicked whirr was the only response she received from the droid, but she barely heard it over the roar of her own heightened pulse.

Trying to recollect herself, Reya saw a large, empty structure come into view.

“There!” she shouted at the droid, “We land there!”

With no time to spare, the Jeden guided the starship towards the vacant plot.

The wind was knocked out of the girl as the starship landed clumsily, the screeching sound of metal colliding with earth filling her ears.

It felt like hours before the wreckage finally stopped moving, and Reya could stop holding her breath. Looking back at the droid with a small chuckle, she said, “I’m a great pilot, aren’t I?”

If droids could roll their eyes, she was sure that K-27 would have, but all it did was let out a disapproving hum before opening the starship’s hatchet and rolling away. Letting out a sigh, Reya followed the droid, always aware of the dangers that could await on an unfamiliar planet.

However, one look at her surroundings cast away any thoughts of danger. It seemed the pair had managed to crash themselves into some sort of sporting arena with wooden stands and large hoops at each end. Bright green grass covered the field, and large pine trees swayed above the arena.

“We’re a long way from home, aren’t we K27?” the girl asked, the image of Coruscant coming to mind. With a frown, the Jeden Knight looked at the wreckage of her prized starship.

“Alright, better get working on fixing her up.” she mumbled.

K27-1 let out a whir of agreement and got to work.

Reya took a deep breath and closed her eyes. The Energy welcomed her into its embrace, and with slow movements, the girl started to move pieces of the ship back to their place.

Sudden gasps interrupted her work. Turning around, two people were staring at the Jeden. One in curiosity, one in awe.

“Wandless magic!” One exclaimed.

“Or so it seems,” the other mused, looking at the girl with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Who are you?” Reya asked, her hand resting lightly on the lightsaber clasped to her belt.

“I think that is the question we should be asking you, young lady! What is that contraption behind you, what is it doing in our Quabbleball Pitch, and what in the world are you wearing?!”

She looked down at her Jeden Knight robes self-consciously.

“I am Reya Dystra, a Jeden Knight. I was on my way back to my home planet from a mission when I decided to shortcut through your galaxy,” she sighed. “However, I believe I got caught in your planet’s gravitational field and was pulled down to this place,” she furrowed her eyebrows as she gazed at her surroundings, “What’s Quabbleball?”

The two shared a look before one of them stepped forward and said, “Welcome to Hogsworth, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Miss Dystra, you have much to learn.”

The damage Reya’s starship took would take over a week to fix. In the meantime, the strangers, who Reya soon found out were the “Headmaster and Charms Professor of Hogsworth”, offered her a temporary place at the school.

The Jeden was sorted into Griffin, not that she knew what that was, but terminology was the least of her worries as she was thrown into classes focused around an unknown energy called ‘magic’.

It seemed the harder Reya tried to fit into Hogsworth life, the more she stood out. For instance, during her first Dark Arts class, when the Professor asked, ‘Who is the Dark Lord?’, the Jeden Knight eagerly raised her hand and launched into a half an hour rant about the history of the Darknight of the Sekh, Dark Vathor, who corrupted the Energy for his own evil uses.

“And then, Dark Vathor was fatally electrocuted trying to save his own son. A truly shocking historical event, don’t you think?”

However, the eager expression plastered on the Jeden’s face morphed into sheepishness as she looked around the classroom. The wide eyes and perplexed looks the girl received told her that she had given an answer galaxies away from the right one.

“I guess not, then.”

Several similarly embarrassing moments followed in the next week before K27-1 finally ended Reya’s red-cheeked misery. Even so, as she boarded the ship and gazed back at Hogsworth for the last time she couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Despite the embarrassing moments, Reya had appreciated the learning experience, the memories, and the people she had met, and she knew that she would never forget her experiences there.

With a small smile, she boarded the starship.

“K27-1, let’s go home.”

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Hidden Hijinks
Original Works
Written by Silquer
Edited by kvmw

Aisling and Simon, two students running for their lives, panted as they dashed through the halls of Hogsworth.

Behind them was the sloshing of wet shoes and the dripping of a drenched robe. “Get back here, you two!” came a raspy, enraged shout from the far end of the corridor, surely promising detention. Simon winced as they turned a corner; Aisling merely grinned.

It wasn’t a serious offence, not really; just a minor mishap in their History of Magic class involving a large amount of water, several doused textbooks, and an (accidentally) soaked teacher. Nothing serious.

The shouting professor behind them, however, told a different story.

“This way,” Aisling hissed, waving her hand and pointing to a statue hidden in a crevice of the hall. Simon nodded, and they slinked over and crouched behind the statue just in time for the professor to storm by, dripping robes and all.

They both exhaled simultaneous sighs of relief, hearing the angry footsteps fade into echoes as the seconds passed.

“That was a close one,” Simon laughed, leaning back against the statue, energy spent.

“Yeah,” Aisling huffed back. “I’m never listening to Alice again.”

Simon shuddered. “Never.”

Aisling stood and dusted off her robes. “Well, it looks like-”

She was interrupted by a sudden shaking, a trembling that seemed to come from nowhere. That is, until they saw the statue open wide and reveal a staircase leading down into darkness.

Simon gaped at the hole where he had just been sitting. “What is that…?”

Footsteps had entered hearing range; it was probably the professor, suspecting they were, once again, up to no good. There was no doubt he would find them soon.

“No time, just go!” Aisling said, and Simon felt a not-so-gentle nudge on his back before he stumbled down the stairs, enveloped in darkness as Aisling followed behind and closed the passageway’s opening. They stood for a moment in silence, wondering what they had just discovered.

“Well, there’s no going back now,” Aisling said with a flick of her wand and a quiet “Lumen.”

Light poured through the tunnel, illuminating the cobwebs and mold lining the walls. The two friends began to walk, silently agreeing that whatever waited at the end of this tunnel was better than the wrath of the professor above.

It wasn’t long before they reached a staircase at the end of the tunnel, and, after sharing a look, climbed up and opened a wooden trapdoor. They were greeted by a dimly-lit cellar of sorts. Aisling was the first to step out of the tunnel, and she heaved Simon up with her, carefully closing the trapdoor.

The cellar was old, but well-kept. Boxes lined shelves in a claustrophobic manner, stacked just as high on the floor.

“Where are we?” Aisling wondered aloud.

“I don’t know,” Simon began, walking over to the shelves and the boxes on them, “but if I had to guess, I’d assume Honeysweets.” He pointed to an emblem on one of the boxes, and there, in pink and purple lettering, was the sweet shop’s name.
Indeed, all of the boxes had the same token, and Aisling swore she could now smell chocolate.

“What do you say we go back?” she said nervously. “I don’t think we’re supposed to be here, and-”

She was cut off for the second time that day by the creaking of the stairs, heavy footfalls signaling only one thing: the shopkeeper.

Aisling and Simon shot fearful glances to each other. Uh-oh.

In a moment of inspiration (desperation, more like), Aisling grabbed Simon’s hand and dragged him behind one of the stacks of boxes. A crate fell, distubed by their movements, and they winced at the crash. It was just the beginning, though, and before they knew it, the whole pile came down, crates and candy tumbling over Aisling and Simon until they were covered in… a blanket?

The shopkeeper reached the bottom of the stairs, and Aisling could see the woman’s narrowed eyes.

“Who’s there?”

Silence. Neither of them dared to breathe.

“I thought we got rid of that Niffly infestation,” the woman harrumphed, before leaving up the stairs with more than a few looks behind her back.

Simon shot Aisling a questioning look, both wondering the same thing. How did she not see the lumps underneath the blanket? They found their answer a moment later when they stood, carefully this time, and took a closer look at their somehow invisible hands.

Aisling gasped. “This is an invisibility cloak!” she whispered, and Simon’s eyes widened.

“No way.” And yet, there it was. A cloak of invisibility.

Aisling shoved the cloak underneath her robe and went to the trap door that led to Hogsworth. They had classes to get to and a shopkeeper to avoid.

“We speak of this to no one,” she said, opening the wooden floorboard.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

They went down, through the tunnel, and emerged back in the halls of Hogsworth minutes later. If they stole some candy on their way out and hid it underneath the cloak, who cared?

It makes one wonder, though… what other mischief could this new cloak cause?

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Meet the Academics Team
Meet the Staff
Written by Serpentella
Edited by MakkChi

Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to your favorite biweekly publication, the Daily Diviner! On this splendid Sunday, we return to our new mini-series entitled Meet the Staff! In case you’re new to this temporary column, I’ll give you the run-down. For each issue, we’ll be focusing on a different department on the staff team. Each role in the department will be featured, giving you all an expert look into the team’s inner workings. This week we’ll be taking a look at the Academics team!

The Academics team’s work can be seen daily on Potterworld. The department is known for its work on the magical classes seen every day on Potterworld, which can help players advance through the years, earn gold, and learn about magical subjects. However, they do much more than classes! You can spot Class Helpers and Professors helping out in chat, building onto Potterworld’s lore, and building the enchanting classrooms we learn in. Today, we’ll be talking to three representatives of the Academics team: Jenn, a Class Helper; Courtney, a Professor; and Paul, a Class Design member and Professor.

To begin, I asked a baseline question to get the general overview of their respective roles.

What do you do in this position?
Jenn: “As a Class Helper, I am tasked with ensuring that the Professors have the help that they need to make the classes on Potterworld run as smoothly as possible! I can pick on hands and grade assignments to make the class more efficient and quick. I am also working on creating an array of lesson plans for the future.”

Courtney: “I am a Jr. Professor in Class Design, so I create and teach classes.”

Paul: “As a member of Class Design, I'm responsible for creating interactive classes for players to enjoy.”

However, apart from their visible work, the Academics team is a unique group of individuals! Jenn, Courtney, and Paul give us some insight into their opinions on the department:

What is your favorite thing about this department/position?
Jenn: “My favorite thing about this department/position is how it allows me to consistently work with other members of the team and the students of Potterworld. Everyone is so close in the Academics Department and it’s very nice to see how everyone is willing to offer a helping hand!”

Courtney: “My favorite thing about being a professor is teaching. I love the questions and comments I get during class, and I absolutely love the idea that I'm getting people interested in the subject. For me, astronomy is the thing I'm most passionate about, so getting to share that passion with others is a dream come true.”

Paul: “My favorite part about being in Class Design would have to be the relative freedom we have to come up with ideas and create them in-game, as well as just how much it's possible to do with the tools we use in CD. There are so many fun class ideas that we can create and implement, and it's super fun to come up with them and see them in action.”

What do you find to be the most unique thing about this team?
Jenn: “The most unique thing about this team is that we all get to work first-hand with the students on Potterworld. Whether it’s creating classes, helping, or thinking of new ideas, we all want the classes to be as efficient and fun as possible!”

Courtney: “I'd have to say the bagel worship is the most unique. I was in Community Management for a bit, and there wasn't any running joke or gag within the department quite as strong as bagels in Academics.”

Paul: “The most unique thing about Class Design, and Academics in general, would have to be just how well we all get along with each other. While we're all hardworking and expect the best from each other, we also enjoy having fun, especially when it comes to talking about anything from bagels to Big Time Rush.”

As your (favorite) Daily Diviner investigator, I asked a few questions about the ins and outs of their roles on the Academics team. From projects to possible challenges, these three give us a valuable perspective on the work of this department!

What kinds of projects are you currently working on?
Jenn: “Currently, I am working on creating lesson plans for Magical Career Exploration and Dueling Theory, as well as some interactive ideas for the future!”

Courtney: “I'm currently working on some interactive classes. My goal is to get more people interested in astronomy by making my lessons fun, interesting, and creative.”

Paul: “I have been focusing on creating interactive Magical Creature Studies classes where students get to physically interact with creatures and various creature-related characters. Recently, I created and taught a class where students had to dig for treasure hidden by Nifflies, and it went super well! I plan on continuing to create interactive classes like this, so keep an eye out!”

What is the hardest part of being in this position?
Jenn: “The hardest part about being in this position was honestly just getting started. It can be intimidating to have to grade students and learn the commands, but overall it has been a great learning experience!”

Courtney: “I wouldn't say any of it is particularly difficult, but the hardest thing for me would be making the time to create new lessons. The balance between Potterworld responsibilities and real life can be difficult to manage a[nd] hectic times, but overall it's doable.”

Paul: “The hardest part of being in Class Design would have to be the "tech," or the tools we use to create interactive classes, in general. At first, it's very daunting and a tad difficult to learn, but once you learn and practice it, it's not too hard to master at all! Once you've learned and mastered it, it's actually quite fun to work with.”

Interested in applying for the Class Helper position? Jenn, Courtney, and Paul tell us a bit about the team and application process. Aspiring Class Helpers, take notes!

What is the team environment like in this position?
Jenn: “The team environment in this position is phenomenal! People are always willing to help out and drop classes to allow others to get their requirements if necessary. All of the members are such hard-workers and optimistic, which makes the overall atmosphere very positive and comforting.”

Courtney: “It's a lot like a family, in my opinion. There's teasing, running jokes, etc., but all in all we have each others' backs.”

Paul: “I'd describe the Class Design environment as being pretty relaxed yet diligent. As I said, we get along well and we're all pretty easygoing; however, we're also intent on creating excellent class content and expect the best from each other. Overall, it's a super cool environment to be in.”

What did you expect when applying for this position? Was it anything like you thought it would be?
Jenn: “When I first applied for this position, I was extremely nervous that it would be scary and difficult! Being a Class Helper is exactly the opposite, and I was able to learn everything fairly quickly with the help of older members of the team.”

Courtney: “When I applied I didn't have high hopes because I had very little confidence in myself. I was completely blown away when I was accepted, and I'm incredibly lucky to be part of the academics family.”

Paul: “Prior to being in Class Design, I already had a pretty good idea of what being a member of CD would entail. If anything, I expected it to be more difficult than it actually turned out being.”

While I’m sad to wrap up our little interview, I asked if these three had any final comments for readers. Let’s see what Jenn has to say!

Jenn: “Overall, being a Class Helper has shown me a new perspective on Potterworld and I don't regret applying at all! It is such a fun position that allows you to see the creativity in student's assignments and help improve the classes that we all once attended as students!”

I thoroughly enjoyed our little interview today! I surely learned a lot. I would like to thank Jenn, Courtney, and Paul for their responses and time today. From their replies, we could see-- and hear about-- many interesting ideas and opinions. The Academics team works incredibly hard to create high-quality classes and a friendly environment on Potterworld. I would like to thank them for all that they do. With that, I’ll be signing off. Thanks for reading this issue of the Daily Diviner, and have a fantastic day!
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