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The Daily Diviner - Issue 38

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The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Party Time
Written by chail3y
Edited by MakkChi

Welcome back to the Feature column of the Daily Diviner! Today I am bringing you some exciting news regarding minigames. For a while, many people have been craving a new minigame. I would say it’s about time for a brand new minigame to be released! Though I don’t have a release date, read on to find out about what to expect with the release of: Party Games.

At its core, Party Games is Potterworld’s newest upcoming minigame, where you compete against other players in bite-sized magical activities to emerge as the winner. There are over 10 games, and each game is randomized, meaning you'll never get the same experience, allowing you to play it over and over again! Since it involves several games being randomly cycled, Party Games was a unique challenge to develop. Some of these games include:

  • Choose the Potion - A game where your inventory is filled with potions, and your goal is to click the correct ones every time.
  • Tag - This is simply a game of tag with spells!
  • Find the Gold - In this game, there's gold hidden in multiple places, and you must mine to get them.
  • Fly Control - In this game, the goal is to collect the most points using your broom to hit blocks worth specific amounts of points in the air.

I got the opportunity to speak to DenizTM about the project, and this is what he had to say:

When was the last time a new permanent minigame was released?

“It was when we released Quabbleball! 16/03/2019” - DenizTM

How long has Party Games been worked on?

“We started working on Party Games around 9 months ago, and then we took around a 5 month break from it - we got some of the first games in and a good structure - but when we came back to it, we rewrote all of the code for it and finished it up!” - DenizTM

What has been the most difficult thing about the creation of this minigame?

“The ideas for the games. Adding a new party game is actually so easy, the hard part is just figuring out the ideas for it” - DenizTM

What are you most excited about with this release?

“I'm excited to see what everyone will think of it! I hope it'll become one of the games that players really enjoy playing both with friends and alone.” - DenizTM

Do you have a favorite game and if so, why?

“I think I like Fly Control the most because it's super satisfying or Choose the Potion because of how simple it is but yet competitive and adrenaline rushing sometimes” - DenizTM

I want to give a huge thanks to DenizTM for taking his time to share all of this with us today! I hope that this article could give everyone a little more insight into what is coming with this minigame. Thank you for reading and be sure to look out for this upcoming release. This was chail3y reporting for the Daily Diviner, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this issue!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
May the 4th Activities
Written by Serpentella
Edited by MakkChi

Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! As this issue rolls out, June is upon us, and May is now in the past. May went by in the blink of an eye; it felt like the entire month flew by! However, with the end of May comes the conclusion of the beloved May the 4th event and its additional minigames and activities. The event introduces four minigames-- Star Racing, Escort Payload, Domination, and Team Deathmatch-- as well as fun event activities to celebrate the Star Wars-themed holiday, May the 4th. I am a huge fan of Domination and am sad to see it go. However, to give you all the most unbiased review of these game modes, I spoke to two Potterworld players to get their opinions on the event’s minigames. Let’s see what Strale_Varulv and Wobbers_Zoldyck have to say!

What are your thoughts/opinions on Escort Payload, Domination, and Team Deathmatch?
Strale_Varulv: “These games are very unique and are a great refreshment from standard game modes.”

Wobbers_Zoldyck: “My opinion on this years may the 4th pvp mini games is that they are all awesome. Each had cool details and had been fun mini games to spam. They all were kinda tricky at first but in the end they turned out really good and fun, when you learned what to do.”

Which of these three minigames is your favorite and why?
Strale_Varulv: “I prefer Domination, because Team Work is only key to winning, and there's not clear who'll win until the end!”

Wobbers_Zoldyck: “I personally prefer escort payload! It was really fun and you always got the choice to change your weapon from a flamethrower to a saber and the saber actually worked, it was really cool! The people who also played it always had a positive attitude and would be super friendly!”

What are your thoughts on star racing?
Strale_Varulv: “I like Star Racing more than Flying, because there's no need to worry about all those hops and other obstacles, rather some easier ones. I also believe it's way easier to get used to it than Flying, probably because only one map exists. :)

Wobbers_Zoldyck: “My thought on star racing is that it's a really fun mini game! Being able to fly in your own spaceship makes it so cool! It was really interesting that there were multiple root on the map you could take to the finish!”

Do you prefer Star Racing or the PVP (Escort Payload/Domination/Team Deathmatch) minigames? Why?
Strale_Varulv: “I personally like PVP minigames more, due to Team Work we need to establish, usually with people new to us - and that's a very great way to start a conversation and friendship with someone!”

Wobbers_Zoldyck: “I personally prefer the pvp games! I find them to tend to be more fun!”

Next year, would you like to see these games return? If so, which one(s)?
Strale_Varulv: “I would like to see everything but Team Deathmatch I guess, because I've enjoyed everything but it. For users of laptops and worse PCs, it's very hard to help your team in Team Deathmatch, and there, you just cannot constantly die (and AFKing in Safe Area just isn't cool)...”

Wobbers_Zoldyck: “Next year if given the chance, I would love to see all the minigames from this year return! If I had to pick one it definitely would be Escort payload!”

I’d like to thank our wonderful interviewees for their input today!

As I mentioned previously, Domination is my favorite game. However, I never elaborated on why it reigns supreme in my personal ranking! Since its debut in the 2020 May the 4th event, I fell in love with the idea and gameplay. The Star Wars-themed weapons, build, and competition dazzled me and I still adore the new builds and kits. I tend to lean more towards sniping weapons, though all of the kits were easy to use and interesting-- it’s hard to not want to try all of them! 2021’s event brought a strong new contender to the table: Escort Payload. I find this new gamemode creative and a fun addition to the existing catalog of event activities! Both Domination and Escort Payload are fun and engaging activities that, along with some of our interviewees, I hope to see return.

While I’m sad to see the May the 4th event go, I had a blast playing the games! The May festivities were definitely memorable and I’m already excited for the 2022 May the 4th event. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who contributed their thoughts in our interview today, though I would additionally like to thank everyone who worked on the event this year. I bid a farewell to the event as well as you! Thank you, lovely readers, for tuning in to this article. Have a great day!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Anniversary Writing Competition!
Written by Saphirite
Edited by Kvmw

Welcome back, witches and wizards, to the Daily Diviner! In this week’s Editorial column, we will be looking at the writing competition celebrating Potterworld’s 7th anniversary. We’ll cover how the competition works, some personal opinions about the competition, and what I’d like to see from competitors. With that, let’s get right into this article!

First and foremost, let’s begin with a little bit of information about the competition:
  • This anniversary competition asks players to submit one photo and one writing piece with the following prompt: “Why do you think players have enjoyed this server for all these years?”.
  • All participants will be judged on 3 categories: Most heartfelt, most creative, and best interpretation of the prompt.
  • There will be two winners for each category, and each winner will be awarded a Droobledoll hat and 400 Potter Points!
  • May 15 is when submissions opened.
  • May 29 is when submissions closed (Good luck!).
  • June 5 is the latest possible date for winners to be announced.
Overall, I’m super excited! The competition is heartwarming because it celebrates the achievements and relationships that the Potterworld server and players have helped build. The players are the backbone of the server, after all! The writing competition ties in well with the anniversary, and I can’t wait to see everybody getting involved to celebrate such a historic day and month for Potterworld. Seven years is insane, but who knows how many more years we’ve still got left to go! I’m sure we’ll see many excellent submissions, given how creative the Potterworld community is. I would love to see a fun party at someone’s housing, or a more sentimental picnic! Or maybe writing entries praising the hard-working staff team for all contributions to the server, or simply a piece about the incredible people on Potterworld. Who knows? We will just have to wait and see! The sky’s the limit after all.

Unfortunately, that brings us to the end of this week’s Editorial article! We went over so much today: the anniversary writing competition, possible pictures and writing entries, and the importance of players on Potterworld. I wish the greatest of luck to all of those who entered the competition and future congratulations to those who won! And to everyone reading: we appreciate you. Thank you guys so much for reading! Until next time, from the Daily Diviner team.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Spotlighting Roleplay - SLGStardust!
Student Spotlight
Written by Silquer
Edited by kvmw

Hello readers, and welcome to a very special Student Spotlight article! Have you ever seen players across the map, acting out characters and having both playful and dramatic conversations? Perhaps you’ve seen players in detailed skins that reflect the magical environment around them, and wondered what they were doing? Maybe you sometimes have wondered what Potterworld’s fabulous roleplay community was up to… Well, wonder no further! I had the pleasure of interviewing our very own SLGStardust about her role in the roleplay community, as well as the trials and tribulations of being a roleplayer.

For those of us unversed in roleplay lore, who is your character? What are their aspirations, goals, and secrets? Tell us anything you think is relevant.
Stardust: My name’s Stardust Pendragon, a passionate High Phoenix. I’ve been with the Phoenixes for many years now but to me it feels like a literal blink in time. I plan to have the Phoenixes be the leading drive towards a better wizarding world for all peoples. I’ve always had the goal of reaching beyond my limits and trying to live a normal life like other people, despite not being a human myself. That in itself has come with many trials and errors during this lifelong learning experience. But, I’ve finally found a family within the Phoenixes and recently, the Pendragons, as I am newly and happily wed to the lovely Belle Pendragon.

How long did it take to make your character? What were some challenges you faced?
Stardust: It took me around a month or two to gradually build up where I wanted it to be and even then it's still a work in progress. A large chunk of the process was researching supporting facts for a backstory Since my character is non-human, I’ve had to iron out many aspects and differences that would make my character realistic enough to work in roleplay as well as expressing my creative freedoms. Finding a balance of that then translating them into actively Roleplaying is one of the added aspects I must keep in mind whenever I’m portraying the character.

What is your favorite part of the roleplay community? Are there any fellow roleplayers you admire?
Stardust: It has to be all the interesting turns and twists people take with their stories and characters. Some of the things people make have taken months to plan then act out into the unofficial community. There’s quite a few of them, but those people who really take the time and seriousness of creating their work are in my eyes some of the finest people to interact with in Roleplay. They make the experiences and emotional connection that much more in depth to the people a part of the story.

You also help out around the server, and are active in chat. Besides being a roleplay expert, what do you do around the community?
Stardust: A lot of the time I’ll be off doing events with friends even exploring weird locations on the map I happen to catch a glance at. I can’t say I do much more in game than that, roleplay takes up such a huge portion of my activity time nowadays. I have no complaints about that though, there's nothing like spending sometimes hours on furthering people’s storylines and character development.

Roleplay can be intimidating for new players to get into. It’s a complicated process, from making a character to joining a community… What is your best advice for players wanting to start roleplaying?
Stardust: I must say that you can’t be too afraid to set yourself out there, I find many people get pushed off of roleplay because they can’t find the courage to speak up or have no clue where to get involved. I advise people to ask questions to people you find roleplaying, walk up to them and try to play along to the situation if it looks fun! Many people in the roleplay communities openly welcome newcomers that don’t have a lot of experience but have the drive to commit themselves to being a part of something new. Presenting yourself as an active person who seems invested in helping out or being reliable makes all the difference when others want to call on people to start up an event.

That concludes this interview! I hope you learned something new about the roleplay community, and if you’ve ever wanted to participate, I encourage you to take this opportunity to put Stardust's advice into practice. I wish you luck! Once again, thank you Stardust for her detailed and thoughtful responses, and happy roleplaying!

Do you know anyone on the server that stands out (cool housing, a museum, active in RP, do something cool outside of PW, etc.)? Nominate them here for a chance to be our next Student Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Business Be Boomin’ Baby
Written by Becaologies
Edited by kmvw

Hello, and welcome back to the Lifestyle column! My name’s Beca, and today, we’ll be exploring places to spend your hard-earned gold. Soar into the skies on broomsticks from The Broomsmith, or test your luck eating Bellies Multi Flavoured Jellies in candy shops across the entire country! There's no limit to what the magical world has to offer, and I welcome you on this journey to discover the Potterworld communities' top five shops and businesses.

World Shops:
  • The Broomsmith:
    • What witch or wizard is complete without their broom? Head on down to London and make your way to pick up or upgrade your brand new ride. Whether it be the free broom given in a year three quest, or a fancy flier made of the finest materials, you’ll definitely want to head on over if you haven’t already!
  • Candy Shops:
    • Found in most major cities, these sweet and colorful shops are critical landmarks for quests and a hotspot for treats! There's no place as classic as Potterworld's candy shop, and it's no wonder they made the list!
  • Robe Shops:
    • Wearable, stylish, and affordable! Grab some class robes to show off your house pride, or visit Madam Mym's Robe Shop in London for more diverse options by clicking on an NPC within the shop! You'll gain access to a hyperlink, which will lead you straight to the Potterworld store.

Player Businesses:
  • Magic Moppers!:
    • When I asked players what their favorite Potterworld shops and businesses were, one stood out among the rest: a maid service! I got a little more insight from Mateo_Doggo (daance), Grounds Keeper and owner of this fabulous service. “We offer to complete any task a player requests, ranging from simple jobs like fetching certain items, digging out housing, or even entertainment!” Mateo explains that his business all started as a joke in his friend group, when they all put maid skins on their characters and thought they should start offering services to players server-wide. So if you see him or his partners online, give them holler!
  • SLGStardust’s Housing Shop:
    • One of the largest and well-known depots for all your witchy needs! Super helpful and veteran player Stardust is sure to have any item you may need for quests, potions, and even some collectables, all for reasonable and affordable prices Something you need but you don’t see? No problem! Star does custom orders and is even there to lend a helping hand, from tricky quests to directions around the castle.

And that concludes today’s (in-no-particular-order) list of top five shops and businesses in Potterworld that you should check out! A big thank you to Mateo for his time, as well as a thank you to all those who gave input on their favorite places to shop at in the chat! ‘Til next time!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
London Through The Eyes Of A Witch
Written by plsGwenny
Edited by MakkChi

Have you ever wondered what makes London so interesting to unmagicals? Today I ventured through unmagical London to get a feel for what makes this place so unique! Keep reading to experience a bit of unmagical London through my eyes.

Despite knowing unmagicals did not partake in any kinds of broom or Knight Bus riding, I was not prepared for how long it took to get from one part of London to another. You might be asking yourself, “Well, Gwen, why didn’t you just apparate?” Even with my apparition license, I’d look quite crazy apparating in front of so many unmagicals. Most unmagicals in London get around via the London Underground, or what locals call “The Tube.” This subway station can take you almost anywhere in London—Plus, the small crowded space allowed me to meet some pretty incredible individuals! Besides the Tube, double-decker busses are another popular unmagical mode of transportation in London. They’re practically identical to the Knight Bus but not nearly as stylish or speedy. I had fun riding around London in unmagical fashion, but they’d definitely benefit from a speed boost!

During my “normal” day in London, I decided to stop by a few sweets shops to quell my sweet tooth, yet there was not one chocolate frog or box of Bernie Bellie’s Multi-Flavoured Jellies in sight! After realizing that unmagical chocolate didn’t try to hop away from you upon the first bite, I experienced a new world of sugary goodness. I tried 3 different candies: Drumstick Squashies, Tunnock’s Snowballs, and a Mighty Fine Honeycomb Bar. The Drumstick squashies resembled a crossbreed between a marshmallow and a gummy bear with the flavor of raspberry cream. Tunnock’s Snowballs featured a marshmallow disc engulfed by a cloud of coconut flakes. Last but not least, the Mighty Fine Honeycomb bar combined chocolate, salted caramel, and honey for a pleasant taste. I would definitely recommend getting your hands on these unmagical treats!

At the end of my long and exciting day, I found myself in a London pub, captivated by the clips of what locals call association football or soccer. If you’ve never witnessed a soccer game, it is a sport played on a field between two teams who only use their feet to pass the ball around and shoot it into a singular goal. The game rules are quite similar to Quabbleball, well, without the occasional player knocked off their broomstick or someone attempting to use magic to cheat. After quizzing a pub worker on the game rules and observing a few hours of it, I found myself cheering on and booing teams alongside locals.

My unmagical day went by as quickly as it came, and it was full of new, surprising, and fun experiences. For all witches and wizards who have not experienced a day in London the unmagical way, I say go out and give it a try; the change in scenery is quite refreshing! Thank you for tuning into the 38th issue of the Daily Diviner. There’s certainly a magical charm about unmagical London!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
A Pride Surprise!
Original Works
Written by joyellen
Edited by kvmw

“Colour-coordinated outfits, check?”


“Itinerary, check?”


“Alarm clock set, check?”

“Not yet.”

The black-haired girl frowned at the other girl who had been ticking off her checklist. “Lottie, don’t you think you’re going just a tad overboard with the planning? I know you want tomorrow to be special—and it definitely will be! But I would much prefer it if I could celebrate the Pride festival without my girlfriend’s nose being stuck in a schedule,” the girl teasingly said, poking at the checklist Lottie had been holding.

Lottie let out a sigh and looked at the girl with an exasperated look. “I just want tomorrow to be perfect, Violet! It’s our-”

“One year anniversary, yes I know, Lottie. But, I also think that you shouldn’t waste your energy trying to make things perfect! I know that it's not like me but I can also be quite skilled at planning things, especially for our anniversary!” Violet reassured, her face flashing in worry. However, the other girl had once again become distracted by her checklist.

Violet let out a sigh. “Lottie?”


“It’s getting late, I should be going.”

Lottie’s eyes met Violet’s and gave her a small frown but nodded. “Okay, remember 10 a.m. on the dot! If you’re even a second late tomorrow I’ll never speak to you again!”

“We both know that’s a lie,” Violet said with a small quirk of her lips. “Goodnight my lovely perfectionist, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight...” Lottie’s voice drifted, watching as the girl descended into the dark depths of the dungeons.

She sighed; how could she have been so lucky to score a girl like her?

♥ ♥ ♥

The next morning Lottie woke up bright and early. The girl couldn’t have been more excited as she got ready, fingers hastily braiding her blonde hair.

It was only 9:20 a.m. when the girl made her way to the Great Hall from the Raven common room, anticipation getting the better of her. Sitting down at the breakfast table, she turned herself to face the large doors of the hall and waited for Violet to wander through.

However, Lottie’s elation deflated as the clock ticked past 10:30am.

Concerned, Lottie launched into what she thought would be a quick search. But fifteen minutes turned into several hours, and it was well into the afternoon before Lottie collapsed onto the stone stairs facing the courtyard where the Pride Festival was being held.

Lottie watched in misery as her peers happily partook in the activities of the vibrant and exuberant festival.

The sun had just set when Lottie was approached by one of her classmates, who led her out of the courtyard and down the cobblestone stairs to the boathouse. She didn’t question it, too consumed in her misery, and only when she was pushed into the boathouse with a quick “Sorry!” did she snap out of it.

However, before Lottie could panic, a faint light filled the boat house. The girl gaped in awe as she took in the sight. The boat house had been decorated in fairy lights, emitting a beautiful glow. A pink and purple gingham picnic blanket had been placed on the ground and delectable treats from the Pride festival sat on silver plates. Standing on the edge of the boat dock stood Violet, dressed in a purple dress and holding a bouquet of sunflowers.


Anger burned within Lottie as she approached her girlfriend, but fondness replaced irritation as she saw the sheepish expression plastered on Violet’s face. Stopping short of Violet, Lottie let out a deep sigh.

Taking Lottie’s silence as rage, Violet frowned. “Did you really mean it when you said you would never speak to me again?- Oh my goodness, I am so, so, so, sorry! I thought you loved surprises-”

“Shut it, you silly goof.” Lottie interrupted Violet by hugging her, murmuring, “I love it.”

The dark-haired girl gave a sigh of relief. “I’m glad, I’ve been planning this for ages.”

Lottie furrowed her eyebrows. “You? Planning things? Are you okay?”

Violet rolled her eyes but gave Lottie a small smile, looking at her with the utmost love in her eyes. “I’m more than okay.”

The two girls were interrupted by the sound of whizzes and sharp crackles.

Violet’s face broke out into a grin as she pulled Lottie down onto the picnic blanket, exclaiming, “Fireworks!”

The two girls watched in awe as the arcing bursts of light coloured the night sky, bursting into a multitude of rainbow patterns and spirals. They shared a look of complete and utter adoration, and in that moment, they couldn’t have been happier.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
The Escapee
Original Works
Written by Silquer
Edited by MakkChi

Diagonal Lane was bustling. It was a twisting, writhing sort of crowd that filled every corner and crack of the streets. Two witches, in particular, weaved through the crowd, one tall and graceful, as if having practiced dodging oncoming bodies her whole life, the other tiny and clinging to the older's hand and trying her best not to get swept away.

“Ah, here it is,” the older said, leading her young companion through the river of flowing witches and wizards and into an old yet well-kept shop. “Stay close, okay, Elise?”

Elise, still holding the witch’s hand, didn’t hear her. She was too amazed by the shop before her. It was a young witch’s dream. Magical creatures of every shape, size, and color were scattered about the shop, some in cages and some, such as the owls, allowed to roam free in the rafters. Feathers fluttered, claws clicked, scales screeched, all in a loud cacophony that sounded sweet to her young ears.

She looked up at her sister longingly.

The exasperated response was almost immediate and just as final. “We’re not getting any pets.”

“But sis, Lani, please?”

“No. Give me a minute while I look around, okay?”

Elise scowled but let her hand drop to her side, finally letting go of her death grip. “Fine.” She walked away sulkily, flopping onto a chair as she watched her sister wander off. It was then, as she dropped her chin into her hand, that she saw it.

It was a flash of pink peeking out of a closed pen on the window sill. Elise stood up, enthralled, and peered over the fencing. Inside was the most adorable, lovable-looking creature she had ever seen.

It was pink and small, with puffy, fluffy fur that streamlined in every which way, leaving only a small gap for a tan face with wide, black eyes. Elise knew she had found her soulmate.

She stretched out a hand to touch the fur gently; it was just as soft as it looked. The little thing practically purred and leaned into her hand, and Elise’s heart did a double-take. She wasn’t leaving this store without the puff as her pet.

She looked away, eyes searching for her sister. And that was her mistake. For, when she looked back at the pen, she found it was empty.

Elise panicked. Where did it go? She whirled around, catching a bit of pink in the corner of her eye, and watched in horror as the pink puff slipped out the door (who had left it open?) and into Diagonal Lane.

“Uh… Lani?” Elise called, eyes still on the open door. Her sister appeared behind her instantly, which was almost scary, but Elise had other things to worry about at the moment. “I may have accidentally let a pet go.”

“You what?!”

“I’m sorry!” Elise whined. “It was just so cute, and I took my eyes off it... And it just dashed off! Vroom!

“We have to find it, right now,” Lani said, all business, grabbing Elise’s hand and dragging her out into the street once more.

The next few minutes were a blur of threading through lines and crowds, all while trying to find the pink puff. It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the needle was the same color as the hay.

Every so often, they would see a dash of pink, only to find it was part of some witch’s hat or sock; needless to say, when the two of them eventually found the mischievous creature, backed into a corner, it was a relief.

“Puffles!” Elise cried, running up to the fluff-ball and hugging it to her chest. Lani swore it smugly smiled at her over Elise’s shoulder; she returned the look with a glare.

“Since when was it called ‘Puffles?’”

“Since now.”

Elise stood, and they trekked back to the shop. Too soon, Elise found herself putting the aptly named Puffles back into his pen. The puffy creature looked sad, or so Elise thought.

Lani didn’t share the sentiment. “Go wait outside. I have to apologize to the store owner for this.”

Elise nodded sadly, and slinked outside to sit on the steps of the store, content to watch people pass by as she sulked.

It wasn’t long before the little shop bell rang, and Elise stood and looked at her sister, expecting a good scolding. Instead, she found her wonderful, outstanding, positively lovable sister holding Puffles.


“You realize you have to take care of him, right?”

“Yes! I’ll do anything for Puffles!”

Lani sighed, but there was a smile in her eyes. “Let’s go home.”

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Meet the Build Team
Meet the Staff
Written by Serpentella
Edited by MakkChi

Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! In today’s exclusive, web-only article, we’ll be exploring another team on Potterworld through our Meet the Staff mini-series. This series takes a closer look at the departments. In previous issues, we’ve spoken to members of the Game Design, Academics, and Media teams. Today, we’re continuing with the Build team!

This team’s work is incredibly prominent on the server; in fact, almost everything you see was created by Builders and Architects. From iconic locations such as Hogsend to maps for minigames, the Build team’s work is varied and can be spotted everywhere. To get some insider ideas on the team’s hard work, we spoke to three members of the Build department: Tori, representing the Jr. Builders; Tilly, representing the Sr. Builders; and Belle, representing the Sr. Architects. Let’s take a look at their responses!

What do you do in this position?
Belle: “I build, help others improve their skills, and lead team projects.”

Tilly: “As a Sr. Builder I work alongside other builders and architects on projects! I help plan out and build projects that are requested by others!”

Tori: “As a Jr. Builder we construct exciting builds for the server, applying our best work as a team for players to enjoy.”

While their work may seem self-explanatory, there’s much more under the surface!

What is your favorite thing about this department/position?
Belle: “Working with every member on the team. Over the years, i've had the pleasure to work with most, if not all, of the builders that have passed by :)

Tilly: “My favorite thing about being a Sr. Builder is being able to work alongside others in my department on projects! I love being able to plan out and exchange ideas with others, and being able to see a finished build that I helped create.”

Tori: “I love being apart of the Build Team for the very accepting and fun times we have! Having TBA’s every now and then expands everyone’s personalities with one another.”

What do you find to be the most unique thing about this team?
Belle: “The range of skills everyone has. Everybody has something that [they] excel at, and the talent the team has always blows me away.”

Tilly: “I think the most unique thing about the Build Team is how open we are to feedback and how dedicated we are to improving as builders. Working with others on projects, you're able to learn a lot of new techniques or ideas, and [are] able to improve our individual building skills.”

Tori: “Our uniqueness definitely comes from our creative aspect. Seeing the different build styles of others is very inspiring for some to take on a new challenge of building.”

What kinds of projects are you currently working on?
Belle: “I just finished up a couple group projects for future quests. [The] most recent were a maze and a cave system.”

Tilly: “Right now I'm working on a few maps for the arena team, quest builds, and world builds!”

Tori: “In the current time being, I’m working on a few exciting world builds that will hopefully be seen in the [near] future.”

What’s the hardest part of being in this position?
Belle: “The hardest part is putting in the effort to practice and showing that you can learn and grow from feedback you've been given, as well as adjusting your personal style to fit the PW style.”

Tilly: “The hardest part of my position for me is probably staying on top of all of the projects that I commit too. Sometimes I get a little too excited when I see a new build that's requested and end up being pretty busy trying to complete them all in time.”

Tori: “Probably the hardest part I’ve encountered as a builder is first settling in. Our team is a very welcoming and friendly group, always having open arms to the community but I was very shy at first.”

On any team, the environment is very important! Our interviewees give us some valuable insight into the teamwork within the Build department:

What is the team environment like in this position?
Belle: “It's a pleasant and welcoming environment that is based on lots of teamwork. All of the builders are very wonderful people, and they're a pleasure to work with”

Tilly: “The team environment's very relaxed and very friendly! Everyone's always eager to help others out in the team, and always open to giving feedback in order to improve other's builds. On top of that everyone's very respectful and considerate when stating their opinions on other's work. There's a lot of communication involved and interacting with others in the team to plan and build projects.”

Tori: “The build team environment is a very welcoming place for everyone to feel comfortable and be themselves.”

Although Jr. Builder applications aren’t open, you may be looking to apply in the future! Kilo, Tilly, and Belle share their application experience:

What did you expect when applying for this position? Was it anything like what you thought it would be?
Belle: “It's been so long, I cannot remember what I expected. However, I don't think it is much more different than people expect. We build, we learn, we make friends, and we have a great time. That's all you really want from a team like this.”

Tilly: “I was expecting a lot of opportunities to build some really exciting projects for the server, like event builds, or arena maps, and those expectations were met when I joined the team! I've been able to work on a lot of projects that I was very excited about and I'm really glad I applied for the build team!”

Tori: “When first applying for the position I expected everyone to be in different build categories such as houses, terrain, and interior. Everyone’s skill base is quite everywhere, trying new ideas out and helping one another with our weaker aspects.”

With that, our interview has drawn to a close. I would like to thank our 3 lovely interviewees today for their participation! Through their responses, we can see the complexity of the Build team and some firsthand thoughts on the work completed. Every role in this department contributes their building talents to many aspects of Potterworld’s gameplay. Despite being on the server for years, I am still amazed by the incredible builds I get to see every time I log on. I would like to express my appreciation for all the work this team does for Potterworld. Finally, I’d like to thank you all for reading this issue of the Daily Diviner! Have a fantastic day.
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