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The Daily Diviner - Issue 40

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The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Upcoming Summer Event
Written by Silquer
Edited by kvmw

Hello my lovely readers, and welcome to this issue of the Daily Diviner. Summer holds a special place in my heart. Watching the sun go ‘round its axis from the comfort of my air-conditioned home and playing Potterworld events are just a few reasons I love the summer aesthetic. Beach parties, hanging out with friends, and spending hours completing Potterworld quests are all staples of summer, and now it’s time for a new Potterworld tradition to take the stage: the Summer Event! This upcoming event is sure to be full of fun activities for all types of summer people, from the regular beach-goers to the stay-at-home relaxers. However, there’s still some time before the release. What do we know? What can we look forward to? There’s one thing I know, though: it’s going to be a blast!

To begin with, the event is going to be called “Summer Beach Party.” Already, I can see the sandy beach hindering our movement as we walk across it from quest to quest, hiding from the bright sun under striped umbrellas that offer just the right amount of shade we need. Will we see sandcastles, perhaps? Beach blankets? The theme is a tropical getaway, so the beach-y possibilities are limitless.

The event itself will be based around your regular beach activities, but what exactly does that mean? Although we don’t quite know the details yet, there could be a multitude of things to do during the events. Perhaps it will have something to do with magical creatures? We might get to build sandcastles, or help beach-goers have a great time at the getaway. Who knows! We’ll just have to wait and see what this event and its build will bring!

The current release date of the event is July 17th. Mark your calendar, because in just two weeks, we’ll be able to visit this beach for ourselves! This is the perfect time for this event. Just as the summer heat reaches its peak and the real beaches become unbearable, you can explore a brand new one and see all it has to offer. You definitely won’t want to miss it.

When it comes to the event itself, the first question on our minds is: what kind of quests will we see? We may not know any details about the main questline, but we do know that it will involve tons of beach-themed activities, and maybe even the conservation of magical creatures.

As for collectibles, all we know is that there will be a new sand bucket beaded handbag appearance. The question is, how will we get it, and what about summer-themed scarves and banners? What all of that entails remains to be seen, but there’s sure to be lots of summer fun involved! All in all, I’m excited to see the new items, and I can’t wait to wander around the vast map of Potterworld in all of the new summer cosmetics.

What are your thoughts? What are you most excited for? I can’t wait to take a deep dive into this event when it releases, and I hope you’re just as excited for it as I am. The summer is just getting started, and luckily for us, this event is timed perfectly to give us the best summer ever!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
New Head of Ravens
Written by Serpentella
Edited by MakkChi

Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to another issue of the Daily Diviner! As a Raven myself, I am thrilled to discuss something special to my house today: a change in house leadership! Recently, we saw Robo (RobotWizz) step down from his position of Head of Ravens. Zach (zachmath15) has risen to the occasion and has received the title of Head of House.

As Head of Ravens, Zach will represent the Ravens in the House Cup. Furthermore, the Head of Ravens must exemplify the house’s traits; Zach, of course, exceeds this expectation! Finally, as Head of Ravens, Zach will represent the role for roleplay purposes, taking his seat amongst the other Heads of Houses: Kieran, Deniz, and Syster. To see what some other Ravens think about this change in house leadership, I spoke to Jenn, Gia, Mayu, and Lyseau. Let’s see their responses!

How long have you been a Raven? Have you ever resorted?
Jenn: “I first joined Potterworld as a Raven in November 2020. Since then, I have never resorted from the house!”​
Gia: “I have been a Raven since I joined PW in 2017!”​
Mayu: “I've been a Raven ever since I was sorted which was around 2016 and I've never resorted.”​
Lyseau: “I've been a Raven for as long as I've been on Potterworld! Just over a year to be precise. Thus, I've never resorted.”​

What does being a Raven mean to you?
Jenn: “Being a Raven to me means being determined & intelligent. We are able to see outside of the box with new & creative viewpoints of the world that other students may not see at first glance.”​
Gia: “Being a Raven to me means being open to educating myself on new subjects and topics, whether that’s in school or about issues in our world. I think it’s really important to always keep an open-mind when learning. I think being a Raven also means to learn from your experiences, as well.”​
Mayu: “I find this house to be an amazing community that I am proud to be a part of (whether or not the chats are deathly silent every single day) and being a Raven is an integral part of my PW experience!”​
Lyseau: “To me, being a Raven means valuing learning and not necessarily being smart. Everyone is brilliant in some way, and everyone can value different things.”​

What are your thoughts on the newest Head of Ravens (Zach/zachmath15)?
Jenn: “I think that Zach has been doing a marvelous job of taking over as the new Head of Ravens! He has been interacting with us a fair bit with fun questions to get to know us. I think he truly represents the qualities we hope to possess. While I’m sure we all miss Robo, we are excited to see what more Zach has to offer!”​
Gia: “I think it’s really cool that Zach is now our Head of Ravens! He’s very nice & a super hard worker. I know he’ll do a great job!”​
Mayu: “Despite the lack of communication between Zach and I, I find him to be a really cool and responsible staff member so I am hopeful for the new raven house as he takes on the role as head of [Ravens].”​
Lyseau: “I'm proud of Zach! Based [on] my previous interactions with him, he exemplifies Raven pride and has a lot of wisdom. He remains active in the Raven community, which I'm glad to see.”​
What are your hopes for the future of the Ravens house?
Jenn: “I hope that as time goes on, Ravens continue to work together as a house to earn loads of house points. My first House Cup on the server was a win for Ravens, and I hope to see more! In addition, we should continue to accept new Raven members with open arms and show some house pride!”​
Gia: “In regards to the future, I hope that we can all win more house cups together!”​
Mayu: “I am hopeful that we can win some more house cups for [Ravens] and grow as a community under Zach!!”​
Lyseau: “Whether or not Ravens are victorious in the race for the House Cup, I will be proud of this house regardless! The future is bright and I hope to see Ravens earn a lot of house points and continue to make a positive impact on the Potterworld community.”​

Overall, I’m very excited to see how the Ravens will thrive under Zach’s guidance! A change in the Head of House position is always a new opportunity for the house. With the recent beginning of the new House Cup, Ravens are ready to dive right in and secure a win under their new leadership. I would like to thank these four lovely Ravens for their participation today! Thank you all for reading this Daily Diviner article. Go Ravens!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Achayuan’s Artistry
Student Spotlight
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by bluecherub

Hello, readers! Welcome back to the Student Spotlight column of the Daily Diviner! Potterworld loves to recognize and celebrate player creativity and artistry. Recently, Potterworld recognized six players in the Anniversary competition for their unique, masterful, and carefully crafted submissions. Potterworld also celebrates drawings, paintings, renders, and other creative works. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing player Achayuan about her artwork.

What is your IGN & what nickname/name do you go by?
What house are you in and what allegiance/club (if any)?
What year are you in on the server?
What is your favorite quest or event?
I really loved the Christmas event and the prizes! The event itself is very nostalgic for me along with the parkour and droppers. The prizes were really cute and it's also during the Winter Waltz when everyone would have a dress/suit skin. My friends and I would play around and go to the dance with each other.​
When did you join Potterworld?
I believe near the end of June of 2015.​
What kind(s) of artwork do you make?
I mainly do digital art that is anime oriented. Recently, I've been playing around with adding more elements such as food items, furniture, and landscapes. Also other elements such as color and lightning.​
How did you first get into art?
Around the same year I first joined Potterworld, I started carrying a sketchbook to school as I would get bored. I first drew out small, cat-like creatures, but later made them more humanoid. Around 1-2 years later I got photoshop and got my digital tablet during Christmas. I started to play around a bit more with both. Then in Christmas of 2018 I got PaintToolSAI which is what I'm using today. I still use the same drawing tablet I got 3-4 years ago.​
What inspires you nowadays? How do you find the inspiration to make a new art piece?
A lot of my art is based on my original characters. I've created a bunch of stories with them in different universes and scenarios. Drawing them just helps me reimagine them on paper. I usually get inspired by music, but other random ideas I find online such as story prompts or comics also give ideas.​
How often do you create artwork?
Since it's currently summer, I try my best to make many drawings. Due to me currently experimenting with different aspects, I've only been able to make three drawings this month. During school months, I'm usually distracted and can't find time to make new pieces, but I still find time to make small doodles in my sketchbook.​
What is your favorite piece you have made thus far and why?
Two drawings that I have made are currently my favorite with one being a traditional drawing and the other being digital. Both pictures are set in different stories. In the golden flower [digital] drawing, he's a villain who reformed. He never got to experience a proper childhood, but here he's able to babysit his friend's kids and experience a childhood he never had. The [traditional] drawing with the angel wings is in the story with two different timelines. One of the timelines is a corrupted "bad ending" type because his death produced a domino effect. It could be his facial expression or the perspective that makes me love this drawing so much.​
What was your most challenging piece and why?
I believe it was this drawing [of a character dressed in black, eating an apple in a dark fog under the stars] simply because I didn’t know what to do. I really liked the eye and apple, but I couldn’t find a shading style for the other components that would match. So much so that it took me 6 months to finish because I kept trying different methods. In the end I just went with what I knew. I plan on redrawing this in the future.​
Do you have any advice for those wanting to get into making artwork?
Have a general direction for where your art wants to go. Tutorials can go a long way, too! I recommend Pinterest and Youtube for tutorials. Deviantart also has many great tutorials. Also, when you practice, have a goal in mind. Like if you want to improve hair or eyes. More practice does give more experience, but without a bit of direction, you’re eventually going to get stuck. Don’t get discouraged if a piece doesn’t turn out the way you hoped. It just gives you the opportunity to draw it again in a few months or years, and it can show progress on how far you’ve come! Also, be open minded to criticism. It can be a little harsh, but you can apply the criticism depending on what style you’re intending to have. And finally, having passion and the motivation to make art can go a long way!​

I hope you have gained inspiration from Achayuan’s interview. If you are interested in sharing your art or celebrating others’ artwork, Potterworld has recently launched a new discord server dedicated to celebrating player art! Details will be announced at a later time, so stay tuned for more information. Have an art-tastic day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

Do you know anyone on the server that stands out (cool housing, a museum, active in RP, do something cool outside of PW, etc.)? Nominate them here for a chance to be our next Student Spotlight!

Student Spotlight 40 Art.png

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
A Potterworld Summer Bucket List!
Written by joyellen
Edited by bluecherub

Welcome back magical readers to a new edition of the Daily Diviner! With summer being well underway for our players in the Northern Hemisphere, we thought it best to create a summer bucket list to show off some of the many things to do on the server during this sweltering season. In this article, we’ll be exploring the top 10 things to do on Potterworld during the summer break. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the article!

1. Explore the map!
Potterworld has a large and unique map that has many sights to see! There’s always something new for players to discover, and it can take many hours to walk around the entire map. Nonetheless, every second is well spent! By discovering the special spots that most students don’t know about, you could be one of the few lucky students to truly know the map of Potterworld and the secrets it holds. One of my favourite hidden spots is the theatre located in Carket Market in London! To find the entrance to this extravagant theatre, you must first go to Diagonal Lane in London and walk to Carket Market. Then, you should find the entrance to the theatre located in the art exhibition next to the Gold Exchange! Furthermore, exploring the map is a great way to appreciate the work of our talented and hard-working builders who have helped to create such amazing sceneries and hidden easter eggs.

2. Go shopping
If you have some spare gold on hand, going shopping is another great way to spend your summer- who knows what hidden gems you may find amongst another industrious witch’s wares? Head to places like Diagonal Lane and Hogsend and browse the objects that are for sale to find out!

3. Play minigames around the map!
Playing minigames is not only a fun way to occupy your time, but can also be a great way to earn some gold. You can play the parkours, mazes, and droppers over and over until you’ve perfected them and earned lots of gold in the process. Most players don’t even know where all of the minigames are located, so you could be the first to perfect and find every single one! Minigames are located throughout the world and can be found by looking at the Potterworld map, which can be found on the Potterworld website or by doing /map ingame!

4. Build at your housing
Summer vacation is a great time to start a build project at your housing! Building materials can be bought from the Mine Depot, which is accessed through the house elf on your housing. Potterworld housings start off as a blank canvas and can be made into something extravagant! A personal favourite of mine (and a popular location for Potterworld weddings) is /housing hyung. The housing features an extravagant castle that is straight out of a Disney movie. So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity run wild, and build to your heart’s content!

5. Attend challenges or tournaments!
Challenges and Tournaments are usually held by the arena team a few times a week. These events can be a lot of fun, and it’s definitely in a player on the hunt for fun's best interest to attempt placing in a Dueling or Flying Tournament. Challenges and Tournaments can be done with or without friends- you could even try making friends in the middle of one! Furthermore, challenges and tournaments are not only a great way to practice your flying and dueling skills, but can also be used to earn Arena Tokens and Potterpoints! Arena Tokens can be used to purchase exclusive items from the Arena Token Shop NPC located at the Dueling Halls. To check for the next scheduled Challenge or Tournament, all you have to do is go to the Potterworld website and click on the calendar!

6. Play games
Partaking in games can be a fun way to spend time on Potterworld. By doing /games in game you can view the six games that are available to be played with other players, including my personal favourite: Hide and Seek! Playing games is a fantastic way to earn gold and to complete your dailies. Climbing up the leaderboards for games would also be a great challenge for you to try during this summer vacation!

7. Attend classes
Even though it is summer vacation, classes are always a fun time and offer many opportunities to partake in exciting activities and learn something new! My personal favourites include Wizard’s PE and Creative Writing.

8. Try your hand at professions!
There are three professions on Potterworld, including: Herbology, Potions, and Cooking. While working to perfect these professions is a great way to keep entertained during summer vacation, it does require a lot of hard work. It takes courage, strength and endurance to hunt down all the herbs and mobs necessary to become proficient in the three professions. However, completing a profession would be a worthwhile challenge to show other students your immense dedication!

9. Visit the Hogsworth Library
There is a large selection of books available to read at the Hogsworth Library, making it the perfect thing to add to the bucket list of an avid reader! The library features an array of books about the many creatures found on the server, so sit down with your favourite hot or cold beverage and learn something new today! A personal favourite of mine is Creatures of the Dark by Hector Lawson, which features information about some of the most spooky mobs found on Potterworld.

10. Make friends!
Potterworld has an amazing community, and there are an infinite number of opportunities to make friends! From starting conversations in global chat, to playing minigames, to helping lost players around the map, making friends on Potterworld is an easy feat, and is a perfect way to make special memories this summer vacation!

These are only some of the things that you can do on Potterworld during the summer break! Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all an amazing summer (or winter) break. Thank you lovely readers for tuning into this issue of the Daily Diviner. Have an amazing day!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Summertime Sweets
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by kvmw

Hello readers! Welcome back to the Lifestyle column of the Daily Diviner. We are now well into summertime, and while many of you may be out playing catch with a Quabble, playing pranks by casting jinxes, or discovering magical creatures in the woods, I encourage you to find time to stop and regain energy by making some delicious treats. Here are three summertime recipes you can try at home: Dark Cocoacursed Delights and Dormunstrad Apple Pie, and Alton’s Famous Pumpkin Punch!

To start off with, this season’s must-try guilty pleasure are Dark Cocoacursed Delights, which range in magical capabilities from tier I to IX. You can find the ingredients for this delicious treat all over Britain and Ireland. I am going to share with you the simplest recipe, Dark Cocoacursed Delights I. To make it, you will need 4 undead nails and 2 undead bones (both found East of Hogsend from the Ghoul mob), 3 wiggleworm eggs and 4 wiggleworm skins (both found in the Hogsworth courtyard from the wiggleworm mob), and 3 asphodels and 2 dittany flowers (both found in the Hogsworth Greenhouses). First, combine all the ingredients. Next, place the mixture in the oven and wait until fully baked. Warning: these delectable treats come with the magical side effect of increasing your curse damage, so be careful when using your wand!

Our other must-try summertime dessert comes from the school it's named after: Dormunstrad Apple Pie! Highly recommended by the students, the recipe has been kindly shared by the cooks of Dormunstrad at Potterworld's Anniversary event. Overall, this recipe should take about one minute to make. Here is what you will need: 1 apple, 1 flour, 1 sugar, 1 butter, and 1 egg. To start, heat the oven to the appropriate temperature. Next combine the flour, butter, sugar, and egg in a large bowl. Stir until well mixed. Next, add the apple to the combined components in the bowl. You will have an unbaked pie. Next, place the unbaked pie in the oven and bake until finished. Enjoy!

To pair a summertime drink with these delicious foods, I recommend trying Alton’s Famous Pumpkin Punch. Unlike fruit punch, pumpkin punch is more unique and flavorful. This recipe comes from the Enchanted Pumpkin Company located in Vertick Alley, London. This recipe has been in the Alton family since the 1900s. To begin, here is what you need: 2 cups of apple juice, 2 oz. of pumpkin puree, 1 tablespoon of sugar, ¼ tsp. of pumpkin pie extract, ¼ tsp. of vanilla. First, take all the ingredients and stir or blend together in a pitcher. Fill glasses with ice, and pour the blended mixture into the glasses. Stir once more before serving. Afterwards, it should be ready to enjoy!

I hope that you have fun trying these new recipes! Keep an eye out for more yummy treats, and in the meantime, bon appétit! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
The Knights of the Square Table
Original Works
Written by kvmw
Edited by MakkChi

“Phoebe, you’ve made sure Arthur isn’t coming until 5, right?”

“‘Course I have, Gray,” she mumbled, peering into the pot she was cautiously stirring. “Not sure it was the right decision, though. Is this tomato sauce supposed to be turning black?”

The woman slicing carrots across the table sniggered. “Twenty-eight, and we can’t even cook.”

“These three twenty-eight-year-olds are Department Heads, Curse Breakers, and Professors at Hogsworth. We just happen to be poor chefs,” Phoebe said primly, though she couldn’t help wrinkling her nose at the acrid burning smell coming from the pot. She quickly tossed the pot into the sink. “Alright, since spaghetti is clearly beyond any of us, I say we make baked chicken.”

“Giving out orders already?” Lydia teased, momentarily stopping her cutting so she wouldn’t slice off a finger. “Maybe your time at the Ministry has made you forget that in our school days, I was second in command?”

“It was a dumb roleplay decision,” Gray mused, opening a kitchen cabinet and rifling through the many cans and bags that were stored there. “Lancelot was a traitorous pig, but I suppose he was the best knight. Until he wasn’t.”

Phoebe shrugged. “He liked Lydia best.” She looked over her husband’s shoulder and studied the recipe. “What could go wrong? All you need to do is put stuff on a pan and bake it.”

“Knowing us, it could go very wrong,” Lydia mumbled, but they set about working anyway. She used her knife to slide the chopped-up carrots into a bowl and pulled out a baking pan from the oven. “Ah well, at least my carrots won’t get wasted.”

. . .

The three of them admired the pan of chicken and mixed vegetables that sat in the middle of their dining table. It looked a little pitiful, to be sure, but nothing that Scorching Scotch and chips couldn’t solve. “It looks a little off, though,” Phoebe mused. “Not sure why, though…”

A loud ring woke them from their reverie. Lydia moved forward at once. “That’ll be Arthur! Hold on a minute; I’ll go let him—”

“Wait!” Phoebe groaned. “The table’s not round! We can’t celebrate the Knights of the Round Table on a square one! Come on, Gray, help me get the round table from out back.” Then, tugging her husband along, she called back to Lydia, “Distract Arthur!”

Arthur was an American Aurorlock, and that meant Lydia rarely got to see him. She had no idea why he’d go to America, of all places, but the country had been kind to a foreigner, who was now Chief Aurorlock. She supposed he was a citizen, born on American soil, but he had grown up in Britain. She could sometimes hear an American accent when he occasionally returned, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

Still, his accent was firmly British when he said, “Hello, darling.”

She lifted her chin a little. “You’re supposed to be King Arthur today, mind you, and I, Sir Lancelot. Say something...royal.”

“My dear Sir Lancelot, most admirable traitor of my heart, where are Sir Percival and Gawain so that I may praise their skill and loyalty?”

Ah, right. “Erm—they’re finishing dinner,” she said, moving to block his view of the dining room.

He raised an eyebrow. “Dinner? I thought we were ordering out.”

“That probably would have been a better idea,” Lydia admitted. “We’re good friends but awful chefs. We thought we’d—” A loud bang cut her off.

“What was that?” Arthur asked sharply. Without another word, he pushed past her and into the hallway, hurrying to the backyard. She tried to stop him, but by the time she’d rounded the corner, it was too late—he’d seen the sprawling pile of two bodies and a very small round table.

“Religo mortus!”

One of the bodies stiffened, legs forced together by the spell. Lydia ran up, panting, and put a hand on Arthur’s arm before he could cast another spell. “Wait, it’s...them,” she huffed.

Gray’s head lifted from out of the mess, a sheepish grin plastered on his face. “Sorry for the poor welcome,” he said. “We were, um—” He glanced towards Lydia for help.


“I see,” Arthur said slowly. “Two fully-grown wizards, ten years out of Hogsworth, didn’t think of using their wands to replace the square table in the dining room. And yes, I noticed,” he added, at Lydia’s look of surprise. “You did a poor job of hiding it when you first saw me. I wasn’t going to mention it, but...”

Gray had the decency to look embarrassed and undid the spell on his wife. “Well, at least we’ll have a better round table prepared next year. This one would barely have held the pan, much less four plates.”

“Always the optimistic one.” Arthur grinned and was led to the dining room by the three friends. “I’ve missed you all,” he said, sitting down.

“Might miss us less after this cooking,” Lydia murmured, but he’d already taken a bite of the chicken. She watched as he blanched a little, slowly chewing before clearly forcing himself to swallow. “Bad?” she asked, unable to keep the laugh out of her voice.

“A little...raw,” he said. “You know what, next year, I’ll plan the anniversary, alright?”

“Good to know there’ll be a next year.” Phoebe sounded irritated, but the smile on her face gave her away as they moved into the living room, a chessboard already set out.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Meet the Community Management Team
Written by Serpentella
Edited by MakkChi

Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! Today, we will be exploring the final team on Potterworld in the last installment of the Meet the Staff mini-series. The previous issue highlighted the fantastic work of the Technology & Development team. Now, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Community Management team as the series concludes.

This fantastic department seeks to provide the best player experience! From answering questions in chat to listening and responding to player feedback, the work of the Community Management team is apparent on Potterworld! The friendly faces of this team can be seen both in-game, on the Discord server, and on the official Potterworld website. I interviewed some members of Community Management to get a better idea of their work, team environment, and behind-the-scenes activities. I spoke to Rani, representing the Prefect team; Zach, representing the Discord Moderators; Carlie, representing the Wizencouncil team; Grace, representing the Poltergeists; Gospojken, representing the Store Managers; and Tang, representing the Scribe team. Let’s see their responses!

What do you do in this position?
Zach: “I help players out on the Discord server, make sure all players are abiding by the rules, and intervene whenever anyone (staff or player) needs help on the Discord server!”​
Rani: “Like any other member of the moderation team, my main duties include answering questions, responding to tickets and handling rule-breaking situations as they come up. As a Senior Prefect, I also help the CM leadership team respond to ban appeals.”​
Grace: “As a Sr. Poltergeist, we have the same tasks as a regular Poltergeist while also having a few more responsibilities. We typically help in bringing up the different suggestions on the forums along with feedback left by the Poltergeists to the respective heads and leads. Additionally, we will help create feedback forms, different spreadsheets, summaries, and give general feedback to each other on numerous different projects.”​
Carlie: “The Wizencouncil team is responsible for moderating the forums. This means that we make sure posts/threads are in the correct places as well as make sure they are following the forum rules. We also manage and respond to website support tickets!”​
Tang: “I'm a Scribe Publisher, part of the team who works on creating a Potterworld wiki for release! My main responsibilities in the role include editing and implementing information written by Scribe Interns, on to our wiki.”​
Gospojken: “As a Store Manager, I work on maintaining the online store as well as the Potter Points store. I come up with ideas for future releases, sales, and other ideas for the store that I then discuss with the other Store Managers. I also implement new additions and test so that everything works as expected before we release these. As a Store Manager, I also contribute to the decisions on students and staffs' suggestions for the store. Additionally, I also aid students and staff when they need help with store issues.”​
With its varied roles, Community Management deals with a multitude of tasks on the server! As explained by the interviewees, they each have a unique experience in the department:

What is your favorite thing about this department/position?
Zach: “It's always great to help people out. I love assisting people and helping solve problems.”​
Rani: “The hardest thing about being in this position is probably just how chaotic it can be sometimes. You have no idea when tickets will come through or people will break the rules, so you need to be on your toes a lot. This is especially the case when a group of people start causing trouble. You need to handle each situation differently and keep track of a lot of different factors.”​
Grace: “I think my favorite part about the department/position would have to be getting to interact and connect with the players more personally. The CM department in general focuses on helping improve the server through the players and that is something I love getting to do. A lot of the things that I get to do as a Sr. Poltergeist are ones that I actually enjoy and have a lot of passion for which has made it a really amazing experience.”​
Carlie: “My favorite aspect of Wizencouncil is the fact that it involves another form of communication for the Potterworld community besides just being in-game. It’s really cool to be able to see the sorts of interactions between players on the forums.”​
Tang: “I really enjoy working with the team; we all get along super well and are quite a small team! As part of my role, I really enjoy reading about the lore in our current world, and seeing how it is combined with information and put on our wiki.”​
Gospojken: “This is a really tricky question because I absolutely love all the elements of the Store Manager role. However, I'd say my absolute favourite thing is working on bigger projects such as the in-game store, specifically projects that make the user experience when interacting with the store much nicer.”​

What do you find to be the most unique thing about this team?
Zach: “There are only a few people on this team, which means we all rely really heavily on one another. We communicate a lot about decisions regarding anything on the Discord server, and it always feels like we're all on the same page.”​
Rani: “Probably how we can all just understand where another member is coming through and can have a laugh about situations later. No matter if the member is new or old, everyone goes through the same thing on the moderation team, and we get to share many inside jokes that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.”​
Grace: “Poltergeists tend to focus a lot on the forums and handling the different suggestions that get posted. Rather than creating something, we will leave our own feedback and ideas on how to improve an aspect of the server. While some of the responsibilities involve behind-the-scenes things, our main priority is to make sure the players have an overall great time on Potterworld.”​
Carlie: “The most unique thing about Wizencouncil is that there are only a small amount of us on the team, but we all have different helpful perspectives when it comes to moderating the forums and answering questions. Our other roles and experiences allow us to find the best solutions to the issues presented to us.”​
Tang: “One of the most unique things about this team is that we're all working on a really big project for release; we all collaborate together to create this big wiki we're really proud of. It's tricky because players haven't gotten to see what we have been working on at all, but we know it will be worth it when it all comes together and players can see it!”​
Gospojken: “I believe I'd say that [the] most unique thing about the team is the team itself. We're a small team that works on the store, and it's incredibly fun and exciting to get to know the team better each day and to hear their ideas!”​
What kinds of projects are you currently working on?
Zach: “We don't normally have any specific projects since we just handle situations as they come up.”​
Rani: “Members of the moderation team don’t really have projects. We tend to just answer questions and handle situations as they appear. However, as a Staff Training Crew Member I’m helping to train other staff members in moderation every month.”​
Grace: “A lot of the projects I am working on at the moment involve the regular responsibilities of a Sr. Poltergeist. We are continuously bringing up the ideas being suggested by the playerbase to the different heads and leads. There have also been a couple of forms that we have created about the different events and sent out or are planning to send out.”​
Carlie: “We don’t usually have many projects since our main goal is moderation, but we do look for ways to improve or better organize student’s experiences on the forums.”​
Tang: “In the scribe team we've been writing pages documenting past events, as well as collating information on world locations recently!”​
Gospojken: “Currently, I'm mainly working on coming with ideas for future store releases. However, one recent project I worked on was implementing back buttons to the Potter Points store and also ensuring that the Potter Points store reopens after you have bought an item. We hope this makes your shopping more convenient! I have also helped out with implementing the in-game store when we did that.”​

As with any team, one may encounter some hardships along the way. Our interviewees today discuss the trials and tribulations of their respective roles:

What is the hardest part of being in this position?
Zach: “It can sometimes be difficult to handle situations where players do not follow the rules. However, it's something you definitely get used to as time goes on in the position, and I'm pretty comfortable in most of those situations.”​
Rani: “Probably either being able to help out players or how just being a part of the team opens you to a lot of different opportunities. Learning to keep calm when things get tough, the ability to think situations through from all angles and even just opportunities to meet friends that share your interest. You learn and gain a lot!”​
Grace: “I think the hardest part of being a Sr. Poltergeist is probably that at times it can get slightly overwhelming depending on how many projects are going on at the time. Along with handling the suggestions, Poltergeists also help test different upcoming events and leave feedback on the gameplay. It can sometimes get a bit harder to set aside time to complete everything depending on the deadlines and how many projects we have.”​
Carlie: “The hardest part of Wizencouncil is probably dealing with complex support tickets. We do our best to direct support tickets to the staff members that will be able to provide the most accurate help for specific issues, but sometimes getting to the right person can take a little while.”​
Tang: “I believe one of the hardest parts of the role right now is trying to gather and recall information from the past of Potterworld. The game has changed so much and it can be tricky to remember history to have it documented, but we're all trying our best and using all resources available!”​
Gospojken: “I'd say that the hardest part of the position is to figure out what items we want in our releases, so your suggestions are truly valuable here! While we do use some Potterworld technology that could be perceived as difficult, that's still quite an easy task after just a few weeks of practice.”​

From our previous installments of this series, we’ve had the chance to hear about the team environment of the other teams on Potterworld. This unique group brings a new perspective to the table:

What is the team environment like in this position?
Zach: “We all get along really well! It can be really nice to have a small team sometimes because you have to work so much closer together. All of us get along and we're able to depend on each other!”​
Rani: “The team environment for the moderation team Is pretty laid back. Everyone’s friendly and with shared experiences you’ll find a friend among just about everyone, even if you guys aren’t close. When push comes to shove though, we all play our part, and work together to make sure everyone has the best experience on the server!”​
Grace: “The team environment is absolutely amazing. I feel like we are one small family and it has been such a great experience getting to connect and interact with the other Poltergeists. We are constantly joking around with each other and there has been nothing but respect and love within the team.”​
Carlie: “The team is very small, and we only have about five Wizencouncil members. The position doesn’t usually require a whole lot of collaborative work, but we do rely on each other for second opinions and things like that.”​
Tang: “We're quite a small team, but we help each other out when writing pages and get along very well! We all have different histories and experiences on the server so some of us are more knowledgeable about different topics. We bounce ideas off each other and help provide information and all are glad to!”​
Gospojken: “Like I mentioned a bit earlier, the team is definitely a team to enjoy. We're a small team and as a result of that, we work very tightly together and can work efficiently. Additionally, we're able to distribute the workload evenly between everyone which is wonderful. We also have tons of fun together!”​

Community Management has a multitude of roles that students can apply for! If you’re interested in joining this wonderful team, you can check out the Jr. Prefect, Scribe Intern, and Poltergeist applications on the website.

What did you expect when applying for this position? Was it anything like you thought it would be?
Zach: “I was hoping to be able to help out in a new and unique role when I first applied for Discord Moderator over a year ago. I definitely felt that way after I got the position, and it was really exciting to take on a new role that I enjoyed! The people were also super welcoming and I felt like I was a part of a super fun and friendly team.”​
Rani: “When applying for Trainee, which was the original Jr. Prefect, I expected my duties to be exactly what they were now. Answering questions for players and handling situations when rules were broken. I was well prepared and knew exactly what I was getting into, and while adjusting to any new situation can be hard, it made it 10 times easier when everyone around me had my back.”​
Grace: “When I applied for the position, I already had a slight idea of what a Poltergeist did due to having a couple friends already being one. I had a few expectations for what it would be like, but honestly it was a lot more fun and enjoyable once I actually became one. I have really loved being a part of this team and getting to be a Sr. Poltergeist.”​
Carlie: “I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I applied! I had heard of Wizencouncil, but I didn’t really understand the goals and purpose until I was able to experience it. It’s definitely a unique position and gives me an opportunity to problem-solve!”​
Tang: “It was really tricky when I first applied; the idea of the wiki had just been pitched and applications were just opening. I didn't know what the vision was for the wiki, and honestly nobody had a concrete vision for it all, which was great! Over the past almost year, we have all contributed to providing pages and making the wiki the best it can be.”​
Gospojken: “The Store Manager position definitely meets the expectations I had when I applied back in August 2020, and it even goes beyond that! Already when I applied, I knew I was going to love this position and my expectations were basically doing the things mentioned earlier in this interview. However, the elements are even more fun than I expected them to be at first! Especially the technical bits and aiding students and staff are extremely fun and enriching!”​

With that, our final interview of the mini-series draws to a close. I would like to thank Rani, Zach, Carlie, Grace, Gospojken, and Tang for participating today. They’ve offered valuable perspectives, and hearing about their experiences was the perfect way to close out this series. The work of Community Management and the multiple roles that make up the department is apparent in the community; their impact on the players, staff, and server can be recognized by everyone. I would like to offer my sincere gratitude for all the Community Management team does for the server. Finally, I would like to thank you all for tuning in to the last part of the Meet the Staff series. Thank you all for your dedication and support. Have a fantastic day!
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