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The Daily Diviner - Issue 52

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The Daily Diviner

New Magician
A Year of Potterworld Progression
Written by Silquer
Edited by kvmw

Hello readers, and welcome to the 52nd issue of the Daily Diviner! 2021 is coming to a close very soon, and we can finally take a look back at the long year behind us—specifically, the changes made within Potterworld. There have been countless gameplay, communications, and in-game major releases all throughout this year, so let’s get right into it!

Gameplay Updates
Last year, the first major change of Potterworld gameplay, called the Revelius Update, was announced. The update introduced many new features that are now Potterworld staples, such as the new map, gameplay reworks, and new travel systems. Since then, however, there have been many more changes.

The first of these was the Walden Expansion, an update that introduced the brand new town of Walden and released newer quests. The update was released on February 5th and was the first big expansion of 2021. It included new collectibles, twelve new quests, and plenty of new exploration patches. It showed the player base that Potterworld is still being given love and care, even after the Revelius Update, and set the tone for the rest of the year’s changes.

The second of these updates was the much-needed Gear Rebalance. This update, as is stated in the title, reworked gear and balanced it to match the player base more accurately. This update was released on May 1st and beyond just rebalancing gear, this update also changed broom, quests, and spell trees. It was a much-needed and well-executed update. Fantastic work to all who helped make this update possible!

The third and most recent of these is the Experience Rework. Like the Gear Rebalance update, this patch helped players and their personal quality-of-life within the game. The Experience Rework was released to the public on September 2nd and focused primarily on the experience gains from quests, mobs, and academic credits.

There have also been many changes made this year to the community of Potterworld. Our community is always growing, and our wonderful staff teams have been keeping up!

The first addition to our community was the Potterworld Art Discord. This Discord server was released on July 16th and is still very active to this day. It is a wonderfully safe and positive place for artists of all kinds to share their works. From writing to traditional art, digital art, skin-making, renders, and animation, all are welcome in the Potterworld Art Discord! You can join the Discord from the official Potterworld website News and Updates forums.

One of the most memorable moments in the Art Discord’s history was PW-tober, a month-long challenge lasting through October to create a work of art each day. It was an incredible month of sharing and improvement in all artists, and it was an incredible experience!

The Potterworld Arena Discord was also released this year on August 13th. This Discord is a great place for players to find others to compete in challenges with, and is the perfect place to bond with others in similar interests.

Tournaments are held very often on Potterworld, and the Arena Discord is the perfect place to find a team for them. Challenges are always announced in the Discord, so it also gives the opportunity for you and your team to coordinate times and when to practice.

Finally, among these changes, there are the Head Staff changes. Players come and go, especially staff members, and sometimes life gets in the way, and responsibilities become difficult to maintain. In the past year, there have been many changes to Assistants and Heads. One of the most prominent examples of this is the current Head of Ravens, zachmath15, who was instated earlier this year. However, all of these changes are not unnoticed, and we appreciate all of the current Head Staff members and the past ones too.

In-Game Major Releases
Besides updates to the gameplay, there have also been more in-game-focused releases. The first that comes to mind is the release of the new minigame: Party Games, an assortment of different short minigames. A fun and interesting addition to the pantheon of Potterworld minigames, it was released on July 5th and is still going today.

There have also been, of course, regular events on the server. Starting from February and going all the way to the ongoing Winter Waltz, Potterworld events have been a staple of the seasonal changes throughout the year.

Potterworld has seen many changes throughout the strange, warped year of 2021. But we’ve nearly made it to the end, and the server and its players are better for it! Our amazing server is continuing to grow, and I, for one, can’t wait for the coming year. Overall, 2021 has been a great year of bug fixes and rebalances in the Potterworld community, and I can’t wait to see where we go next! Have a lovely winter and new year, everyone! See you all in 2022!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
The Masquerade Ball and Past CEs!
Written by joyellen
Edited by snotflower

Greetings lovely readers, and welcome back to the Editorial column of the Daily Diviner! With the year coming to a close, many festivities are being held on Potterworld. One of these festivities is this month’s Community Engagement event: The Masquerade Ball! In this article, we will be taking a closer look at The Masquerade Ball, while also exploring the other CEs that were held during 2021. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the article!

The Masquerade Ball will be a Community Engagement event held during December. The event will be an exciting occasion and a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! To learn more about the CE, I interviewed Lead Inquisitor Leyla.

Will the Masquerade Ball Community Engagement be similar to previous CEs?
Some of the activities will be similar to past events, whereas others have added a new twist that hasn't been seen before in a Community Engagement.

Did you have any particular inspirations for this CE? And what were they?
For this CE, we wanted activities that would pair with the holiday season and winter waltz. We also wanted to add additional elements to make this CE special and engaging.

What were the easiest and most challenging parts of creating this event?
The easiest part was brainstorming and coming up with the ideas that we wanted to happen in this CE. The hardest part was putting those plans into action. There were so many things we wanted to build and create!

Any additional comments?
We hope to see you there!

This month’s Community Engagement looks to be an exciting one, and I cannot wait to attend! There have been many CEs in the past year which were filled with exciting activities and collectables!
Starting in January, this year’s first CE was the Hogsworth Mystery Hunt, where players could search for mysteries around the castle. In the following month of February, the theme of the CE was affirmation books! Players gathered together and exchanged books, where they were able to write positive affirmations about others. In April, we attended a Spring-themed CE, which had four different activities. These activities included making friendship flower crowns, the Florist Dash, King of the Egg, and visiting the Bunny Fun Park!

During the month of May, the CE was based around Potterworld’s 7th Anniversary! Players could partake in two activities which included memory reflections, where players were able to reminisce about their memories on Potterworld, and the Back to the Past activity. In this activity, players had to work together to repair a temporal turner! A Pride-themed CE delighted us at the end of June! In this CE players partook in a Pride scavenger hunt and an array of activities that included bracelet making and minigames.

In July, we attended a camping-themed Community Engagement where we were able to partake in another scavenger hunt and use our handy detective skills in solving the case of the missing camp counsellor! Players could also play minigames and purchase exclusive collectables. The month of August saw a unique music-themed CE! We learned about musical instruments, while also giving much-needed aid to a music teacher by helping them fix their broken instruments.

To celebrate butterbrew, in September there was a series of butterbrew-themed CEs held! Players were able to take part in the ‘Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice’ minigame and also partake in a multitude of minigames, including an elytra course. In the spooky month of October, an equally spooky Community Engagement was held! During this CE, players had to solve a puzzling murder mystery and were able to watch a Halloween movie after.

The last CE held was the November Community Engagement. This CE was animal and zoo-themed! We were able to visit a zoo filled with the magical creatures that are found on the server while also learning about them as we solved animal riddles. Players were also allowed to design their own animal plushies, even being able to choose their names!

Unfortunately, this concludes the article. I would like to thank Leyla for partaking in the interview! I hope you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with this year’s past CEs, and are more than excited for this month’s Masquerade Ball CE! This has been Joy, reporting for the Daily Diviner. Happy holidays!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Love at Frost Sight
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by bluecherub

Hello lovely readers! Welcome back to the Editorial section of the Daily Diviner. Recently, PotterworldMC released a new Writing and Art competition with a special wintery twist! For those of you that have not taken a look yet, let me give you a quick run through!

The Writing and Art Competition opened on December 1st where players could submit a single entry for a chance to win Potterpoints, House points, and a special store item. This year’s winter-themed writing prompt is: “Write about an activity that you usually do during Winter, or one that you would like to do!” Players could choose to fulfill this prompt by submitting an essay, a story, or even a poem! The only requirements were that it had to follow the prompt and be within 150 and 500 words. For tricks and tips on how to get better at writing, I talked to student WitheredApollo.

Do you have any creative writing tips?
Yes! Writing doesn't usually happen instantly, and it takes some time! So don't rush yourself to get writing, just let it happen naturally!

How do you get better at writing?
I'd say practice. As it takes years to get better, but some people just have a knack for it! It could take years or perhaps even months for someone to get their writing the way they want it.

WitheredApollo certainly has some great views and opinions on how to get better at writing! Improving your writing skills certainly takes lots of time and practice. One of my favorite tactics is to read my works aloud to a friend or family member to get their opinion on it. Sometimes the act of reading it aloud helps me figure out where I want to go next if I am stuck or if there are any mistakes.

For the Art Competition, the prompt was: “Create a winter/holiday-inspired art piece.” An entry could be a drawing, a render, or even a photo! For tips and tricks on how to make your artwork more holiday-friendly, I talked to student JellyMew.

What style of art do you like to use?
I love to draw with traditional mediums like watercolor & ink as well as digital mediums.

What tips do you have for people who are getting into art?
Oh man I have so many but I’ll keep it short:
  • Don't compare your progress & style to other artists
  • Never give up on an idea just because it didn’t turn out perfect on paper, always come back to it
  • Practice makes perfect, practice your weaknesses and make them your strengths (use references!)
  • And finally, don’t be afraid to try new mediums and get out of your comfort zone. You may love what you find!
Do you have any tips on making your art look wintery?
Well, there are a lot of ways to achieve a wintery look visually, like using an overlay of snow falling or making everything tinted with a soft blue, but for most of my wintery pieces I try to convey a sense of nostalgia since that’s what I associate with winter & the holidays. My tip would be to use references as well as find references within yourself. How does winter make you feel? What memories do you associate with it? That connection will really make your art special. Art is about communicating these feelings visually.
A huge thank you to both WitheredApollo and JellyMew for their input and advice on how to create lovely written works and art pieces! Good luck to those who entered the competition. Winners will be announced by December 22nd. Have a wonderful day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Wands by CleckShock
Student Spotlight
Written by Ivy_Bell
Edited by kvmw

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Student Spotlight column of the Daily Diviner! Today we had the chance to speak to CleckShock about his amazing wand appearance collection, which features ninety wand appearances and is growing every day. He is also a Serpent graduate, Sr. Professor, and Arithmancer on Potterworld!

New wand appearances are often added alongside store releases or events. For the former, players can buy skins using Potterpoints or real-world currency on the PotterworldMC website store. Event-only wand appearances can be bought using event currencies.

Which store wand is your favorite and why?
“My favorite wand is the zoologist wand, cuz it’s a nice memory as it was my reward when I won the staff dueling tournament on a Staff appreciation day some years ago”

What about your favorite event wand?
“The Lucky staff! Because I like the design a lot, it looks like it’s made of wood ofc, and it has no light so when dueling that helps at least for me”

What made you start collecting wand appearances?
“Oh! It’s nice that you know I collect wand appearances, and I love wand lore a lot. If I didn’t have to use too much lore it would be a subject I’ll teach as a professor too! That and in my active days dueling before I retired, I used to look at the design looking for the ones that could help with aiming, as there are some Wands that can help you a tiny bit with aiming, one thing for sure is light on wands it’s an obstacle hehehe, but after I retired dueling, it stayed as a hobby.”

Four new wand appearances are currently available online, which are part of the Frostbitten Winter Store Release. Three of these are seasonal-only and will disappear on January 1st. Additionally, the release of the Winter Waltz in Brazil event brought back some old wand appearances that are available to collect until January 8th.

Is there an event where you missed the chance at getting the wand appearance that you really wanted?
“Oh! Yas, there’s actually an event wand I don’t have and that’s the LGBT wand appearance, I was making a college project and couldn’t attend the event to get it”

Do you have any tips for those starting their wand collections?
“Yes! First of all, never give up, you can do it, you just need to be patient and be consistent and constant with what you do, another tip is that you can start with the Wands you like the most. And when you get to the ones you don’t prefer it’s fine, think about it that someday you won’t have to worry AT ALL for wands nor to pick for different occasions.”

If you could create one wand for the store, what would you create and why? What about future events?
“Oh my god! I love that question, so I’ve always wanted to have a wand appearance to not look exactly like a wand or staff, but more like an item you know, I’ve been wanting a kind of sword-ish style for a wand appearance.”

I look forward to seeing CleckShock’s collection grow, and wish him the best of luck on all of his endeavors. I’d like to thank him for his time for responding to the questions, and for his hard work as a Professor and Arithmancer. I highly encourage you to begin your own collection of wands! One day, you might have the same amount as CleckShock or even more! This has been Ivy_Bell reporting for the Daily Diviner.

Do you know anyone on the server that stands out (cool housing, a museum, active in RP, do something cool outside of PW, etc.)? Nominate them here for a chance to be our next Student Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
New Year, New Goals
Written by ohKeira
Edited by Calliequeen

Hello, and welcome back to this Daily Diviner Lifestyle Column! As most of us know, the new year is coming up fast and furious. With a new year comes new goals, and new opportunities for everyone, including the Hogsworth houses! Each house is unique in their own special ways; Ravens are widely known to be wise and studious, while Honeybadgers are kind and loyal. Serpents are well known to be cunning and ambitious, and Griffins, on the other hand, are known to be courageous and brave! With 2022 coming up, here are some goals each house can set!

To start off, we have Ravens. Raven students are studious and wise, and they tend to be the most attentive to detail than any other house. A few goals Ravens can set for themselves are to always remember to loosen up, and not stress too much over grades and other things. You need to take breaks! Furthermore, you are not a robot, and everyone makes mistakes. Learning how to forgive yourself is one of the biggest things in life. Don’t isolate yourself in your studies. Friends are there to help and support you, shutting them out won’t do you any good!

Next up, we have Griffins! Griffins are extremely brave and courageous. They are never afraid to take risks and are super loyal and trustworthy. They are also very self-confident and able to stand up for themselves. Some goals that they can set are to always remember to think before you act! Make sure you know the plan, what you are doing, and always plan ahead. Another goal they can set is to be more open with your emotions! You are important too, make sure not to overwork yourself and don’t be scared to talk to people about what goes on with you too.

Then, we have Honeybadgers! These students are very kind and loyal. Honeybadgers are super social and value friendships and relationships; they will always have your back. Some goals they can set for themselves are to work on standing up for themselves. Don’t listen to what other people are saying, and just be you. Remember that you are important too! You don’t need to rely on others to do things for you. You are super valid and capable of anything you set your mind to!

Last, but definitely not least, we have Serpents! Serpents are known to be out-going and ambitious! They are very goal-oriented, self-confident, and resourceful people. A few goals that Serpents can set for the new year are to check in on your friends too! While making sure you are ok, you need to check in on all of your friends and family members too for an equal balance. Another goal they can set is remembering to stay out of trouble! Think twice before getting yourself into risky situations.

A new year is always a chance to start fresh, and sometimes that is just what you need! Each and every house, as well as person is unique in your own way, make sure to embrace it. This is Keira, signing off!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Seasonal Wizarding Treats
Written by bea_5OOOO
Edited by snotflower

Hello readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! As many of you are already aware, the wizarding world has many of its own magical treats. So, with winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to mix them up with some seasonal twists. If you’re unsure about where to start, no need to fret; today I will be showing you a few ways to add in some of these fantastic twists!

Kettle Cakes & Gingerbread
The first wizarding treat with a winter-themed twist that I have for you today is Kettle Cakes with the addition of gingerbread. One way gingerbread can be added into Kettle Cakes is by mixing it into the batter throughout the baking process in order to spread it throughout the cakes. Another way you could add gingerbread is by crushing it up and sprinkling it over the Kettle Cake once it’s done; this keeps the recipe fairly similar but allows you to enjoy the gingerbread twist. This combination allows you to enjoy both the delicious Kettle Cakes, but with the added flavouring from the gingerbread, giving it that tasty extra kick to it.

Choco Hops & Peppermint
Another combination you could try is Choco Hops and peppermint! Peppermint can be added into the recipe through multiple ways. One way is to crush the peppermint into pieces and sprinkle them on top of the Choco Hop. Another way is to take peppermint extract and mix it in, to add in the peppermint taste, but keep the rest of the Choco Hop recipe relatively similar to the regular ones. One final way you could add peppermint is through melting the peppermint and adding it in as a centre to the Choco Hop. This is an enjoyable pairing due to its mix of a chocolatey yet minty flavouring that you and your friends will definitely enjoy!

Pumpkin Pasties & Caramel
The final mix I have for you today is Pumpkin Pasties and caramel! The first way you can add caramel to Pumpkin Pasties is by melting the caramel and then drizzling it over the Pasties, letting it harden afterwards. The other way caramel can be added is by mixing it in with the pumpkin on the inside of the pastry, allowing the caramel to act more like it’s part of the pumpkin on the inside, instead of just a drizzle. Either way, this is a wonderful combination that you’re sure to love due to the way the flavours combine with each other.

Other Ingredient Options
Peppermint, caramel and gingerbread are not the only seasonal ingredients at your disposal. There are many other flavours you could try out among a multitude of different wizarding treats. For example, in Kettle Cakes, instead of gingerbread, perhaps you could try adding white chocolate or even some bits of sugar cookie! Another fun seasonal flavour that would be tasty added in the treat of your choice is eggnog. Overall, the possibilities for combinations are endless!

These are just a few combinations I believe you would enjoy! As I previously stated, there are tons of possibilities for seasonal and wizarding treats. I encourage you to try some of these out or even come up with some of your own. Like always, thank you for stopping by the Daily Diviner, and I hope you have a fantastic start to your week!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
Let It Snow!
Original Works
Written by kvmw
Edited by bluecherub

“You can’t be serious.”

“What? It’s a great idea.”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, peering up at Beverly over the rim of her glasses. “You want us to fly out to a cabin in the middle of a forest, where a snowstorm will be in three days, so we can reenact Frank Sinatra’s Let It Snow?”

“You forgot the popcorn. And the part where I go out into the storm after you kiss me.”

“Of course, how could I?” Rolling her eyes, Elizabeth put aside the book she had been attempting to read and crisscrossed her legs, studying her girlfriend. “You’re serious about this, aren’t you?”

“Yup,” Beverly said, popping the ‘p.’ “Look, worst-case scenario, we Appareo out of there.”

“Doesn’t that kinda ruin the point?”

It was Beverly’s turn to look sardonic. “I thought you didn’t care?”

Elizabeth could only sigh. “Fine. But after we come back, you’re getting me three weeks’ worth of peppermint Cauldron Cakes.”

A wide, slightly-crazed grin spread across her face. “I love you, Lizzy.”

“Love you too, Bev.”

. . .​

Snow spun around in flurries, blanketing all signs of life, and darkness thicker than pitch surrounded the cabin. Despite this, the two women cuddling inside were comfortable—the fire was roaring in the hearth, the room full of the buttery scent of popcorn, and under their pile of blankets, it was pleasantly warm.

A nudge woke Elizabeth from her half-asleep state. “What is it, Bev?”

“I still need to walk out into the storm.”

“But it’s so comfortable,” Elizabeth complained, pulling the blankets closer to her.

“Come on, just a little goodnight peck? I’ll be back in a few seconds, promise.”

Peeping one eye open, Elizabeth grabbed Beverly by the face and planted a kiss against her girlfriend’s cheek. “Go,” she grouched. “Come back and get under the covers again.”

“Yes, Mom,” Beverly said, rolling her eyes and gently removing the blankets from her half of the couch. After a few moments of bustling around, tucking layers over her pajamas, she waved to Elizabeth, who barely managed to raise her hand in goodbye before a harsh gust of wind from the opened door chased it back under the covers.

For a while, she lay there, sleepy and comfortable, her mind addled by the warmth of the fire. It was only when she rolled over to intrude on her girlfriend’s side of the couch that she realized that there was no one there.

“Bev?” she called, not concerned. Perhaps she was popping more popcorn? She had a vague memory of hearing a popping sound a few minutes ago.

However, when no one responded, she sat up, looking around the cabin for any sign of Beverly.

There was nothing.

“Beverly?” she said, rising up from under the blankets and pacing around the room. “This isn’t funny.”

No reply.

Panic bubbled up within her, their last interaction racing through her mind with frightening clarity. What if Elizabeth’s final moment with her girlfriend was an insincere kiss? It would haunt her for the rest of her life if something happened to Beverly.

Throwing on the nearest coat and sliding into her boots, she tucked on one glove as she opened the door, the cold immediately seeping down into her bones despite all the layers. Pulling the other one haphazardly on, she trudged out into the snow, each call of her girlfriend’s name creating puffs of condensation that were soon scattered by the wind. Elizabeth searched around the forest, finally stopping when she realized going any further would be potentially life-threatening.

She scanned the forest one last time, hoping for a sign of Beverly but finding none, and returned to the cabin, determined to Appareo back to London as soon she’d packed their things. She’d check their apartment before filing a missing person’s report with the Unmagical police—yes, she was that desperate—but if that didn’t work—


Beverly Knight, with her perfectly normal shade of olive skin, dark brown eyes twinkling with mischief and (not blue!) lips quirked in a smirk, asked, “Miss me?”

Without thinking, Elizabeth strode forward and punched her, hard, in the arm. “Where were you? I was looking for you—I was so worried—”

“Hiding. In the closet.”

Elizabeth heaved a dry sob, mumbling, “I hate you,” before kissing her girlfriend with all the force she could muster.

They separated a few seconds later, both of them breathless. Beverly grinned. “That was better than your last one.”

“Shut up.”

“Make me.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, but she was smiling as she leaned in.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician
New Year’s Surprise
Original Works
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by Calliequeen


“Hey, watch out!”

“Um, aren't we meant to be quiet?”

“Henry’s right, James. Shush!”

“Tristen, aren’t you supposed to be leading us to this mysterious location before we get caught?”

“I didn’t expect it to be this dark!”

“Well, why don’t we just… lumen!”

The boys were startled as light sprung out of Henry’s wand. Tristen glanced over to James to find him frozen, suspiciously looking like he was getting ready to stomp on his foot.

Rolling his eyes, Tristen glanced around. “Aha!” he exclaimed as he spotted a door. “This is exactly where we’re meant to be.”

James raised an eyebrow. “Which is?”

“Welcome,” Tristen said as he swung open the door, “to the Hogsworth roof!”

“Um, cool?” Henry muttered.

“What are we doing here?”

Tristen shook his head and led them over to a spot to sit down. “You’ll see. For now, I want to talk about us. Our friendship.”

James gasped as if a thought sparked the moment Tristen spoke. “Remember when we first met you, Henry?” He giggled. “How- how we thought we were being all sneaky?”

Henry rolled his eyes. “And how I nearly crashed into you because I thought you guys were Griffins trying to sabotage me?”

“You did crash,” Tristen reminded him with a smile. It was nice hearing his friends reminiscing.

“I really thought Professor Kieran was going to kill us,” James groaned. “His glare almost did! I thought I was going to die of boredom when he assigned us to take care of you every day.”

Tristen scoffed. “He made us check in on him every day. Plus, we wouldn’t have become friends without it.”

“I’m happy,” Henry whispered. “I’m happy that we’re friends.”

The boys fell into a comfortable silence. They gazed up at the night sky, with all of the stars twinkling away. Yet, Tristen wanted to break the quiet.

“You know, with it being New Year’s Eve, I gotta ask.” His friends turned to him. “Being Unmagicalborn, I’m not usually here for the holidays and… I always wondered what Truebloods did tonight.”

James’s eyes lit up. “My family always has a huge feast to celebrate the new year!” He grinned excitedly. “Every year there seems to be more people and more food.” He sighed longly. “It sucks not being there this year, but I’d rather be with you guys.”

Henry fiddled his thumbs. “My family is always busy after Christmas is over, which is why I’m at Hogsworth.” He went quiet for a second. “I do like putting up a new calendar..”

“For Unmagicals,” Tristen started slowly, “we celebrate the new year with huge celebrations across the world. Food, parties, fireworks… We do it all.”

Tristen smiled sadly. “I used to celebrate with my family, but after I was admitted to Hogsworth…” He trailed off. “They didn’t like that I was a wizard and grew distant. One of my favorite things when I was younger was to make a New Year’s wish. I’d always wish to go to an amusement park with my family.”

“Oh, oh! I want to make a New Year's wish!” James exclaimed. “I wish that the holiday feast could come sooner! I’m sooo hungry and I want the pudding they always serve.” Tristen grinned. Not really a traditional wish, but he didn’t have the heart to tell him that.

“I wish that I’ll get art supplies for my birthday,” Henry piped up. “I really like art class this year. It’d be nice.”

“What’s your wish, Tristen?”

Tristen was stunned. He realized he hadn’t thought about it. Yet the answer was clear. “I want to share more of my life with you guys. The wizarding world is exciting, but outside of Hogsworth… I want us to be connected there, too.”

Tristen suddenly remembered his surprise. He glanced down at his watch, his heart missing a beat. It was a minute until midnight! Hurriedly, he linked arms with his friends and pulled them close. His friends seemed to realize that it was long overdue, too.

“Um, Tristen-”

“What exactly are we doing up here?”


The boys were unable to reply before the sky lit up. Colors lit up the night sky. Sparkling and shining as they whizzed up before they burst. The three friends went quiet as they filled the air. Sadly, it seemed to be over as soon as it started.

When the last firework went off, Henry looked over at his friends. To his shock, their mouths were hanging wide open. He started to panic. “I’m sorry if you didn’t like it!” he rushed out. “It was short, and super last minute, and I had reached out to Professor Beau - you know he’s Unmagicalborn? - and he had agreed to help set it up and-”


“Shut up,” James interrupted. “That was amazing.”

Tristen stumbled to a stop. “R-really?”

“Of course! It was a bit weird-”

“Different,” Henry corrected, “but we really enjoyed it.”

Seemingly at the same time, his two friends reached out and linked arms with him once again.

James smiled. “I think I’m even more excited to learn about your Unmagical life, Tristen.”

“Do you think we could see more fireworks another time?” Henry asked, his face beaming.

Tristen grinned and sank into their comfort. Yeah, this new year was going to be great.
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