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The Daily Diviner - Issue 69

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Student Spotlight



The Ballad of Wightwaye
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by Calliequeen

Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to the Feature column of Daily Diviner! As you may have read in our previous editions, each town in our world is unique in its own special way, with deep-rooted histories and legends floating around Potterworld. In the past, we have discussed many picturesque and fascinating towns such as Hogsend, London, Suthedge, Griffin’s Hollow, and Ireland! One of my personal favourite town legends comes from the town of Kilkenny, Ireland, where primordial remnants remain. No one knows where the castle ruins came from, but the townsfolk theorize that it was built either during the time of King Arthur or the Tuatha dé Danann. Many of the towns we have discussed in the past are quite populated and lively, but there is a most intriguing myth whose origins come from a town that is often overlooked – Wightwaye.

Many of you may know of Wightwaye from your first few years as a Hogsworth student; however, since none of its townsfolk were seeking help or offering quests, you probably didn’t give it a second thought as you travelled through it. Wightwaye looks as if it was planted in the middle of nowhere, half in the woods and half in the open flatlands. I would like to inform you that this town’s history is not as plain as its topography would suggest.

It was founded by a woman named Cecilia Wightwaye. She ran away from home to make a better life for herself. She settled in the area and hired Edgebrook architects to create various houses in the town so that families could settle in. Disastrously, as the town's population flourished, a harsh winter storm hit hard. This storm drove Cecilia and her townspeople underground, in a shelter. They were forced to endure in this shelter until their food and resources perished. It seemed like the snowstorm would never cease.

One day, as Cecelia was out scavenging, the blizzard had become so harsh that the entrance to the underground shelter had been covered by snow. Panicked, she started digging around the area, even going so far as to use her bare hands until her fingers started to fall off. In her last dying act, she cast a powerful spell to remove all the snow from the area in a half-sob, half-wail before collapsing on the ground. Her efforts succeeded in freeing her people, but at the cost of her life.

There are other legends that pervade the town, such as the ballad of the Wailing Maiden. The ballad of the Wailing Maiden is a tune that has been sung more often as of late due to certain sounds the townsfolk have been hearing at night. Some mothers say it’s the ghost of Cecilia, in order to frighten the children from going to explore the sounds. Others say it's the Wailing Maiden from a long passed down tune. Either way, the rumour has spread all the way to the Daily Diviner Headquarters in London. I hear they are offering a hefty reward to those who find out who- or what- this "Wailing Maiden" may be. Legend says one of the first clues lies at the Wightwaye statue.

If you wish to find out for yourself, whether to satisfy your own curiosities or even for this rumoured reward, I wish you luck as few have the stomach to try. Stay brave, and may fortune smile upon you! In the meantime, have a magical day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

We Have Updates, Gamers
Written by x_Ivy
Edited by Calliequeen

Hello lovely readers and welcome back to the Editorial column of the Daily Diviner! The staff here on Potterworld have been working hard to make this server the best it can be. With thrilling content and captivating releases, Potterworld is bursting with excitement! Let's delve deeper into two of the latest updates we saw recently.

Everyone tame your wild side because the first release we'll be discussing is the Woodland Store Release! The Woodland store release hit Potterworld on August 1, giving you eight new store items to pick from. Included in this release, we were lucky enough to see a woodland wand, flame wand effects, camping emotes, a pet bear cub, a pet fox, a fireflies hat, a woodland bundle, and lastly, a bonfire bundle. This release is a perfect way to transition into the fall and Autumn season. My favorite is the fireflies hat because it comes with a jar of fireflies warp key!

The next thing I want to discuss with everyone is the brand new Guardian Update. The Guardian Update was released on August 6, bringing us some adorable new pets for people to check out. To check out your guardian pet, all you have to do is /pets. There will be an option for the guardian pet. If you're unsure of what a guardian is, swing by the Headmaster’s office and complete the Guardian Challenge. Once completed, you'll obtain the spell Animus Exto, which allows you to summon a guardian!

Alright, lovely readers. That is all that I have for you at this time. I hope you check out these new updates and let us know how you like them. I love the unique guardian pet. This has been x_Ivy reporting for the Daily Diviner.


The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Community-oriented Hacim4
Student Spotlight
Written by Silquer
Edited by Calliequeen

Hello, magical readers, and welcome to the Student Spotlight column! Potterworld is made up of a wonderful community of players. From our duelists to our casual players, they're the ones who rule the server. Who knows this server better than our Student Spotlight for this issue, Hacim4? Hacim4 has been playing Potterworld for two years now and has a passion for the server and its community. Here’s a look into their time on Potterworld!

What initially drew you to Potterworld? And what keeps you coming back? Why?
My older brother told me about it. What keeps me coming back, is mostly the people, they are all super nice! If I need something all I have to do is ask and they love to help me! And now that I've been level 80 for awhile, I have started to help others more consistently than when I was leveling.
Do you have any goals for yourself on Potterworld? If so, what are they?
Some people may think that the magic of Potterworld ends when you hit level 80... That couldn't be more wrong! Yes, the quests are a blast and getting lots of gold is fun, but the real magic of Potterworld is in the people!
What does a normal day for you on Potterworld look like?
Log on, /vote, say hi to everyone and ask how their day has been. Then I just do what I feel like. It most of the time ends up with me talking to my friends and maybe attending a class. Then once I have to go, I say goodbye and wish everyone a good rest of their day :D
Do you have a favorite activity to do on Potterworld? What is it? Why is it your favorite?
Gauntlet is one of them. I love it because it is a challenge and I think that it really helps with my accuracy! It's a great way to make gold, and sometimes get a great gear piece! But my all time favorite has to be events! They just bring a boost of fun and conversation to the server and revive dead chat! I almost never see chat dead when there is an event going on!
What is your favorite location on the map? Why is it your favorite?
I love London. There are so many shops to explore! Once I just took an hour to go into every shop in London, it was so fun! But in my book, nothing can beat good old Hogsworth! So big and so much to see!
If you could recommend one thing about Potterworld that you think everyone else should try at least once, what is it and why should they try it?
GAUNTLET! It is so fun and you have to try it at least once! I know that that excludes none graduates so for them I would say ANY event. It doesn't matter which one, they are all so amazing!
Do you have anything else to add?
I strongly recommend Potterworld to anyone and everyone!
That’s all from Hacim4! We'd love to express a huge thanks to them for sharing their exciting experiences and opinions. It's always such a thrill to hear from an active member of the community. If you’d like a chance to be featured in a future Student Spotlight article, please fill out the form below, and have a lovely rest of your day!

Do you want to be featured in a future Student Spotlight article? Fill out our form here for a chance to be our next Student Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

A Hogsworth Refresher
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by snotflower

Hello students, and welcome back to another fantastic year at Hogsworth! While I’m sure everyone has been dying to return to school and continue their studies, this summer was a long one! With the Pride Festival in Iris Cove and strange magic occurring with our Guardians, there’s been a lot on everyone’s plates in the past two months. That’s not even to mention the Butterbrew Festival that recently began in Hogsend, which I’m sure has a few students’ attention!

During my years at Hogsworth, going back home every summer meant my memory of the castle slowly trickled away with each passing day. This year, you do not need to struggle! Today I have gathered a list of must-sees scattered around campus presented in riddle format. Not only will this get your brain working fresh into the school year, but you’ll be reminded of where everything is! Even if this is your first year entering Hogsworth, this guide will help you get to know the castle. So let’s jump into it, shall we?
  1. This location is one you cannot miss out on. Paired with an unforgettable experience, this is an essential start to every young student’s journey at Hogsworth. Some faiths may be determined within one second, while others may take multiple minutes. It’s important to remember where we started.

  2. It’s easy to miss, even if you pass by it three times daily! While it may seem to loom over you and can be daunting whenever you see it, its message is clear: this is the wizard you can become.

  3. Jeremiah seems forgetful, but other students have no need to fear! This bulletin board has every piece of information you’ll constantly be forgetting. Don’t rely on it too long – a professor might just catch you slacking off!

  4. Even if you’re not a Honeybadger passing by, every student knows this location by heart. The coloured fruits on the wall are easy to spot, but don’t forget to say hello to the ones who make it all!

  5. A first year’s nightmare is filled with stairs. Moving and groaning as they flip between walls, you must understand why. Though it seems they never seem to pick one particular spot; what’s so infamous about this one doorway?

  6. There’s not much magic to use in this room, but the joy of being in this classroom makes the class feel more like a break than a chore. Let your creativity flow from within to the white in front of you as you try to forget the several-page essay you were assigned to write.

  7. Studying gets easier as the year goes on. Poring over textbooks late into the night becomes a habit that no student can ignore. This class doesn’t let you sleep, and honestly, you might get dizzy just by sitting down in the room.

  8. A magical lock seems like no issue, right? When something’s out in the open, you’re allowed to try to get inside… but stay away. The secrets behind those doors aren’t meant for the unprepared.

  9. This class may always have the sweetest teachers, but once you’re out of their room, you’re always on your own. The greenhouses are hard enough to navigate, and getting to your next class seems impossible once you’re back in the halls.

  10. Soon it’ll be too crisp to spend time outside, but you’ll find this is the perfect place to take a break. While the wooden bridge seems to creak far too much to be safe, the water brings a sense of zen.
With that, I hope you all catch up on everything on campus! It may seem embarrassing in the moment, but you won’t regret asking a Prefect for help if you get lost. Remember to have a fantastic school year; I’ll see you all in the next issue!

1. Sorting hat
2. Golden duelling statue
3. Schedule in the Great Hall corridor
4. Kitchen house-elf
5. Floating seventh-floor doorway
6. Art classroom
7. Runes classroom
8. Library forbidden section
9. Herbology classroom
10. Fountain beside the central wooden bridge

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Back to School!
Written by ohKeira
Edited by Compost__King

Hello readers, or should I say, students! With fall on the horizon, it means that something is coming up. No, not Halloween, but the start of the school year! Many people dread school, especially as they get older and closer to college. It can feel like a chore to go and sit in a classroom for seven hours without any breaks for your brain to relax, but here are a few ways that you can make school less of a hassle to do!

As unimportant as it may seem, your morning routine affects your work mindset, attitude, and ability to function. It might sound silly, but a good breakfast can be a make or break part of the day. It provides nutrients for your body to function, and increases your energy and alertness. A few easy things I like to have in the mornings are muffins, smoothies, or avocado toast, though of course even a bowl of cereal works just as well. Another thing I like to do is listen to music! While eating breakfast or getting ready in the morning, you can put on a playlist you enjoy and jam out! It can help boost your energy, and just getting to unwind before a long day can be super refreshing. My last piece of advice is to prepare your bag beforehand. Doing this includes homework, making lunch, and setting your alarm. It can help with the extra stress you may feel in the morning when rushing to get up, and ensure you go into the day with a positive attitude!

With a good morning routine, the school day can feel much smoother. Even with a great morning, you could still have an off day. The best thing you can do is talk to a trusted adult about it or the teacher of the class you are struggling in. I know it can be difficult depending on the teacher, but after telling someone about your situation, you can find the best way to work. You can also try motivating yourself with things for after school! Maybe you treat yourself to a shopping trip or hang out with some friends for a bit, but even something this small can help you get through the day. There is also the option of joining a club or an after school sport! It is not only a great way to meet new people with very similar interests, but also to try something new. It could be anything from a sport you’ve wanted to play or a musical you want to act in. My only suggestion for this would be to not rush into a club or sports team! If you do decide to commit to one of these, make sure not overwhelm yourself.

Even though school can feel exhausting, there are plenty of ways to make it easier and more fun. Remember to not put extra pressure on yourself towards the beginning of the year, as you may not be as sharp with your skills or energy. I hope everyone has a great first day back, and this is Keira, signing off!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Town Tours: Haggleton
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by Compost__King

Greetings, readers, and welcome to this week’s town review. This past week, I visited Haggleton.

Haggleton is hidden away in the Deep Forest. I didn’t dare travel by foot; I had visited enough in my schooling days to know I get easily lost in the looming trees. It’s expensive to use the fire dust network from London to Haggleton, but I did so anyway. I was not expecting the squashed hut that I arrived in.

Haggleton is, quite blatantly, abandoned and depressing. If I took the wrong step, my foot would partially sink into the sponge-like ground. Cobwebs adorn the other buildings, and I was horrified to spot a lone outhouse.

I was told someone would be there to greet me when I arrived, but the only resident, a half-giant, seemed shocked when he saw me. He had no idea I was coming, but he sat down with me anyway and started talking. I doubt anyone could find a book with as much history as this wizard had in his mind.

Haggleton’s history starts in 1967, when allegiance tension was at its peak, so much that the Ministry of Magicians was involved. There were constant raids between every group, and the Dark Followers were losing numbers by the day. They went to Ireland, hoping to ambush them and bring back their reputation.

The Dark Followers fled with their bounty, but things turned to chaos when they realised they were being trailed. After losing over half of their stolen goods, over 100 Dark Followers fled from Ireland. The citizens of Ireland chased them through the Deep Forest with intentions of revenge.

The formerly powerful crusade shrunk down to a mere twenty. The meek survivors founded Haggleton.

In 1992, veterans from the raid found the town after years of searching. While the citizens were out foraging, they found old Dark Follower cloaks. The Irelanders set up camp nearby to finally take revenge. However, frequent raids, repairs, and dwindling resources killed off both sides.

After he unceremoniously finished, he instructed me to check out the allegiance camps scattered around the forest, as they have living residents.

I bashfully told him I was horrid with directions. Luckily, he had a few maps he had developed over the years. The Auralocks, Magizoologists, and the Dark Followers had camps marked on the handmade paper. Reluctantly, I started my short hike to the Magizoologist camp.

Tall white tents and wooden walls greeted me, striking me as more of an outpost than a camp. It was founded to save nearby magical creatures and brought Magizoologists worldwide to help. They focus on taking care of animals hurt by the Auralocks and Dark Followers’ battles.

Rachelle Caudoir is distressed over the local hippogriffs getting caught in the allegiances’ crossfires. She was pretty welcoming beforehand but soon rushed me out once I said I couldn’t stop to help with her injured hippogriff. If any witch or wizard can visit and help out, I encourage you to. I thanked her before being rushed out.

I had to stop to rest for the night while travelling to the Phoenix camp. Being already set on making my life miserable, the Deep Forest didn’t let me have a restful night. I was awoken in the middle of the night, and I found myself staring at a centaur.

As we were walking, Akeros told me more about the centaurs. The Auralocks had reached out to them, offering support, but everyone, except Akeros, had ignored it. He was insistent on asking for assistance to persuade the herd. If anyone can find them, Akeros would be grateful for the help.

By the time I was escorted to the edge of the territory, the sun was lightening up the forest. Leaving Akeros behind, I carried on. The ground became muddy before I knew it and my shoes were soaked.

I needed to cross a river to get to the Phoenix’s camp, and I heard water up ahead. A moment later, boglogs blocked my path, and I knew they were looking for blood. I glanced down at my map and saw a warning I hadn’t seen before. My heart went to my throat, but I was close to the camp. Without a second thought, I began sprinting.

I was relieved when I entered the meadow, finding myself in a large clearing with spread-out tents. Akeros had mentioned previous groups had abused the land, so I was excited to talk with their leader, Rena Ardere.

Once Ms Ardere figured out who I was, she had no interest in me. If I was there to promote their cause, I could stay. After seeing the look on her face, I took my cue to leave.

Haggleton is a good stop if you’re a history geek, but there’s no other reason you’d be visiting, let alone adventuring into the Deep Forest. I urge readers not to venture in as you might find trouble.

I wouldn’t dare to try to find the Auralocks or the Dark Followers, but they’re out there. With the proven accuracy of the map, they must be. The Deep Forest is not one to reckon with. This review should satisfy you and keep you from visiting. Please keep safe.

This has been Ozzie reporting for the Daily Diviner.

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