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The Daily Diviner - Issue 80

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Server Spotlight


Original Works


February Giveaway Results And Beyond
Written by Silquer
Edited by Calliequeen
Graphic and render by: heyitslena and Prin_ce

Hello dear readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! The Valentine’s event is in full swing now, and players can finally explore the candy board game of their dreams. Amidst the Valentine’s event was the WizNetworker’s Valentine’s 2023 Giveaway specifically themed around the Sweet Store Releases made by the Store team for Valentine’s day. The two winners of this giveaway were just announced on March 1st! Let’s take a look at this past giveaway and what’s in store for the future.

In case you aren’t aware, giveaways are hosted periodically by the WizNetworker team around some of the events organized on Potterworld. They usually last a few weeks, and the winner of the giveaway is given the choice of a themed Store item and both House Points and Potter Points. This month’s giveaway was themed around the Valentine’s event and asked participants to write a kind message to someone else. Players could enter through the forum post made on the PotterworldMC website by commenting on the post. In fact, even though the giveaway is closed, you can still see the post!

This time, two winners were chosen for the giveaway. They were rosiemary and Davologies! They each wrote about one of their friends and a special quality about them. These sweet notes stand out for their candid and kind nature and, in Daveologies’ casse, humor! Besides the winners, every comment on the giveaway was heartwarming to read. Each message contained some lovely quality about someone or appreciation for a friend. It’s always nice to see people showing each other their appreciation. Another congratulations to rosiemary, Davologies, and everyone else who participated!

Along with the announcement of the winners, the WizNetworkers separately announced March’s Art giveaway. This month’s artwork theme is flowers. As usual, the reward for this giveaway will be a small number of House Points and Potter Points. Submissions will be open until the end of the month. You can check out the website for more information if you are curious. I highly recommend entering the giveaway in the Potterworld Art Discord for a chance to win these prizes!

With that, I wish any future participants luck. If you’re interested in joining the WizNetworker team for yourself, Video WizNetworker applications are currently open! You can check out the application details on the PotterworldMC website. Have a lovely time participating in the giveaway!



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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Windows_Dog Philanthropy
Written by autumnngrace
Edited by littledead

Hello, beautiful wizards of Potterworld! In this edition’s Editorial article, I’m bringing you a dazzling interview with the one and only Windows_Dog. Since the beginning of the year, Windows has been holding giveaways that anyone can enter! So far the prize for winning each giveaway has been gold. Windows has been an incredible asset to the Potterworld community, and I hope this brings you some useful insight into the giveaways.

Why did you start hosting these giveaways?
I came to realize the position I was in along with the mind-set of giving back to the community that I have grown to love. This community has always been homely and loving and I am grateful to be in such a community. At the end of last year, I wanted players to continue with their Potterworld life with help financially. The main point of Windows Philanthropy is to help the players who are unprivileged and those who seem unmotivated. I like to follow celebrities like, Mr Beast or Bill Gates, ideology and putting that in a Potterworld sense.

How much gold do you normally give away, and is it always the same amount?
The giveaway prize of gold right now is 10k, however I have plans to hopefully up the limit to 20k or have multiple people winning 10k gold. But yes right now it’s going to be the same amount.

Do you have plans in the future to start giving away things other than gold?
I do indeed have plans for giveaways other than gold, I am not going to say what. However, for the first couple of months, to get the giveaways started, I will be giving away gold. I feel gold is something that can aid players financially for their preferred uses. I am open to get more suggestions on what I can giveaway, feel free to message me either on Discord or mail me in-game.

What’s your goal with the giveaways?
The goal of the giveaway is to build the community together. I have many plans to include other Student Run Organisations to be partners for monthly giveaways, can be from skin commissions to renders or hopefully working with certain departments. I want the community to start having their own organizations/business for players to showcase their talents while making gold as an incentive.

When do the giveaways usually start and end?
The giveaway starts usually sometime within the first week of the month and ends around the last or penultimate day of the month.

As you can see, Windows is a significant member of the community, and I think I speak for many people when I say I’m glad he’s here with us. If you didn’t know about the giveaways, and you do now, it’s pretty simple to sign up for them! Windows occasionally sends out links in-game, and it brings you to the current giveaway forum post. From there, respond to the post with your IGN, and you’re entered.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Windows_Dog, and I can’t wait to see you next time! Thank you so much for reading.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Esteemed Writer and Artist Hopecute23
Server Spotlight
Written by MintyEagle
Edited by littledead
Graphic by: ChilliNessa

Greetings, magicians, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner’s Server Spotlight column, where we show off players or aspects of the server. In this edition, we shine our spotlight on Hopecute23, who is known for their determination when it comes to writing and drawing. Here’s what they had to say:

What initially drew you to Potterworld? And what keeps you coming back? Why?

Do you have any goals for yourself on Potterworld? If so, what are they?
Writing books in the server!

What is something you're known for on Potterworld? Or what is something you're proud of having accomplished on the server?
Getting good grades in the server!

What does a normal day for you on Potterworld look like?
Saying hi to others

Do you have a favorite activity to do on Potterworld? What is it? Why is it your favorite?
Writing books

What is your favorite location on the map? Why is it your favorite?
That’s hard to think of!

If you could recommend one thing about Potterworld that you think everyone else should try at least once, what is it and why should they try it?
Taking my time and writing something I love and doing a lot of activities of their hobby!

Do you have anything else to add?
I love this pw server!

Thank you, and congratulations to Hopecute23! Many exceptional people join the server every day, and we want to celebrate all achievements players have earned. If you have done or are working towards something spotlight-worthy, you should fill out the SS form below and we may feature you in a future article! Until then, thank you for reading the Daily Diviner, and have a spectacular day!

Do you want to be featured in a future Server Spotlight article? Fill out our form here for a chance to be in our next Server Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Most Well-known Candies in Honeysweets!
Written by whoohoo
Edited by snotflower

Hello dear readers of the Daily Diviner and welcome back to another issue! In today’s first Lifestyle article, I will be telling you about the well-known candies that are sold in Honeysweets. But before I can get into that, first I will tell you what Honeysweets is!

Honeysweets is a candy shop in Hogsend. Situated to the left of the main entrance, it’s impossible to miss! Over the years, the shop became very popular amongst Hogsworth students, especially during their visits to Hogsend.

The first candy I will be telling you about is Queasy Candy. The candy is in the shape of fudge and looks a lot like it. When you eat it, it gives the effect of being nauseous. Make sure not to eat it before mounting your broom, or you might find the ride ends in a crash!

Next up we have the Tongue Torcher candy. It has the shape of a small golden stick. When eaten it gives the effect of small flame particles going around the person. It doesn’t affect anything besides your tongue becoming very hot as if burning for a few seconds. Eating one of these can help you warm up from the cold of Hogsend winters!

Droobledore’s Dapper Chewing Gum is the next candy, which, as its name suggests, is practically just chewing gum. It is in the shape of a small purple ball and gives the effect of purple particles around the person eating it, which do not affect anything besides looking pretty. One fun activity with this candy is competing with friends to see who can blow the biggest bubble!

The fourth candy on today’s list is the Stunning Sweets. These multi-coloured candies give you the effect of freezing yourself in place and feeling like you are looking through binoculars for a few seconds. In my opinion, it is very funny to prank your friends with these if they don’t know about them!

Convulsing Confectionary is a candy that gives the person eating a blindness effect that turns into a small explosion around the person. This may sound dangerous, but luckily the explosion does not affect anything.

And the last candy we are talking about today is Bernie Bellie’s Multi-Flavoured Jellies. These jelly beans are very well-known, as one box is filled with jelly beans of all different flavours. Ranging from delicious to outright disgusting, it is never clear which flavour you have until you eat it!

That is all for this article! I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. I hope to see you all next time, and have a great day!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Just Your Average Inventory
Written by Silquer
Edited by snotflower

Hello dear readers, and welcome to the second Lifestyle article of this issue. As you traverse through the vast map of Potterworld, you may find yourself organizing your inventory fairly often. You are certainly not alone! In fact, the inventory is likely one of your greatest allies in your journey through Potterworld. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most useful and interesting items one might find in a student’s inventory. Perhaps some of these items will spark your interest and inspire your own inventory!

The first thing on many students’ minds is utility. The inventory is a great place to store tools and other necessities as students travel across Potteworld. The wand is easily a student’s greatest asset in their inventory! Wands contain a countless number of spells from the simple light charm Lumen to the defensive spell Protellum. Most students will organize their wand hotbar to suit their needs, sometimes creating different presets of spells to fit certain situations.

Alongside the wand is the broom, another handy tool necessary to navigate across the map. Brooms come in many different shapes, sizes, and speeds, so it is important for students to choose the broom that best fits their needs. The Quest Journal, used alongside brooms and wands, is extremely helpful in finding the next destination for one’s adventures. This is another necessity in one’s inventory. The final utility worthy of mention is the Magical Handbag, which contains a larger space inside than it first appears. Inside this handy bag is the perfect place to fit all of your random things!

However, utility items are not the only things one can store inside an inventory. There is still plenty of leftover space for some gadgets to bring fun into one’s journeys. A pair of dice is a great addition to your inventory. It’s handy for a random game of chance with friends or perhaps a spontaneous session of a tabletop roleplaying game. A Rememberball is another useful gadget to have on hand. If you’re ever curious about your active quests, the Rememberball is perfect for checking what you need to do next!

One of my favorite gadgets is the enchanted paper plane. This small piece of folded paper can fly across a great distance. You can pass it along to friends or throw it up and catch it yourself if bored. If you’re looking for something to pass the time with, a Quabbleball is another flying gadget to add to your inventory. You can use this at any time and play with friends, so it is definitely a worthwhile addition.

Finally, every student’s inventory holds a collection of random things stuffed into pockets and promptly forgotten. Chocolate frogs are a common commodity in inventories after the opening of Choco Hop Cards. The frogs once hopped around on two legs but have since gone still after being captured. Will you ever eat them? Who knows! Another common forgotten item in a student’s inventory is a copy of one of the Daily Diviner’s Special Edition newspapers. Although slightly random, no one can deny the usefulness of a few good reads buried in one’s inventory.

For older players, this next item is certainly true. A random assortment of food from way back when can often be found in a student’s inventory. How did it get there? No one knows, but no student is going to deny a convenient snack every once in a while. The final item in a student’s inventory is forgotten mail. We’ve all forgotten to mail things to friends or professors despite saying we would. The mailboxes are just so far away that it is impossible to send off every letter. At least it makes for an interesting trip down memory lane when you sort through your inventory!

That concludes our list of items. How many of these things are in your inventory? Are there any similarities or differences? I hope you will consider adding to your inventory after reading about some of the more common items. I wish you many happy adventures while picking up new things for your inventory collections!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Woken-up Friend
Original Works
Written by whoohoo
Edited by snotflower

A young girl, not older than the age of seven, is running around the living room, following the cat, as her mother tries to make sure she doesn’t harm herself.

“Raelyn! Be careful!” The little girl only slows down a little bit, too excited to fully stop. “Sweetie, your father is nearly home, can you go clean your room before he gets here?” Asteria, Raelyn’s mother, turns to her youngest child.

“Yes!” With that, the girl runs out of the living room, giggling as she goes up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom, swinging the door open happily.

However, she stops in her tracks when she notices an odd sight: her teddy bear is moving! The teddy bear does not seem to notice her, as it is focused on shaking the rabbit plush. “Bunny, wake up. It’s time to wake up.” The light-brown-colored bear is clearly confused as to why his friend hasn’t woken up yet.

“Bear?” Raelyn, being the curious child she is, lets the name of her teddy bear slip out of her mouth, confused as to how her teddy bear is alive, moving and talking to her other plushies. The bear turns around towards the girl, giving her a reassuring smile.

“Hello Raelyn, I am glad to see you.” He speaks calmly, trying not to scare the girl, which seems to work since she just excitedly walks up to him.

“You are alive!” Raelyn’s happy voice fills the room, making the bear chuckle at her.

“Yes, but do you know why I am?” At this, the girl shakes her head, now confused. “Because you have reached the age where your stuffed animals come alive! It happened to everyone in your family when they unlocked their powers. Your brother will be able to tell you more and also explain how to wake the rest of our friends.” Raelyn nods her head at the words and picks up the bear, running to her older brother’s room.

“Archer! Bear is alive!” She holds the bear up to her brother, who chuckles at the sight.

“Hello, Archer. Could you explain to Raelyn why her stuffed animals are alive?” Bear looks at the boy in front of him.

“Rae, now that your magic is strong enough, your stuffed animals are coming alive to guide you in making life choices,” Archer tells her. “It happens to everyone in our family. They will be your closest friend and will always be there to talk to you and help you, even when it comes to magic lessons.”

The words fill Raelyn’s ears, and she tries to understand them as much as she can. “Why are the others not awake?” she asks in confusion.

“We will have to wake them up, of course!” Archer smiles before picking his younger sister up, who beams brightly while holding her bear close. They reach her room, and Archer puts her down before walking over to her other stuffed animals.

“What do we do now?” Raelyn looks at her brother, filled with curiosity.

“You have to hold their hand and say you wish for them to wake up.”

Raelyn puts Bear down before walking over to Bunny, grabbing her hand slowly. “I wish for you to wake up, just like Bear.” Seconds later Bunny does. Raelyn quickly moves towards the next stuffed animal, and to the next, until they have all awoken.

Of course, the commotion alerts their mother, who comes to see what is happening. “Ah, so this is what I have been hearing?” She smiles before walking over to her daughter.

“Can I show dad when he is home?” Raelyn asks her mother, not sure if her father even knows of this.

“Of course, sweetie. I think he will be really excited to see that all your stuffed animals woke up.” With that, they hear the front door opening downstairs.

“I am home! Where are you all?” The voice of her father fills the house.

“We’re in Raelyn’s room, my love!” her mother calls back. Not even a few minutes later, her father steps inside the room. At first, he looks a bit confused about why they are all in there until he sees the stuffed animals looking at him, some even waving.

“Ah, that explains it. I am happy for you, little Raelyn. This calls for a celebration— let’s bake a cake and all dance together in the kitchen.” Her father grins, watching his daughter pick up as many stuffed animals as she can before leading them all down the stairs with Archer helping her. “She is going to do great.” The man kisses his wife’s cheek.

“She will.” His wife smiles as they watch their daughter help all her stuffed animals down the stairs.

“We should help.” The man chuckles.

“Yes, we should.” The wife lets out a laugh before moving to assist Raelyn and Archer, having fun doing so.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

It's in the Stars: Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by snotflower
Graphic, Render, and Skins by: Prin_ce, Chillinessa, and SalamiBaby123

Hello, readers. I am Seer Magnolia, and the stars have aligned to bring us together one final time. I have been gracing the Daily Diviner over the past two moons with astrology readings of each and every witch’s coming year. We end our journey and meet Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces in the stars.

The responsible Capricorns are born from December 22nd to January 19th.

A Capricorn witch will find herself leading the crowd and keeping those around her on time. With Saturn overwatching, her dependability is one you can count on. Even in times of hardship, Capricorns stay grounded and pragmatic. If you ever meet one of these witches, be sure to keep her by your side.

This year brings a lot of potential for these goats. This is a beautiful year for love, though be aware of the full moon and eclipse in October. As usual, expect to see plenty of career opportunities and enjoy the riches that come from them. Materials may not transfer over to the astral planes, but allow yourself to enjoy the moment.

Use your words and talents as Saturn advances into Pisces in the coming weeks. Others are not as capable as you are, and communication will strengthen the certainties of life. Pursuing your romantic endeavours in early May will be the best move, with Venus there to guide you through Cancer. There are chances for change throughout the year, and it may feel a bit hectic, but you’re a hard worker. Come to the end of your year, and you will be spoiled with rewards.

Your emotions are secondary to your nature, but you must keep them in mind. With the new moon in Pisces and the eclipse partnered with the full moon in October, be prepared for your foundations to tremble. Power is not the only thing that keeps you going.

Children born under the sky from January 20th to February 18th are intelligent Aquarius.

Aquarius takes the new year by storm. You’ll find these witches to be rebellious, spontaneous, and confident in their actions. With two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, nothing stands in their paths. Their aloof nature can be off-putting, but don’t let that discourage you. An Aquarius’s wit and perseverance make them a strong partner.

This year will be a breeze for you, Aquarius. If you want something, go get it. Your life, no matter the situation, will thrive from confidence. Money has never been an issue for you; this year won’t change that. If something upsets you, change it. There are no boundaries keeping you back.

As we near the end of this month, Mars will cause problems as he exits Gemini. Your love life will go for a spin; don’t be afraid to enjoy it! As Jupiter tumbles through Aries until mid-May, it’s perfect for shaking your life up a bit. Opportunities are there for you to grasp and are yours for the taking. Your tame nature causes miscommunication in your relationships, so when the new moon and eclipse appear in Libra this October, it’s a perfect time to heal them.

You may have noticed life has been a bit difficult this year. Do not fret; Saturn will soon leave Aquarius at the month's end. Luckily, you’ve had plenty of time to grow. And with Uranus in Taurus all year, growth is treasured. You’ll find your home life may be a bit shaken up, but you have the power to get through it.

Pisces, the rulers of the final house, are born from February 19th to March 20th.

Pisces witches are emotional as any other water sign but have awareness of others around them. They are compassionate and idealistic, making them the perfect people to have alongside you. As daydreamers, you’ll find their imagination and introspection ever expanding.

Pisces’ year is more pleasant than others this lightyear. Love will be slow and require work to sustain, but it will be rewarding in no describable way. Career advancements will be knocking at your door! The good fortune will spill over so graciously that your friends and family will feel the effects. Your finances may experience some hiccups, but a careful eye will be able to overcome any difficulties thrown your way.

Venus, the goddess of riches, will thrive in Taurus from mid-March to mid-April. This is a perfect time to save up your money and treat yourself in the future. She’ll continue sharing the benefits as she retrogrades in late July to early September. This’ll be the ideal time to let love rekindle.

Mercury retrogrades four times this year, in January, April, August, and December. No being is a stranger to these forces, so be prepared as you handle rough times with communication. Even Neptune joins in to ruin the fun as he starts retrograding at the end of June through the rest of the year. Keep your head up high, Pisces.

The stars have blessed us for their brief passing, but our stardust will once again intermingle. Feel free to send any mail by owl if you wish to communicate; I await your words. May the stars align for us to meet again in this lifetime.

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