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The Daily Diviner - Issue 88

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Server Spotlight


Potterworld 2023 Rewind - Halfway There
Written by chail3y
Edited by Littledead

Welcome back to the Daily Diviner! 2023 is half over, and it’s been a busy year already. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reflect on everything that has happened so far this year in each department!

Before we jump into specifics, let's talk about a few things the server itself has to celebrate! First of all, we celebrated Potterworlds 9th Anniversary on May 18th. Additionally, the server has seen many new players and staff! Since January, we have had 10,672 new players join Potterworld! We have also had 13,165 minigames played between all of the different types of minigames.

Minigames Statistics (Images 1 + 2)

Now, let’s dive into department specifics, starting with Media and Public Relations! Daily Diviner has released 12 regular issues (including this one) and 6 special editions. DD also removed the Student Spotlight column, and now we're doing Server Spotlight in replacement. WizNetworkers have posted 47 times and released 16 reels. Arithmancers have made over 300 graphics, about 100 renders, and about 200 skins. There have also been 7 giveaways held. Lastly, MamaDuckie became the Assistant to the Head of the department.

Next up, we have two Departments: Community Management and Build! The Store Team has released 8 new releases. Moderation has closed 1756 in-game tickets and about 75 website tickets. The Scribe Team has also written 30 pages for the Potterworld Wiki. The Build Team has built 86 builds already over just these 6 months!

Academics is up next with a total of 770 classes hosted between many different types! Academics also introduced a new herbology interactive class that will be frequently held. They also hosted several Magical Events classes around Potterworld’s 9th anniversary! Arena has hosted 125 challenges and 17 tournaments. Arena also introduced a few new challenge types. Lastly, Creme_De_Creme became the Assistant to Head of the department.

Dueling and Classes Statistics (Images 1, 2, +3)

Next is Technology and Development! They released Dev Blog in January 2023 highlighting goals for 2023. They are also actively hard at work on 1.16. They held the Quabbleball Beta Testing and worked with players to make improvements to the game and pave the way for the re-introduction of QB tournaments. Along with that, they introduced Quabbleball Practice to the main world. In May, they hosted Star Battle tournaments with Arena. Additionally, they introduced a new Party Games mode (Cauldron Dash - our most popular PG game mode!). Today, I have only highlighted a few of their updates and they made so many other exciting changes so be sure to give them a read here.

Last but not least is Game Design! Lore has written 109 writeups and worked on several interesting projects including the library, magical creatures, and medical magic. The Game Designer Team has released a lot of content in the past 6 months. There have been 5 events including A Sweet Turn of Events - Valentine's Event 2023, Cherry Blossom Festivals at Mahounoshiro - Spring Event 2023, 2023 May The Fourth Event, Celebrating Potterworld's 9th Anniversary, and Pride at Portovenere - Pride Event 2023. There have also been 4 gameplay updates and 1 expansion. The expansion introduced the brand-new town of Woodshire to our world! They also released a Game Design blog in April discussing the general trajectory of the team. Lastly, they released the first adventure titled “Legends of Longbay”.

That brings us to right now in June. We are only halfway through the year and so much has already happened. This year has been awesome so far, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Potterworld for the rest of 2023. This was chail3y reporting for the Daily Diviner, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this issue!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Reviewing the Pride Event

Written by whoohoo
Edited by snotflower

Hello, readers of the Daily Diviner, and welcome back to another issue! In today’s Editorial, I will be reviewing this year’s Pride Event, called Pride at Portovenere! I will be talking about where the event takes place, the quests, rewards and more!

We’ll start with the event itself. This year we are in a lovely town called Portovenere. It is based on the town from the Disney movie called Luca. During this year's Pride Event you can help people around the town and complete exciting activities!

First, there is the main quest, where you help the Portovenere City Council prepare for the Pride festival. Throughout the quest, you are introduced to the beautiful town and its residents. You get to decorate a flower arch, set up a fireworks display, and more! My favorite part of the quest is definitely decorating the flower arch because you can also take pictures with your friends!

This year you can obtain rewards by unlocking tiers. There are five tiers, and each one has rewards you can buy with Pride Tokens. To unlock the tiers you must gain certain amounts of Order Tokens by completing orders from the order board. This was my favourite aspect of the event! Each of the order items are unique and have their own recipe, which makes them special. You can also access workshops to make the order items. Depending on the item, you need a variety of resources that you can obtain by killing event mobs, harvesting, growing, and more.

The tier awards are exclusive rewards. There are collectable rewards you can buy once you have made each item from each of the four workshops at least once. You can buy heads and banners from the other different market stalls. There are also pride flags for a variety of different sexualities! My personal favourite reward and collectable is the new Pride Dragon Plushie. It is super adorable and definitely worth having!

Besides the workshops, there is the minigame NPC, and the Vixen Van Gogh minigame is back this year too! As stated before, there are activities to do all around the event. For example, you could make Pride flags at the market stall with Gaia Bianco. To craft the flags, you have to collect certain colours and amounts of wool for this, which are hidden all around the event. I thought this was a lot of fun!

In my opinion, the build is very well done, and it is so much fun to explore. It is well-made, and there are a lot of details, like alleyways and decorations. Each building and workshop is unique, all having different colours and interiors. The town is built on an uneven hill, which gives it a lot of personality. There are flags and banners all around the streets and side of the buildings. Finally, there was an adorable little park with swings that I absolutely love!

That was this issue’s Editorial article! Thank you all so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

MoM: The Center for All Things Magic!
Server Spotlight

Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by Calliequeen
Hello lovely readers and welcome to the Server Spotlight column! Have you ever been to or seen people mention the MoM? And no, it's not a strange spelling of mother. It stands for Ministry of Magicians! What you can do there has changed throughout Potterworld’s history. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and get to know its history, how to get to this easter egg, and gain an understanding of the places to visit within!

There are multiple floors and departments within the Ministry of Magicians. You can reach these by using the elevator system in the Atrium. Unfortunately, some of these elevators are no longer accessible, but you can still see what they were used for. For example, before the Revelius update, the department of Leisures and Games was accessible to all. Here, people could travel to access the various minigames in one centralized area! After the Revelius update, there are only a handful of elevators that are still open, but each of them still provides a unique experience within!

In order to get to the Ministry of Magicians, you can utilize one of four options: the Gentleman’s restroom outside of the King’s Cross Train Station, a telephone booth in London, the Fire Dust Network, or even the Knight Shuttle! To use the firedust system or the Knight Shuttle, you need to have been there once before. Therefore, if you are visiting the Ministry of Magicians for the first time, make sure to use the toilet levers in the Gentlemen’s restroom outside and to the right of the Kings Cross Station OR a telephone booth. If you use the telephone booth, you will need to dial “MAGIC” or “62442” in order to enter.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll see a bunch of fireplaces where various witches and wizards utilize the Fire Dust network. This long hallway opens up into a large atrium, and if you follow the left wall, it’ll lead you to the elevators where you can pick a floor to go to one of the following: Minister of Magicians (where you can visit Nathan Wolfe, the creator of our magic plugin!), Magical Law Enforcement, the Auralock Offices (there are a bunch of hidden rooms and secret passageways here), the Appointments Office, the Courtrooms (where people are tried for their crimes), and the Department of Mysteries. My favorite floor is the Department of Mysteries, for if you choose the correct doorways, you’ll be able to see the Veil Room (though don’t go through the veil, or you’ll die!), the Prophecy Room, the Time Room, the Space Room, and even the Brain Room. My favorite room is the Space Room because you can float around the various planets and stars in our solar system!

The Ministry of Magicians has a magnitude of secrets and hidden nooks to uncover. Are you worthy enough to find them? In the meantime, I hope you have a magical day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

Do you want to be featured in a future Server Spotlight article? Fill out our form here for a chance to be in our next Server Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

A Stroll Through the Park

Written by Silquer
Edited by littledead
Hello my dear readers, and welcome to the Lifestyle column of the Daily Diviner! Summer is upon us, and with it comes the signature mild temperatures and stunning days the season of warmth is known for. If you’re tired of being inside all day, what better way to enjoy the season than with a trip to a park? Let’s talk about 5 of the best things to do at a park during summer with friends and family!

First, and one of the most common things, is (quite literally) a walk in the park. Walking is a lovely way to get outside and let the bright colors of summer soothe your soul. It also doubles as physical activity, which is good for mental health. Walking with friends or family can even turn boring walks into a fun activity!

If the park has a lake, pond, river, or happens to be on the bay, a meander with water in the backdrop might be for you. Make sure to mind the geese! If you would prefer someplace a little more closed off, you might prefer a trail off the beaten path. Don’t get lost though, and make sure the path has trail markings if you decide to travel on these smaller roads. Finally, to spruce up your walk, you can set a goal for how far or how long to walk! This can be a great motivator if you are trying to challenge yourself.

Another way to enjoy the park is to bring ice cream with you. Ice cream is an ideal treat for a warm summer day spent in the sun. Ice cream doesn’t have to be eaten alone, though, and it can be even better when enjoyed in the park.

When you get your ice cream, you can take it with you on your walk through the park before it melts. The coolness of the ice cream is the perfect companion on a warm day. However, choose carefully between a cone or a cup! You can also take your ice cream and simply sit on a bench and enjoy watching people and nature pass by. Bringing a friend to sit with you is an option as well! If you’d rather have something that doesn’t melt after it spends a minute in the sun, a milkshake is a delicious stand-in. This way, you can walk and drink as well!

On the topic of food, there is no better way to eat a meal than in the comfortable shade of the park. A picnic is best shared with friends, but spending it alone is perfectly fine as well! Bring a blanket and your favorite foods to prepare for a warm day out.

A popular place to take a picnic is by the water. If there is a lake or pond nearby, sitting and watching the birds and boats pass by is a calming way to eat a delicious spread of light foods. Be sure to stay clear of the birds and geese looking for a free snack! Another popular place for a picnic is under the shade of the trees. The cool, calming shadows and whisper of the leaves is one of my personal favorite ways to spend a picnic. Finally, you can set up a picnic blanket near a well-traveled path to watch all of the people walk by! People-watching can be a fun activity to pass the time when eating.

Parks are sometimes best known for their waterfronts. Spending a day on the water, whether it be a lake or a river, can be a relaxing escape from the heat. To make the most of this, taking a boat ride is a great option!

Duck boats can be found in some parks. These boats’ sole purpose is to give visitors a small ride across the water, so they can relax and enjoy the views. You can also take your boat-going into your own hands and rent a kayak or canoe to bring into the water. Kayaking with a family member is a great way to spend the day in the heat; just don’t forget the sunscreen! Personally, I prefer paddleboarding across a calm lake or bay waters. It’s the perfect opportunity to push family or friends into the water (with permission, of course). If you’re not into boats, taking a simple swim or wading into shallow water can be a good way to cool down as well! As long as you’re making use of the waterfronts.

Lastly, flying kites in open park fields is a popular tradition for kids. However, kite flying can be enjoyed by all ages! Taking the time to fly a pretty kite can be very relaxing. Watching bright colors fly across the sky is quite a sight!

To fly a kite, you will want to find a big, open field, with no trees and a big open sky. Preferably, you should find a space where people are already flying kites. Adding your own colorful kite to the mix is always fun to watch. You might also want to consider making your kite and decorating it with your own patterns and designs! However, if you aren’t into that, buying a kite from a store is completely fine.

Are you motivated to go out to a park now? I hope so because I certainly am! What are your favorite things to do at parks? I encourage you, dear reader, to go out, touch some grass this summer, and make some new outdoor traditions. Going to a park and experiencing a warm breeze, fresh air, and seeing all of that lovely green, has a positive impact on mental health. So, go out and enjoy the sunshine of summer while you still can!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

The Life of a Future Pirate

Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by snotflower
The troubles at Longbay Landing have been hot news across the British Isles in the past week. Captain Hookwink and Elliot Ward have been pulling in wizards and witches alike to this strange artefact. It’s got me thinking – if I were a pirate, what kind of pirate would I be? I’ve looked into the details and histories of pirate crews to help us determine where one might belong on a ship. Lucky for you, you don’t need to do a single bit of research! This quick and fun quiz will allow you to find yourself in the boots of a pirate. Let’s get started, shall we?

How did you find your pirate crew?
A: While wandering around Squalus Cove, you saw a flier about joining and thought, “Why not?”
B: You saw them along the pier one day and decided to ask about joining.
C: They came to you about the job.
D: Life on land was getting a bit too boring for you; it was time you explored the seas.

Why did you decide to join them?
A: They were offering gold! How could you refuse that?
B: It’s been your dream to become a pirate since you were a young wizard – it wasn’t even a question!
C: Sailing on the high seas seemed like the perfect thing to spice up your life.
D: You were interested in the new places that you could see and explore.

What’s your weapon of choice?
A: Whatever’s closest to you. You’re not picky.
B: A pair of twin daggers – it’s best to get up close and personal with your enemies.
C: The classic pirate sword. What’s the point of being a pirate if you don’t act like one?
D: There’s only one clear answer – your wand. Why would anyone choose anything else?

Who’s the crewmember you’re closest to?
A: Easily the ship’s parrot. He’s such a conversationalist!
B: Honestly, you couldn’t pick one if you tried. Everyone on the crew is your best friend!
C: The ship’s first mate. You surround yourself with people who put in the work to do things right.
D: No one; you may be away from Hogsworth, but your studies are still the most important thing on your mind.

A rival pirate crew has come across your ship! Where are you during the fight?
A: Oh, heck no. You’re down in the belly of the ship, as far away as you can get.
B: At your friend’s side. A team of two is better than a team of none.
C: In the thick of it against the opposing captain. It’s the most exciting place to be, after all.
D: Up in the crow’s nest shooting spells from above. Swords might be handy, but you’re still a wizard!

Imagine you find a treasure chest. What are you hoping is inside it?
A: A bunch of silly knickknacks to line your room with.
B: A brilliant sword to scare your opponents with.
C: Endless piles of gold.
D: A wand with abilities no one has ever seen before.

And that’s it for the quiz! It’s time to count up your answers and find out which position you’d be in. Are you ready? Let’s go!

If you answered mostly A’s, you’re the cook!

While it’s not particularly the most pirate-like position, it’s a necessary one for any pirate crew. You may enjoy the idea of being a pirate, but you’re not really suited to be out in the battle. Anyone who runs into your path will be surprised, though. You’re generally a jack of all trades and ready to use any loose experience you may have. The crew loves you and you love them back; they wouldn’t trade you for anyone else.

If you answered mostly B’s, you’re the quartermaster!

A quartermaster is another term for the first mate. Unlike most people on the ship, you’ve worked to get where you are now. You’re passionate about your crew and the image you present. This isn’t some fun summertime gig to you; it’s your lifestyle, and people can tell. If they have an issue, they’re most likely to go to you instead of the captain.

If you answered mostly C’s, you’re the captain!

Most people look to you as a natural-born leader, but you’re really just the person who had enough gold to buy a pirate ship. But it works for you – you know when to take risks when you need to. You know how to pick your friends and create a reliable crew. Just because they’re technically your employees doesn’t mean they’re not your family; you’d do anything to protect them.

If you answered mostly D’s, you’re the spell master!

You may be a pirate, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a wizard first. You’re serious about the comings and goings on the ship and your excellent spellwork. You poured your soul into your magic studies, and you’re not letting it go just because you’re out at sea. You’re always on the frontlines when a fight breaks out – who’s going to save these idiots when they have a sword rammed through their side if not you?

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to find Captain Hookwink and get to work on becoming a pirate! Or, you know, helping find that mysterious artefact. Whatever comes first. Keep an eye out for more Daily Diviner articles to help you further your future pirate career! Have a magical day!
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