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The Daily Diviner - Issue 90

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Server Spotlight


A New Adventure
Written by chail3y & Creme_de_Creme
Edited by bluecherub

Welcome back to the Daily Diviner! Recently, the Game Design Team announced a new type of content: adventures. Today we are discussing the very first adventure, Legends of Longbay!

Now, for starters - What is an adventure? An adventure is an ongoing, self-contained story that is released over the course of several weeks, combining quests, interactions, and NPCs to create an ongoing experience. Some of you may be familiar with this concept, since we teased it through the pre-release of Woodshire with Ella Williams. Game Design Leadership wants to experiment with bringing live storytelling back to the world, combining elements of events and world releases together. As these stories are told, however, the old adventures will not be removed - instead, they will stick around to allow new players to experience them forever!

For those of you that have not played the Legends of Longbay adventure yet, I highly recommend that you do so before reading onwards, as this will contain spoilers. Now, let's jump into it, mateys!

This pirate adventure was released in four parts across four weeks. In week one, you come across a classmate named Bailey Pierce. She is a curious Honeybadger that always seems to have the scoop on what's happening in Longbay; Bailey kicks off the adventure by giving you a map. Using the landmark clues in the map and following it to where "X marks the spot", you discover a gigantic skull-shaped cove that seems to be carved into the mountain itself. Inside the stone skull is an ancient pirate hideout that contains artifacts and clues from all those that came before.

In week two, Nathan Nakamori, one of our very own writers here at the Daily Diviner, caught wind of breaking news regarding Captain Hookwink. You may ask, "Who is Captain Hookwink?". I highly recommend searching the pirate ship that recently docked along the coast of Longbay Landing for an answer. There is a lot more to Captain Hookwink than meets the eye!

In week three, you become more and more involved with the town, piecing together clues until you can convince Carmen Red to give you the final clue to unlocking the secret to discovering the Pirate Staff's location. If you are successful in deciphering the clue, you find the staff. Afterwards, there is a choice between giving the staff to Captain Hookwink or donating it to Longbay Landing's local historian and librarian.

In week four, you met the mysterious M.M. who is in many of the clues from previous weeks. She has you steal back the Pirate staff in order to solve puzzles and unlock historical secrets within the mysterious skull cave. The ultimate secret that it leaves you with may stun you!

The Legends of Longbay adventure has been an interesting addition to the world and a fantastic introduction to what may be in store for future Adventures. What do you think about this adventure? Are you excited for future ones? This was chail3y and Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner, and we hope you enjoy the rest of this issue!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Magical Map Movement Across Minigames
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by bluecherub

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to the Editorial column! If you haven’t been playing minigames recently, the latest scoop is that all maps have rotated for the quarter. We will not have another rotation until the House Cup ends in September. Therefore, now is the time to be playing minigames and enjoying the new maps, especially during the summer when you have some downtime. That being said, let’s dive into the new and returning maps!

Starting off with Melting Floor, the Greenhouses, Ministry, Ireland, and Dark Follower Base maps were added back into the rotation for this quarter. The Underwater map underwent some restructuring and revamping, yet it is back once again for this season! The map that I am most excited to see make its way into the rotation is the Magic Schools map. Pieces of everyone's all-time favorite Winter Waltz schools have snuck their way into this Melting Floor map, presenting a fond walk down memory lane as you try to avoid falling through the rapidly disappearing floor.

In Hide and Seek, maps such as Ireland, Boardwalk, Luna Hovel, Griffin's Hollow, Shade Alley, and Grimlotts have made their way back into the rotation. For those of you that remember the frustration of being a seeker in Ireland, fear no more as this map has narrowed in size. This change has created a much more even match between seekers and hiders. I cannot wait to see the new tricks and secret hiding spots hiders will come up with this season!

Within the Flying map rotation, Coastline, Pegasus Flight, Ministry, and Quabbleball Pitch have all made a reappearance for the season. I personally am excited for Pegasus Flight, as it calls to mind memories of traveling amongst the Greek Islands.

As for the 1v1 Arena maps, the Quabbleball Pitch and Hogsend arenas will be making a comeback. Additionally, some new arenas will be making an appearance. Amongst these are Silvermorne, highlighting the most recent school we visited during the Winter Waltz, and the Beach Arena. I cannot wait to play in the Silvermorne arena in particular. It will be a reminder of all the fun activities we shared there.

There are a bunch of new and returning maps this quarter that we have not seen in a while. Grab your friends and discover the new maps together! It is time to start having some fun minigaming. Have a wonderful day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Home Away From Home
Student Spotlight
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by Calliequeen

Have you ever wondered where you can go to get a bit of personal time? Where you can hang out alone with your friends on the server with no one to disturb you? Well, wonder no more! There's this really cool thing on Potterworld called housings – it’s your own little home outside of Hogsworth to collect and share your items and builds. They’re a bit complicated, though, when you get down to it. I mean, did you know there are seven different ways to access your and others’ housings? I know. It’s a lot. So why don’t we dive in and learn about them together?

If you’re not aware, housing is Potterworld’s version of plots, which is a personal area where you can build whatever you want. You can access your housing by doing /housing or /home whenever you’re in Hogsworth, a town, or an event.

Unlike classic plots, where you have access to creative mode and unlimited blocks, housing is a bit different. Instead, you stay in survival mode and can purchase items from your House Elf or down in Hogsend or London, all with the models and textures you see around the normal world. However, there are a few restrictions, mainly for blocks that are from Minecraft 1.11+ or ones that spells can interact with (Divindo, Leviomora, and Reductamus).

There are a lot of ways you can upgrade your housing, too!

The most common way is by expanding the size of your plot. At first, your housing will only be 29 by 29 blocks, but you can explore plots up to 59 by 59 blocks! To change your plot size, you’ll need to travel to Diagonal Lane and visit Ernie’s Estate, which is a white brick building to the direct right of Grimlott’s. The maximum size is only 2,000 Gold, which is a steal when you consider everything you can build on it!

The most expensive upgrade, though perhaps one of the most needed, is access to flying on your and others’ housings. Costing a grand total of 20,000 Gold, it’s a big purchase for the average witch or wizard. It’s worth it, though – if you’re into building, you can’t possibly expect to get everything done by Appareo or Ascendo.

To me, the coolest thing you can get is housing sceneries. There are a few you can buy with 600 Gold at Ernie’s Estates – the Desert, Jungle, and Swamp sceneries – but most you purchase at the official store. While a few of them are 6 USD, the rest of them are only 5 USD. This is mainly thanks to the recent Scenery Update where all scenery prices were reduced to up to 55% off. I think this is a wonderful decision from the Store team as my scenery is my favourite thing about my housing! If you’re ever thinking about buying the Home for Gnomes Scenery, I recommend it. Now is for sure the best time to explore your scenery options!

I love having access to my housing and everything that comes along with it. If you haven’t looked into using your own, you definitely should! There are infinite ways to use them – you can create anything from your wildest dreams. I hope you all have learned something new today, but that’s it from me. Happy home decorating and have a magical day!

Do you want to be featured in a future Server Spotlight article? Fill out our form here for a chance to be in our next Server Spotlight!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Tips With the Video WizNetworkers
Written by Silquer
Edited by snotflower

Hello, dear readers, and welcome back to the Lifestyle column of the Daily Diviner! Behind the scenes of Potterworld, the Staff teams are hard at work. From the minigames you play to the events you spend hours on, every part of the server has been lovingly crafted to bring players a fun and unique experience. One of the most important departments is Media & Public Relations (that’s us)! Media includes our lovely Arithmancers, Artworkers, the Daily Diviner, and, our subject for today, the WizNetworkers.

Specifically, let’s discuss the Video WizNetworkers, who work closely with other departments to produce videos for PotterworldMC’s social medias and Store. Their videos range from GIFs for the Store to trailers for events! However, the Video WizNetworkers and their video creation process remain a shrouded mystery to those of us unversed in video editing. Thankfully, the Video WizNetworker team, MintyEagle (Minty) and xcharlotte (Charlotte), gave me some tips and tricks about video editing. Let’s go through some of the advice they provided for anyone interested in getting into video editing or applying for Video WizNetworker!

It can be intimidating and time-consuming to learn new skills. When it comes to video editing, this is equally true! Getting started may seem difficult, so tips and tricks from people with more experience are invaluable. When it comes to video editing, there’s a lot that can be done to make the learning process a little easier. Charlotte suggests keeping your footage organized in folders! “It saves me so much time when I know exactly where a particular piece of footage is,” she says. This is true for anything involving computers and super important for editing.

Another trick is to go with the flow. There isn’t always a strict storyline to follow in a video, and sometimes it’s important to try out different things until something clicks. As Minty says, “I take the footage and move it around the timeline in the editing software until the order of the shots feels right.”

We all wish we could go back in time and tell our past selves something that would save us a lot of trouble. Thankfully, our Video WizNetworkers are here to offer us some of their own hindsight. Charlotte advises working with the music to make sure they match the visuals. Fitting the music to the video can do wonders for quality and immersion. “Over time,” she says, “I’ve realised how valuable the music is in creating a cohesive video that flows nicely.”

Behind the scenes of creating lovely videos, there is a lot of footage that needs to be recorded and combed through. Sometimes, disaster strikes even before the editing process begins. Minty tells us to “ensure all the footage saves properly before heading offline.” Losing one's work to a simple mistake such as not saving or, in Minty’s case, not fully downloading the footage, can be a big setback, especially for beginners.

Now that we’ve had a taste of what video editing is like behind the scenes, you might be wondering where to start. Both Video WizNetworkers recommend CapCut, which is a simple video editor available for free online. If you’re willing to spend some money upgrading, another option is Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro, which is what Charlotte uses! She says they “are both great programs for various levels and techniques of video editing.” I’ll take her word for it!

Now that you have all the pieces to get started with video editing, Charlotte and Minty have some final comments and advice for anyone ready to begin. Learning a new skill can be overwhelming, so Charlotte says to “Have patience! It’s an overheard piece of advice, but, I’ve been editing videos for 10 years now and I’ve learnt the only way to improve is to be patient and keep practicing.” These are wonderful words of wisdom for anyone trying to get involved with video editing.

Similarly, Minty’s final advice is to not “underestimate the time it takes to edit, especially if you have a deadline. Even a five-minute short takes me days to be sure it's as good as possible. Like with most things, plan so you don't get overwhelmed.” Practice and planning is a powerful combination and the best advice they could give.

A huge thank you to Minty and Charlotte for providing such in-depth insights into the life of a Video WizNetworker and giving me the opportunity to share this information with Potterworld! I hope you have a better understanding of the work our Video WizNetworkers do and how much love and labor they put into their craft. You can find their work on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Please check them out and give the videos plenty of love and support! If you are interested in contributing and making your own videos for Potterworld, Video WizNetworker applications are currently open! I highly encourage you to check them out if you are interested.
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