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The Daily Diviner - Issue 97

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Server Spotlight


Riddleyard Spooks
Written by Silquer
Edited by snotflower

Hello my dear readers, and welcome to a spook-tastic Feature! As I am sure you know, the Halloween Event was released a little over two weeks ago. Since then, players have been exploring the dark and gloomy graves of Riddleyard on quests to help the Witches’ Coven banish specters that have crossed over. Let’s take a look at the event so far!

The Witches’ Coven has detected unusual happenings in Riddleyard. Amidst spooky graves, an old church, and plenty of ruins, the coven has set up their tents around Riddleyard. This is the setting for the event, and the build is spectacularly spooky, with plenty of locations to explore. Past the ebony statue of the grim reaper, you will find plenty of black tents topped with witch hats. Take care to explore each one for the minigames, collectibles, and NPCs inside! However, Riddleyard is not the only stop in this event. The Crypts, Tormented Manor, and the Pumpkin Patch are just some of the builds you can explore throughout the event. I highly encourage you to take a look through all of these locations and admire the Build team’s hard work.

The Halloween 2023 collectibles are a spine-chilling assortment of spectral-themed items! As always, there is an assortment of bags, scarves, and banners. The Bat Pouch and Pumpkin Pail are Halloween Event staples, and The Pumpkinator is a great item to carry with you through the event. There are nine scarves available for this event, each themed after one of the nine ghosts of the Gauntlet. Defeating one of these ghosts will unlock their corresponding scarf! There are also plenty of themed banners and heads to collect for the season.

Once you have explored the build and the collectibles, it is time to help the witches. To begin helping the coven with their ghostly problems, the entrance to Riddleyard is where you want to go. The coven will then send you to the first of the repeatable quests: “Think Fast!” Finishing this quest will award you with a Spooky Token, which you can take into The Crypts to fight one of the nine ghosts. Once you defeat and capture each ghost plaguing the living, you will unlock the 9 Hells Gauntlet.

The repeatable quests are essential to this event. The first one you play, “Think Fast!”, is only the tip of the iceberg. One of the most interesting repeatable quests is “Scare Off the Ghost”. Trying to catch the ghost is a little tricky but rewarding. My favorite activity is easily “When Pumpkins Talk”! Learning about all of the dark memories of the spirits of the pumpkins was intriguing, and carving the right faces based on memory was a fun challenge.

The Halloween Event has been an exciting adventure for us to explore! From a fantastical build to amazing new quests, there is plenty to experience. I hope you have been enjoying the event so far! If you have not started playing it yet, this is your sign to log on and check out all of the hard work the Staff team has put into this year’s event. Have a spook-tastic Halloween!


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Answering the Call
Written by SnowyKitty
Edited by bluecherub

If you have not heard, Adventures are a new type of gameplay the Game Design team introduced over the summer. They are made up of a handful of quests to form a unique story that builds on the world as it is. Just over a month ago, the Game Designers introduced their second Adventure, titled ‘Nature’s Call’. Unlike the pirates that were featured in Legends of Longbay Landing, Nature’s Call is all about the magical beings that live in the Deep Forest. War has been brewing, and it is up to the students to help bring peace back to the forest.

Our adventure begins in the Great Hall Courtyard with a Centaur named Telocus. Telocus is the leader of the Shadow Hunt tribe and is seeking help from the magical students of Hogsworth. He is reluctant to ask, though, as the magical creatures of the Deep Forest are not the biggest fans of witches and wizards. Anyone can tell the situation is desperate since the Centaurs have turned to their last resort.

The moment you are available, there is no time to waste. Telocus hauls you onto his back and gallops faster than any professional broom into the Deep Forest. Just outside the Centaurs' usual territory, there is a circle of leaves and vines – the portal to the Centaurs’ sanctuary. Unfortunately, the gatekeeper, Cadmus, is unable to open it; it has been shut tight to prevent any enemies (read: witches and wizards) from wandering in. Luckily, Telocus has a way to open it from the outside.

The Shadow Hunt tribe has a sacred flute to unlock their portal in dire situations. However, it needs to be enchanted through trials set by the nature surrounding you in order to enter. Even if you are an O+ student in Herbology, this is not a power you are familiar with. Luckily, the etches in the nearby trees show us the enchantments we will need.

There are three different Enchantments: the Call of the Wild, the Marksmen Blessing, and the Mind of the Warrior. Each generates a different obstacle through which you may prove your worth.

Druantia is a serpentine being and the allmother of the Deep Forest who grants the Call of the Wild Enchantment. Her task is simple – you must show that you are able to connect with the wildlife around you. Druantia demands that you grow a Piranous Plant yet keeps the knowledge of how to do so out of sight. However, Arcea, another natural being, has a heart kinder than her sister’s and is open to sharing directions. After it is grown, Druantia blesses the flute with her enchantment.

With a bow and arrow, you must prove you are worthy of the Marksmen Blessing Enchantment. As you travel deeper into the forest, enchanted targets appear strewn across the tallest trees. This is a task Dueling class has taught us well, even though a wand is much different from a bow. Simply allow yourself to feel the magic within the bow to aim true. With ease, the flute will be granted the Marksmen Blessing.

Endelle is a Centaur living in the Deep Forest who bestows the Mind of the Warrior Enchantment once you prove to be resourceful. This can be shown through your ability to communicate with the nature around you. You see, tree rings share an interesting story for those who are able to hear it. To pass this test, Endelle asks that you relay the message that the trees speak to you back to the young sapling beside him. Once the sapling grows from this knowledge, the Mind of the Warrior is given to the flute.

Once the flute is thrice enchanted, you are able to enter the Shadow Hunt tribe’s camp. However, there is no time to admire their sanctuary – another rivalling Centaur tribe, the Riptide tribe, is attacking! With your help, the battle is easily won, but the war is far from over.

At the end of this first quest, you have proven that you are a valuable ally who is able to connect with the Deep Forest. Through four more instalments, you must band together with the Shadow Hunt tribe (and later, the Fae Council) to defeat the evils that have settled within the trees. Nature has called out to you – will you answer her?

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

A Dagger Plunged into the Heart of Rushstone
Server Spotlight
Written by Creme_de_Creme
Edited by littledead

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to the Server Spotlight column! This month is filled with spooky delights across the United Kingdom. Thus, in honor of October, I thought I'd take you to a town that is not often visited yet has an eerie past – Rushstone.

Rushstone is known to be a small, quaint town, far away from the big cities. The town itself does not have too many remarkable landmarks besides an ancient tower, a water wheel, and a stream whose source is unknown. While it may look like a quiet, humble town, its history is a lot more sinister than it seems.

Not too long ago, a wizard named Rory McCormick was passing through on his way to Antrum when he stumbled upon the old tower and the crystal-clear stream beside it. Weary from his journey, Rory took a drink from the stream. Strangely, the water from the stream seemed to course through him immediately, making him feel stronger and wiser. The effects of the stream were so alluring that Rory convinced himself to travel to Antrum to gather supplies and his closest friends to settle in the area near the old tower and the stream. They shared the stream's enchantments amongst each other, building and expanding their farms until it became too much to try to harness the water's powers themselves. To resolve the issue, the four friends built the water wheel. From then on, each traveler that passed through were encouraged to drink from the stream. Unsuspecting, those who were initially passing through became hooked on the water's enchantments, settling into the town.

Soon enough, the four friends had gathered enough people to officially be called a town, so all they needed was a name. Each of them argued with one another for naming rights of the town, yet Rory McCormick, in a fit of rage, killed his three friends and named the town Rushstone. Many years later, Rory passed away, but not before telling his son about the secrets of the water and how he earned the rights to the town's name. His son, horrified, locked himself away in the tower, only coming out at night fully cloaked to study the water. The townspeople, thinking him to be a stranger, dragged him away where he was never seen again. There are rumors that he kept a journal that is still hidden away in the old tower, yet none have been successful in finding it.

While visiting Rushstone, I spoke with the elders of the town, and they informed me that there were whispers of a secret Witch's Coven on the hillside. It is said that they study the mysteries of the stream yet never take a sip. The citizens of Rushstone seemed to be wary of strangers and guard the waters well. I have a feeling that they want to keep its strange powers for themselves. Beware of inquiring too freely into the town's history and the effects of the water. I felt like I was going to be chased out of town by an angry mob for the few answers I did seek.

If you are looking for passage through, the town does have fast travel systems to Antrum and Gnollburg Port. Remember to be careful while traveling! You never know what you may encounter. This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

What Costume Should You Wear on Halloween?
Written by MintyEagle
Edited by LMNJ

Imagine that you look at your calendar and you notice that Halloween is approaching faster than you thought! Just then, you realise that you don’t know what costume you should wear. It can be a hard choice, especially if you want one that feels like it accurately describes your personality. No need to fear, since the Daily Diviner is here with this quiz to figure out what outfit would be great to have while trick-or-treating!

What is your favourite part of trick-or-treating?
A: The candy, of course
B: Going out with friends
C: Seeing other people’s costumes
D: Giving out candy

You go to your friend’s Halloween party. What are you doing there?
A: Dancing and mingling
B: Hanging out with friends and meeting new people
C: Playing games while eating the free food
D: Standing in the corner and watching

How will you find your costume?
A: Buy it pre-made at a store
B: Use the same one I wore the previous year
C: Make it from scratch
D: Throw together things I find around the house

What do you do to celebrate before the big day?
A: Eat all the candy beforehand
B: Go to Halloween-themed events
C: Watch horror movies
D: I prefer to only celebrate on the night

What type of candy are you hoping for?
A: Full-sized candy bars
B: I like all candy
C: Non-common candies or the kind you would find in your grandma’s car
D: Something healthy

If you chose mostly A’s, you should be a vampire! There have been many great ones throughout the years, and you’re very confident that you’ll be the next one. When you work hard, amazing things can happen!

If you chose mostly B’s, you should be a werewolf! You adore all creatures and tend to be pretty quiet. However, once you get into your zone, you’re the loudest and proudest of the bunch!

If you chose mostly C’s, you should be a zombie! There are many different ways to dress up as one, and that is what you love about it. You are very creative and it shows!

If you chose mostly D’s, you should be a ghost! These costumes are really easy to make and can help you can fade into the crowd. After all, you find staying at home with a good book or movie better than a big bash!

Using this quiz, we hope you got some inspiration for your Halloween costume!
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