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The Daily Diviner - Special Edition: Alumni

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Hello lovely readers! Welcome to Potterworld’s 8th Anniversary! I hope you are just as excited as I am. Throughout the history of Potterworld, there have been multiple changes and developments to how Potterworld has run its server. I got the chance to ask Alexstrasza14 and darkatflash about some of their experiences throughout Potterworld’s 8-year journey to gain some insight into those changes. Please join me in reflecting on some of Potterworld’s past through their eyes!

When did you first join Potterworld?
Alexstrasza14: July 27th, 2015
darkatflash: September 2015
How was Potterworld different then from now?
Alexstrasza14: I guess for this question if we go into the more gameplay differences, I'd say it was a lot more small-scale back then. Back in the day, and I'm talking 2015/2016 here, the main content really were the daily riddles and classes. The way to gain new spells and go up years was to buy spells using Academic Credits. There were also Test Credits to unlock I believe 2 spells per year for the last 3 or 4 years. The upper half basically. There was housing as well, but it was pretty limited. Only a small group really was able to own a house. There were houses to rent but again, it was sometimes difficult to get one and the system was buggy haha. Nowadays, daily riddles and classes still exist of course, but they are no longer the only thing used to actually progress. Progress now is a lot more varied with the addition of quests. Classes have always become a lot more interactive than they used to be. Also everyone is able to have their own housing now and make it exactly as they want it, which is pretty rad.
darkatflash: It's much more technical, for sure! More automated. Of course, Potterworld survival is gone, too.
What is an aspect of Potterworld that you miss?
Alexstrasza14: Okay so, it's more an aspect I miss seeing (though I do not necessarily want it back), which would be player shops. A long time ago, we used to have player shops in Vertick Alley where a player could rent a shop and also decorate it the way they wanted. It was honestly a pretty cool bit of customization and it was always fun to walk around Vertick Alley to see what shops existed. With housing we do have a cool (and much less buggy) alternative now, but there is something about the feeling of just wandering around the streets and seeing new shops.
darkatflash: I probably shouldn't say it, but I DO miss survival. I kinda miss the huge explosions in potions classes. Honestly, that's why I started to teach potions because I could NEVER successfully brew a potion in the old way, and I was terrified of it! And definitely Secret Keepers! Kade and I were secret keepers for AGES! I loved making the daily riddles and placing chests!
I’m much newer to the server than flash or Alexis, but if I had to choose a piece of the server that I miss the most, I would have to say that I remember Hogsworth without the Prefect travel system fondly. Without the Prefect travel system, I constantly had to either rely on the kindness of strangers to guide me to places around the castle, or purposefully get lost in the castle and hope for the best. However, it was through the combination of the two strategies (or lack thereof) that not only was I able to find my way around Hogsworth, but also find secret passageways and hidden rooms that most first-years would pass by without a second glance.

What is your favorite memory of Potterworld?
Alexstrasza14: There's a ton of great memories. One that springs to mind is the release of Revelius and the weeks leading up to it. At the time, one of my main focuses was Grounds Keeper. So the weeks leading up to the release meant daily pretty intensive testing. It was honestly a bit stressful, but there were also a lot of laughs along the way. We had a very small team at the time and did get support from some other staff members. It was all in all just a really fun experience. The release itself was pretty awesome too because, finally, all that hard work paid off, and we could enjoy the reactions of all the players (and then sleep for a week haha).
darkatflash: It's a tough choice between the interactions with students in classes and getting to talk with the Potterworld start family in voice chats. I've met so many people that mean so much to me over the years.
If you could bring one thing back to Potterworld, what would it be and why?
Alexstrasza14: Honestly I can't think of anything I want to bring back. For a lot of things that are gone, they were things that were either not really feasible anymore, or we got good alternatives now (or planned), or I wasn't interested in it personally.
darkatflash: I would definitely bring back Survival! It was such an interesting change in gameplay from the main server! I would also bring back Secret Keepers!
A huge thanks to Alexstrasza14 and darkatflash for sharing their memories with us! I hope you all got to see Potterworld’s history with new eyes. Happy Anniversary, and have fun exploring! Have a wonderful day! This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Hello readers, and welcome to this Special Edition article! In this article, we will be going over the story of how Potterworld was made into the outstanding server it is today. We all know what Potterworld is: just a Harry Potter themed minecraft server, right? If we look beneath the surface, there is lots to uncover in the depths of the code.

In April of 2013, the server’s current owner, Droobledore, and his friend Albomobo never intended to create such a popular server. They only intended to have fun creating the castle that players know and love today. Roughly three months into the project, Albomobo decided to discontinue their partnership, leaving Droobledore to complete it alone. Later in 2013, the server was officially opened to the public! Back then, the only thing to do was explore and shoot fireballs out of “wands”. Did you know that the original wands were just re-skinned bows? I didn’t! Although the server was not a part of the original plan, it was not a mistake in the slightest.

From the inkling of an idea to a flourishing server, what managed to keep players interested and entertained? Potterworld would certainly be much different without classes! Classes originally started running around the same time the server was opened, and right away they were a huge hit. Back then, classes were much different. To begin with, they were much less structured, relied a lot on comedy, and were primarily note-based. Classes were not nearly as well-monitored, as the Academics team did not become an official department until late 2017.

The first “interactive” class to make its debut was Flying in 2015. Players had to buy their own beginner broom for 3 gold for each extremely laggy class. It was eventually revamped with class brooms and the first flying course: Quabbleball. Potions class was also revamped. Unlike the current system, players had to control the heat in the cauldron to make sure not to burn or freeze their concoctions. The new class methods are much more efficient, but without these first stepping stones, they would not have transformed into the classes players enjoy so much today.

Another large addition to Potterworld was its minigames. Other than quests and classes, there wasn’t much else for players to do in-between grinding for graduate. Minigames quickly took Potterworld by storm after their release. The initial plan for these was essentially just dueling, as the staff wanted to create a space for dueling where players could fairly challenge one another. From there, new modes and types of minigames became possible as the tech was further developed, like Quabbleball, Flying, and Melting Floor. Did you know that Dannyy94, who largely contributed to the making of the whole system, came from another minigame network to bring his expertise into Potterworld? The progress that minigames have made since he joined the team is insane!

Shortly after minigames were introduced, the next major change to the server was Professions in late 2017! There were three Professions to choose from: Cooking, Herbology and Potions. In the Professions hub, each Profession had a different room where players would perform various tasks for a ‘professor’ to level up. The Herbology room was located in the greenhouse, the Potions room was located in the dungeons, and the Cooking room was located in the Hogsworth kitchens.

Professions were expensive, so most players could not participate because they had very little gold. Potions and Cooking would require you to go out into the world, collect items, come back and craft recipes, while other ingredients were only purchasable from the Professor NPC. In Herbology, it did not have any ingredients you didn't have to buy. Instead, you would buy seeds, plant them, and wait a certain amount of time for them to mature. From doing this, you would receive Herbology XP when you collected them. You could also sell them back to the NPC for gold.

Now, all of the professions are world based and have no restrictions other than levels. When the Revelius update dropped, they no longer fit into the gameplay as they were. Players still have prefix icons to show they maxed out a certain profession, but there are currently no plans to bring them back.

The final and most recent large update was one that changed almost everything we knew about Potterworld. Revelius was an update that happened in July of 2021, when an announcement was made on the forum page about a long awaited new update. After the players began to get anxious with the server being down for almost 2 days, it was finally released to the public. This update changed the server completely, as it reworked how you level up and earn XP, various quests and tasks, and even dueling and gear mechanics. Although it was a large change that took some time to get used to, without it the server would not be what it is today!

That brings us to our current date! From the accidental making of the server, to the Revelius update, Potterworld has had a wild ride over these past 9 years. I would like to thank all the Staff and Team members who helped me gather this information, as well as contribute to the server in so many ways. I would also like to thank the players for continuing to give feedback and keep the community truly alive. Without the community, Potterworld wouldn’t be a server. As always, stay safe and have a great rest of your day; This is Keira, signing off!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Hello lovely readers, and welcome back to the Daily Diviner! With Potterworld’s anniversary on its way, it is important to take time to celebrate the alumni, or graduates, on Potterworld. And what is a better way to celebrate than with a party? Today I will be showcasing a few different ideas for magical alumni parties!

Alumni vs. Students Quabbleball Match
One exciting way to celebrate with current and past students is an alumni vs. students Quabbleball match! Don’t fret if you’re nervous about your Quabbleball skills, as this can be a fun activity for anyone who wants to play. This is a wonderful chance for old classmates to catch up and also meet some newer students!

Considering the match is outside, this is the perfect opportunity to grill some meat such as steak or chicken. You could even make seafood to serve after the match! Speaking of additional party endeavors, you can take the time to enjoy all different genres of music, from intense music during the match to happy, upbeat tunes after. Overall, hosting an alumni party like this is perfect for Quabbleball lovers or anyone with a competitive spirit!

Alumni Hogsend Get-together
With the wizarding town of Hogsend being located right by Hogsworth, it is a spectacular location to meet up with former classmates! Hogsend has a wide selection of different restaurants and shops to visit during your meetup. Among these is the Broomsticks Inn, a larger restaurant near the entrance to Hogsend. If you are looking for a more casual spot to celebrate, there’s a pavilion across the street from the Broomsticks Inn. This is a fun spot to go wild with decorating; from different types of lights to streamers or even balloons, the possibilities are endless!

Decorating is not the only part of party planning; there’s also a wide selection of different food that you can find for the get-together from any of the many nearby restaurants. There is even the possibility of providing sweets for the attendees to sample. Hogsend is also a great spot to enjoy all sorts of different activities throughout the alumni get-together. With plenty of places to shop, alumni can relive old memories and even make some new ones! There are tons of options for those of you considering a Hogsend alumni get-together.

Hogsworth Alumni Gala
For my final suggestion, I present you with a Hogsworth alumni gala. This party allows graduates to dress up and revisit their former school. While there are many potential locations around the school to host a gala, the Great Hall is a fabulous spot due to its irreplaceable beauty and aura. Space and food would not be an issue for parties here due to the immense amount of both.

At a Hogsworth alumni gala, current students would be able to lend a helping hand with the event. Students could play music for the graduates, help set up, or provide other much-needed assistance. This event also provides opportunities for former students to pay a visit to their past professors and catch up! Overall, an alumni gala is a splendid chance for those of you looking to throw an alumni party that is nostalgic in a more formal manner.

In conclusion, there are tons of different ways to celebrate the many graduates on Potterworld. The most important decision is finding the way that suits you the most. This brings me to my final question for you, dear reader: what would your ideal alumni party be? Are you looking for something big and flashy? Or perhaps you’d like a more relaxed and activity-based event? Whichever suits you best, I wish you luck in all of your future party planning endeavors. Like always, thank you for stopping by the Daily Diviner, and make sure to enjoy Potterworld’s spectacular anniversary!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Enter the Trickster Trio. The ones you should be slightly afraid of crossing paths with.

Juliette’s in the lead, as always. If you’re not careful, her words will bite your bum and leave you scrambling.

Mikey follows, laughing at his latest joke. His friends are laughing too – he had snuck in a rubber rat and scared Amy Smarts’ socks right off, literally. He enchanted her shoes and socks to whizz off once she began running.

Finally there’s Justin, strolling behind, hands behind his head. Everyone knows he’s the smartest in his year, but he won’t admit it. He’d rather fool around than study.

You wouldn’t guess it, but they’re walking to detention. Who would've known that jinxing Professor Green’s nose to match his name would have a consequence? But how dare Droobledore assign them a tour! They had worked on that spell for weeks and for what? It didn’t last a minute! Was that not enough of a punishment?

The group fell silent as they reached the doors of the Great Hall. They share a wary look before stepping inside.

And there they were, their worst enemies.

To be fair, they’re just three witches, but you must understand their vibe.

They look posh and old fashioned and are definitely the type of witches to report them.

Most importantly, though, they’re old.

“I didn’t know they’d be wrinkly,” Juliette whispers. Justin and Mikey nervously share a glance. She had not been quiet. Juliette feels her face turn white.

The witches burst into laughter. They had been promised a treat and, oh, this was going to be one.

First, introductions are in order.

“I’m Jane,” says the first one.

“I’m Posey,” mutters the short one.

“I’m Ariel,” grumbles the last one.

“Justin, Mikey,” Juliette points as she talks, “and Juliette.”

“We’re here for a tour,” Jane reminds them.

“Yes, right.” This is awkward.

The three kids begrudgingly lead their tourists to the Grand Staircase.

“Ahem,” Juliette began. “This, as you may not know, is the Grand Staircase.” You see, no one mentioned that Mikey couldn’t sneak in a self signaturing quill from Merlin-knows-where. Headmaster Droobledore said they needed Professor Green’s signature to approve their script; he didn’t say it had to be from him.

She continues, “These staircases have been moving for, like, a long time, and have been used since they were built.” She glances at the other two. Mikey is struggling to hold in laughter while Justin gives her a thumbs up. Yep, this is going well.

Juliette turns her attention to the witches. They seem to be paying very close attention. Which makes her nervous.

“You use stairs to go places-”

Ariel interrupts, “Can we visit our old dorms? We’re Badgers.”

They do. They even use the stairs to get there.

Unfortunately, they prepared a thirty minute speech on the wonders of the Grand Staircase, not the dorms.

Jane breaks the silence. “We used to be pranksters, you know.”

The students stare at her. Is this lady about to lecture them?

“Before we graduated –” She definitely is. “– we had plans to pull a final prank. People gossiped and teachers heard within a day. We had detention before Posey could even set it up.”

“We want to do one more prank,” Ariel explains.

The trio’s minds were already working.

Juliette talks first, “How? We only have an hour and-”

“It’s already set!” Posey exclaims, prone to her excitement.

It what??? The kids share several back and forth glances.

“Would you like to see it in action?” Jane asks with a twinkle in her eye.

- - -

When three old witches who are in your field of talent ask if you want to see a life-altering prank, you can’t just say no.

The six quickly sneak into the kitchens. Excited cheers fill the air as the retired witches stroll in. The kids’ minds all end up wondering, how could they become this famous?

With no one looking, Ariel whisks her wand behind her, jinxing the cups on the mock-tables. She allows herself to smirk. She did still have it, even after all these years.

They work their way to the elf boardrooms and through the house-elf passageway and find themselves looking over the Great Hall.

They were right in time. Headmaster Droobledore and Professor Green sat comfortably below. Before they knew it, it’d already be over.

They were holding their breaths and –

They were lifting up their teacups and –

“What in Merlin’s name is this?!”

“Tea,” Droobledore replies, setting his tea down politely. “It seems to have invited itself onto your outfit.”

Even from the balcony, the six of them watch Professor Green’s face glow red. Although they couldn't hear, they could tell he’s wanting to be anywhere but there. Good riddance for him, as he rushes straight out the Great Hall without another word.

Laughter engulfs the group, but they’re shushed by the witches. They’ll get caught if they keep it up!

As they return to the kitchens, Juliette is the last to leave.

She pauses as she notices Droobledore below. He seems to be… looking at her? She blinks and he’s not. She isn’t quite sure.

Just in case, she scurries after the others. They can’t get more detention!
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