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The Daily Diviner - Special Edition: Spectral

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Hello, dear readers, and welcome to a brand new Special Edition of the Daily Diviner: the Spectral Edition! I had the opportunity to visit Riddleyard before the Witches Coven reached out to Hogsworth for help. While many of you have visited this quaint town before, I fear you may not recognise it. While Riddleyard is known for its infamous history with the families of Grim and Ryddle, the town is now covered in a cloud of gloom. The dark creatures that haunt these residents seem to be taking a toll on their sanity.

When I arrived and spoke with the Witches Coven leader, Delphine Lune, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there were eyes watching me from every direction. I had heard of the Witches Coven prior to this meeting, but I did not realize until that moment how bad a situation would need to be for them to be called. I thanked Ms Lune for her work before travelling closer to the town. She had briefly mentioned the worst of hauntings were in the vampire crypt we were standing next to, and her tone let me know to get as far away as possible.

While I had passed a few Riddleyard residents on my way to the road, I stopped in my tracks when a group of Coven members rushed past me, heading straight to the Ryddle Manor. A few spared me a glance, but it seemed I wasn’t even worth the time to acknowledge. The group was carrying messy stacks of paper and the witch at the head of their group was talking so swiftly that I couldn’t understand a single word.

I quickened my pace and worked my way along the street, determined to get away from both the vampire crypt and the manor now. I had heard before I arrived that the locals had set up a pumpkin patch, and I was determined to find someplace pleasant. My hope was short-lived when I saw ghosts swooping through the air above the patch. A little further in, I saw what seemed to be an enchanted scarecrow surrounded by Coven members.

At this point, I was hoping to get a chance to interview a few magicalfolk who actually belonged in Riddleyard. Unfortunately, as I began to approach the houses, I could only spot a handful of residents outside. They all looked absolutely miserable, though I couldn’t blame them. The further I went, the more that it seemed like I was walking through a ghost town, pun not intended. Worst of all, anyone I passed along my journey pointedly ignored eye contact, so my chances for an interview were stolen from me.

In their defence, they had attempted to decorate for the season. I spotted some jack-o-lanterns scattered along the sidewalks, and a few houses had bowls of candy out for trick-or-treating (though they hardly looked touched at all). I can appreciate the effort, but I have a feeling it will all be for nought.

The only house that seemed like it wasn’t practically boarded up from society was one of the homes located on the bend. This wasn’t someone doing their best to improve the mood, but instead it was an older man who was constantly muttering to himself as he picked through his garden. On iron stakes, there were two cameras that seemed to be whizzing back and forth in a desperate attempt to catch something. What, though, I did not bother asking. I’d had enough of what a haunted Riddleyard had to offer.

After just a short visit, I must urge readers to avoid Riddleyard at all costs. Though I knew better than to investigate, anyone would be able to tell the danger that has swamped this town. I know a large portion of the wizarding Britain population will be more than willing to lend a hand, but please heed my warning: this is not a job for any ordinary wizard. The members of the Witches Coven have gone through intense training to be qualified to handle this situation. For those who think they can withstand these requirements… Good luck.


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The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Greetings, spooky witches and wizards of Hogsworth! In this Special Edition article, I will be asking the ghosts that belong to each house at Hogsworth what their plans are this Halloween. So without further ado, here we go. I’m definitely not worried–you are!

The first ghost I interviewed was Rosalyn Raven. She seemed a bit hesitant at first, but she was overall a pleasure to listen to! Let’s hear what she has planned for this Halloween.

What are your plans this Halloween?
Oh, hello. Are you writing this down? Right, well, I’ve decided that I’ll just be sitting in the Raven Common Room this Halloween. It’s not exactly my favorite time of year. Everyone is just seeking a scare, and frankly, I don’t like to be scared, so the common room is my safest bet.

It’s safe to say that if you’re in Hogsworth around Halloween, Rosalyn Raven will not appreciate a scare. Maybe ask her what her favorite candy is instead, and give her a couple of pieces. I am sure she would enjoy that!

Next on our list of ghosts that have elected to tell us how they are spending their Halloween, we have... Chunky Charles! He was pleasant to chat with! Let’s hear what he has to say.

What are your plans this Halloween?
I’ll be in and out of the castle doing various things! I’ve told some of the Honeybadger students that I would hand out candy with them, or well, stand there while they do it for support, seeing as I can’t pick things up. Furthermore, I have to tend to the plants in the Honeybadger Common Room, seeing as most students are packing up to head home or go on trips.

It warms my heart to know that Chunky Charles is going to be helping some of the students, as well as looking out for their common room. I hope he takes as much time for himself as he does for others, though.

Next up, we have Basically Beheaded Benjamin. This one went just about how you would expect it to. The poor, poor students.

What are your plans this Halloween?
My plans, you ask? Well, obviously, I’m staying in the castle. What else would a ghost like me do at Halloween? Have you seen what I can do with my head? I can basically take it off. Do you even understand the number of scares I can get? I do it to the first years practically every year! Ah, it never gets old. Halloween is the one time of year when scaring children is justified. Count me in.

Yeah, about how I had imagined that would go. I will be keeping those first years in my thoughts during this season. Maybe they will read this and be a little cautious around the castle this year.

The last interview was meant to be with the Carnage Count, but when he showed up, he just stared at me for 15 consecutive minutes. No, that is not an exaggeration. I counted. I asked him the question when he walked up, and I got nothing but a grunt, which does not tell me much of anything. It was rather unsettling, though. So, do with that what you will.

That is unfortunately all we have time for in this Daily Diviner article, but I hope to see you next time. I would like to thank all the ghosts that participated– even the Carnage Count, I guess. It was lovely hearing all of your thoughts. Have a good one!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Hello lovely readers! The yearly celebration of all things creepy, crawly, ghostly, ghoulish, spooky, and magical is upon us. I have always loved learning more about the magical beings in our world, such as werewolves, ghosts, mermaids, or vampires. Some creatures are sweet and innocent, while others are terrifying and dangerous. If you have ever wondered what kind of magical creature you are, this quiz may be for you!

What is your favorite color?
A. White
B. Black
C. Rainbow
D. Pink

What do you like to do in your free time?
A. Play sports
B. Gaming
C. Make art or play an instrument
D. Read

What is your boggamorph?
A. Death of my loved ones
B. Loneliness
C. Bugs, especially spiders
D. Being unable to play games

What is your ideal magical career?
A. Unspeakable
B. Professor
C. Mediwizard
D. Wizencouncil Member

What are your favorite magical subjects?
A. Dark Arts and Potions
B. DADA and Dueling
C. Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology
D. Flying and Magical Crime

Once you have your answers, look at their associated letters. The letter that you answered with the most corresponds to the creature that you are!

Mostly A - Bizirik: You're the kind of person that if someone crosses you, they'll never be seen again. Scary!

Mostly B - Thestry: You come off as absolutely terrifying to people, but once they get to know you, you're not so bad.

Mostly C - Flufflepuff: You can try to come off as scary, but everyone just thinks you're cute.

Mostly D - Occamer: You may look sweet and friendly, but you certainly have quite the bite! People should beware of getting on your bad side.

Which creature did you get? Was it what you expected? Feel free to let us know! Happy Halloween and have a wonderful day. This has been Creme_de_Creme reporting for the Daily Diviner.

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Hello dear reader, and welcome to a very spooky Special Edition Lifestyle! As Halloween draws closer, unwanted spirits may begin to pop up in the castle and around the magical world. Having taken many Ghoul Studies classes and read all of the latest garish editions to the Hogsworth library, here are some ways to ward off evil spirits from an expert in the supernatural.

Some of the most terrifying magical creatures show their faces around Halloween. For example, Vexlings are small, tricky little things with a spiky head. There are stories of sightings on the cliffs of Antrum. Watch out for their haunting laughter and their many-colored bodies, as it will lead you to your doom. If you get lost with your group, beware of the Vexling. Similarly, the Undead are a staple of Halloween horrors at Hogsworth. These necromantic creatures are transformations from humans and share no traits with their former selves. They are barbaric creatures that will not think twice about coming to harm you, so keep your guard up!

Ghouls, similar to the Undead, are ghastly ghosts that loom in the autumn months. They are commonly found in the wilderness and take on the appearance of a disfigured creature. They are, in many cases, harmless; however, some ghosts may attack, and you must always be wary. Finally, some Vampires that haunt the world are beings bent on drinking blood to survive. They appear as pale, sickly humans with fangs. Beware their ability to transfer the curse of vampirism, as it can be spread through blood.

To ward off these evils come Halloween, you must follow certain steps very carefully. With these tried and tested methods of warding in the magical world, you can protect yourself from any of these magical creatures. For the Undead, you should prepare certain spells. Spells of movement, such as Ascendo, will help you escape, and the Undead’s aversion to light will be your friend if you cast Lumen Aestus.

Ghouls are trickier, as many of them appear as wisps of their former selves. Black cats are said to keep away wandering malevolent spirits seeking souls. Jack-o’-lanterns are another common way to protect your rooms. Finally, burning sage in your dormitory can help keep evil Ghouls away. Don’t worry; the kind Hogsworth ghosts will still be able to enter! Last of all are wards for Vampires. Vampires have a natural distaste for light of any kind, and it can seriously harm them. Opening your windows to sunlight and having light spells handy are useful tools for protecting yourself. Garlic is another helpful item to ward off Vampires. According to some texts, they abhor it. Finally, as a last resort, enchanted water will seriously hurt a Vampire when they come in contact with it.

Equipped with knowledge of the creeping creatures of Halloween and how to ward them off, I hope you feel a little safer this spooky season! The Library in Hogsworth has great resources if you still have your concerns; you have the means for research at your fingertips. Have a safe Halloween!

The Daily Diviner

New Magician

Long, wavy blonde hair fell over Maya’s shoulders as she pushed the newspaper cart through the streets of Riddleyard. She had been looking forward to visiting the town all week to sell newspapers. Having never been to Riddleyard before, this was a new experience for her.

She had been so ecstatic that she woke up early, much earlier than needed, and triple checked if she had everything before heading out.

After walking around Riddleyard for a while, Maya found a great spot to set up her stand. She had done it so many times by now that she finished quickly, ready to start selling newspapers.

“The Daily Diviner’s newest edition! Come get it here, fresh off the press!” Maya exclaimed, a bright smile on her face. An old lady came up to her, a tiny sparkle in her eye as she picked up a newspaper and dropped the exact amount of coins for the payment on the stand.

“Have a nice day!” Maya spoke up, waving as the lady walked away, while a fresh group of people approached the stand. Though she found it strange the woman didn’t respond, Maya was just happy to have customers, given that Riddleyard was quite a small town.

As the day went on, Maya noticed that some people were giving her confused looks. It was like they were trying to figure something out about her. Frankly, it made her anxious to the point that she took peeks at herself in her pocket mirror. Maya noticed she was looking rather pale, but that couldn’t be the reason, could it?

After a while a small child came up to her, holding the coins to buy a newspaper. Maya greeted the boy as soon as their eyes met, which caused him to raise his eyebrows as if he didn’t expect her to talk to him.

“Could I please have one newspaper? It’s for my father,” the boy asked. The corners of Maya’s lips curled upwards as she nodded and handed the boy the paper. She could remember being his age and buying newspapers for her own father.

“Thank you!” The kid ran off quickly, looking a little scared. It seemed like he was attempting to avoid Maya. The girl frowned, confused about what just happened, especially when she received the same look from bystanders.

“Hey, could I have one paper, please?” Maya’s eyes met with those of the person in front of her. There stood a boy around her age with a kind smile on his lips, who looked like he was attempting to figure something out.

“Of course! Here you go!” Maya watched the boy grin as their hands lightly touched.

“Thank you. How are the sales going, ma’am?” His eyes didn't leave her face as he put the newspaper into his bag.

“It’s going well, thank you for asking. You are the first person to really talk to me today. Do you live here in Riddleyard or nearby?” Maya responded, delighted to finally have a normal conversation.

“Yeah, but you look as if you aren’t from around here. Are you feeling well, ma’am? You’re almost as pale as a ghost. And we have a few of those around the church,” the boy teased. It made Maya realize why she had been getting bizarre looks all day.

“Oh… yeah. If I'm this pale, that explains why I'm getting so many weird looks.”

“I’m Victor. It’s nice to meet you,” he introduced himself, as to which Maya happily introduced herself too, and they shook hands shortly. “You look like you are getting paler by the minute. Would you like me to walk you to the nearest doctor’s office so that you can get some help?” Victor looked at her with concern. She looked more like a real ghost as time passed.

“Oh, that would be nice! Thank you!” Maya said, and he started pushing her little cart after she gave her answer. She quickly followed him, a new conversation starting almost instantly.
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