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The Mark of a Healer Expansion [1.7.0] [July 24th 2022]

"Oh my gosh, are you okay? I can call for Madam Lillian, one second..."

Our latest expansion, The Mark of the Healer is now live! A brand new six-part questline, called Rising Healer, a new Fast Travel quest, called A Repair for a Ride and the all-new Merlin's Magical Hospital Build await players in our latest update.

Rising Healer
A brand new six-part questline is now live! Players will encounter Via Oxley, a student who wishes to learn the art of healing, and over the course of six quests, embark on a fantastic journey to discover more about Via, the Oxley family, and secrets that lie within several towns... There is also a brand new healing spell available in Rising Healer: Supported called Saniteris! Check your quest journal to begin!

Rising Healer: United
Level Requirement: 40
Rising Healer: Supported
Level Requirement: 50
Rising Healer: Comforted
Level Requirement: 59
Rising Healer: Challenged
Level Requirement: 65
Rising Healer: Recommended
Level Requirement: 65
Rising Healer: Reunited
Level Requirement: 74

Other New Content
- A Repair for a Ride: A new fast travel quest that will take you from Appleby to Riddleyard! You can speak to the Boat Captain on the shore near Appleby to Begin! Level Requirement: 60
- Merlin's Magical Hospital has been released on the world! Head to London to be able to explore this beautifully redesigned hospital and discover the few hidden secrets that are hidden throughout it.

Quest Design & Implementation:
chail3y, HektorTM, apaulled, AzureAsh, NSgaming, Lbby, Miss_Strudel
Skins: Bertnana, Bwunie, kaae, queenofspacerats Ralie, SalamiBaby123, Sorcellerie
Graphics: Sunnya, Lukeius
Models: Droobledore
Development: Teheeo, DenizTM
Testing: 20zuzka04, AzureAsh, Grucifix, Invisibilia, KipxSateee, marmitemira, Mireiia, Nives_ninis, xMye, Teheeo, 0ceqn, Leoceratops, VynVibes, Tangular123, Daaan, viewful, xFleur_, Alexstrasza14
Mobs and Spells: apaulled, Droobledore, Expiroces, FrostTM, Joshios, xAutumnn, Zmiy
Builds: 0ceqn, Ardnassaz, AzazelAC, CherryBud, clqiro, CraftyKanna, eimly, JustMaxHell, Lbby, Lord_Telion, PotatoEmma, RainTM, SLGSky, tiffanyphobia, trashdotcom, xFleur_, Zis_Craft
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Minecraft IGN: Tuna2
I can't wait to get the new healing spell! I really like healing and reviving others :D