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The Return of the Daily Diviner

Hello everyone!

It is with great pleasure to announce that the Daily Diviner is back. In the past few months, all of the Daily Diviner team has worked really hard to rework it to something great. The writers, editors, and Lead Producers have given it their all the past few months to bring forth an all new Daily Diviner. While a lot things are familiar, there are some fun and exciting new things as well.

There are new article columns, which we hope you will enjoy. There is a brand new logo you might have already spotted. Last, but not least, we also have a new ways to read the Daily Diviner!

You still enjoy the Daily Diviner at your nearest news seller or enchanted newspaper. If you want something more physical in game, you can now get the books for free at the DD Seller in the main Daily Diviner office in Diagonal Lane! If you would like to read it here on the website, you can do that too! The Daily Diviner can now also be found on the forums right here.
The Daily Diviner will be published biweekly on Sunday.

We hope you enjoy the new Daily Diviner!