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The Woodshire Expansion [1.9.0] [April 15th 2023]

"Now, it appears, my friend, it is ye who is running out of time..."
Following the use of a powerful artifact called the Obscurium, the world has begun to shift and change once again, resulting in the long-forgotten town of Woodshire revealing itself to the world. What caused this town to be forgotten? And what happens now that it's been remembered? Secret, mysteries, and discoveries are all awaiting you in Woodshire!

  • Woodshire has been added to the world. This includes access to the firedust network. As a special treat, travel to Woodshire is free for a limited time!
  • We've added 5 New Main Quests, 2 Repeatable Quests, and lots of hidden activities, discoveries, and more!
    • [NEW MAIN QUEST] Helping the Forgotten: Level 53
      • Requires: Completing of A Puzzling Patient Quest
    • [NEW MAIN QUEST] Trouble in Paradise: Level 53
      • Requires: Completion of Helping the Forgotten Quest
    • [NEW MAIN QUEST] An Unbreakable Bond: Level 55
      • Requires: Completion of Trouble in Paradise Quest
    • [NEW MAIN QUEST] Cassie's Conundrum: Level 56
      • Requires: Completion of Trouble in Paradise Quest
    • [NEW MAIN QUEST] Clubhouse Crew: Level 54
      • Requires: Completion of Trouble in Paradise Quest
    • [NEW REPEATABLE SIDE QUEST] Clubhouse Hunt: Level 54
      • Requires: Completion of Clubhouse Crew Quest
    • [NEW REPEATABLE SIDE QUEST] The Things We Forget: Level 54
      • Requires: Completion of Trouble in Paradise Quest
  • Woodshire Reputation has been added! You can find the taskboard on the road near the castle.
    • Requires: Completion of Trouble in Paradise Quest
    • Exclusive Reward: Woodshire Castle Flag Pet
    • Do note, this will be the last town that we release Reputation for, as we want to direct our attention towards other repeatable content (Like that of Clubhouse Hunt and The Things We Forget) for the future.

World Mobs - Introducing Dens!
In addition to Woodshire being released, several new mobs have slipped through into our world! This includes the Minotaur, last seen at the 2022 Valentines Event, as well as two new mobs that have mystified researchers for some time - The Kearpon, a powerful water dragon, as well as the Bizirik, a three-eyed cat ready to pounce at unsuspecting passersby.

Part of how these mobs have eluded the Wizarding community for so long is that they tend to live in dens, hidden away from the rest of the world. To find a den, simply look for a few of the mobs in the area, and you may be transported into their secret den, where you'll be able to fend off hordes of these monsters yourself.

Locations for these will be added to the world map in the coming days,

Additional Changes:
- Small Changes to the quest "A Repair for a Ride" have been made, including changing the location of the boat to be closer to Appleby.
- The Knight Shuttle will now make stops outside of Merlins' Magical Hospital, allowing easier transport to the location, but you can also find them in the compass in the meantime!

Project Leadership:
Game Designers: chail3y, darkatspock, julit_, Lbby, leugim23, Melioraa, MelonFoxy, , MilkBones_, myriadofanger, Wildsam
Magic & Mobs: Wildsam, LeoTheLynx, Droobledore, Taramite
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