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Tropical Store Releases

Aloha, witches and wizards!

Grab your flip-flops, slip into your favourite shirt, and let the tropical vibes take you to an endless paradise with the new Tropical Store Releases! This new release offers an array of tropical-themed items, so let's dive deeper to see what they are!

Vine Crown: Spend this summer dressed on theme with our Vine Crown!
Pet Green Seahorse: This pet seahorse has a beautiful bright nature to it!
Pet Purple Seahorse: Travel around the world with this ethereal purple seahorse!
Pet Blue Seahorse: Truly feel like you're under the sea with this sea-blue seahorse!
Pet Red Seahorse: Travel the world with this adorable, striking red companion!
Coral Scenery: Spend your days surrounded by coral, sandcastles, and sea creatures!
Treasure Chest Warp Key: Carry your treasure wherever you go with our newest Treasure Chest Warp Key!
Wind Wand Effects: Have the wind swirling around you with our new wand effects!

For more information about each item, visit the New Releases category of our store! Are you curious about how they look in-game? Check out our in-game store before purchasing them from the webstore or the Potter Points store!