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Valentine's Day 2020

This year, Valentine's Day is being celebrated once again in Underland! The Queen of Hearts has outlawed Valentine's Day once again and the citizens of Underland need your help to defeat her powerful magic. Find 9 of the citizens around town who can help you with this task. Each of them will provide you with a special item which you can use to craft a Love Staff at the Blacksmith near the castle, but it's not that simple..

Each of these citizens will need food and potions that you're able to craft by defeating creatures of Underland and planting herbs at the Seed Shop. You will find a restaurant and a pub nearby for cooking and brewing respectively.

Once you have crafted a Love Staff, approach the Queen of Hearts in her castle and challenge her to a duel!

There are a few returning games this year, as well as a couple new ones, be sure to check them out at the Games NPC near the entrance to Underland. Most notably, the parkour to earn the Amor Vita spell has returned! Additionally, for the duration of the event, minigames in the /games menu will reward Event Tokens.

Rewards and Store Releases
Most previous event rewards are available once more, as well as a new Heart Headband! Valentine's themed items are also now available on the store with a new addition, the Heart Scepter!

Underland will be accessible through the Rabbit Hole in the Great Hall courtyard until February 24th.