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Valentines in the Enchanted Valley

This Valentine’s Day, the Fairytale Council has requested the help of Hogsworth students in the Enchanted Valley! The Fairy Godmother needs assistance in helping the town’s residents each find their own happy ending after one of the Fairytale Council members gave Villains access to the Valley. Speak to Rayne just outside the Great Hall to step inside a storybook and help solidify the bonds of family, friends, and romantic partners as you restore peace to the newly renovated Enchanted Valley.

Story Quests
In your questbook, you will see a new icon for the Valentine's Event. There are seven new story quests located in the Enchanted Valley and completing all of them will unlock exclusive rewards. However, these quests must first be unlocked by collecting enough Storybook Pages. Storybook Pages are items that can be traded with other players and can be obtained in 3 ways: finding nodes around the Enchanted Valley, completing Side Quests, or buying them using Inspiration Sparks. Inspiration Sparks are viewable in /me and can be earned through playing minigames such as parkours, mazes, and droppers. You can exchange Inspiration Sparks for Storybook Pages at the Librarian in the Enchanted Valley’s Castle Library.

Repeatable Content
Complete each of the 4 Side Quests daily to earn Storybook Pages to unlock the Story Quests and Event Tokens to purchase rewards. The Side Quests include Painting Tales, Mischief Managed, Cupid Troubles, and Fairies Everywhere. Starting coordinates can be obtained from Information NPCs in the Enchanted Valley.

You can also earn Events Tokens by completing any of the seven mini-games, including a new Ariel’s Grotto Dropper, West Wing Parkour, and Jack and the Beanstalk Parkour. Completing these additionally rewards Inspiration Sparks, which can be exchanged for Storybook Pages at the castle’s Librarian to unlock Story Quests.

You can purchase several rewards with Event Tokens in the Enchanted Valley’s central market. We have a few old rewards, as well as some newer ones! Here, you can also exchange Storybook Pages for Event Tokens at a 1 to 2 ratio or exchange Event Tokens for Gold at a 1 to 2 ratio. The list of rewards are as follows:

- NEW! Wherefore Art Thou Emote
- NEW! Bippidi Bobbidi Boo Emote
- NEW! Festival of the Arts Statue
- NEW! Tales of the Enchanted Valley Storybook
- NEW! Scarf of Amoreti
- NEW! Scarf of Friendship
- NEW! Fairytale Scarf
- NEW! Villain Scarf
- NEW! Kupei Plushie
- NEW! Lantern of Commemoration
- NEW! Kissing Fish
- NEW! Rose Oracle
- NEW! Valentines Banner Set
- NEW! Enchanted Valley Banner Set
- NEW! Valentines Fireworks
- Cupid Pet
- Heart Headband
- Heart Glasses
- Heartstorm Spell

We hope you all enjoy your time at the Enchanted Valley! The celebration will end on March 13th at 12:00pm PST

Content Creation:
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Event Builds:
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Testing + Feedback:
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Mobs - apaulled, Zmooya, and Joshios
Spells - apaulled and Zmooya
Clock Model - Droobledore
Candelabra Model - Sunnya
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Good Idea for a Valentines Event, the Minigames are pretty boring tbh. Only Jump and Run, Freefall and Labyrinth in 7 games out of 3.. you could do so much more like a game where you have to remember something, craft/brew something or do like a flying pacour. And another problem is, if u get lost in a labyrinth u cant even get out (you cant find the way back) and you are captured in there, maybe do like a /exit command.