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Wand Lore Expansion

Greetings, witches and wizards!

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our current Wand Lore to include more exciting wand woods and cores! Enjoy 10 new wand woods and 9 new cores, on top of our already expansive list of lore to choose from!

We are also excited to announce an update to show off your wand lore even more easily- when you defeat another player, whether in classes, challenges, or outside duelling, players can now hover over the death message to see both your wand name and the lore.

You can now head to our store to purchase a Wand Lore token, and use it to select your chosen wand wood and core. Lore for each possible option can also be seen in the in-game store, so you can pick which wood and core suit you best!

The new wand woods available are the following:
  • Afara: Found in western Africa, afara wood is good for those who prefer a calm and peaceful environment. Many wizards who have this wood find they rarely get into conflicts with others.
  • Bloodwood: Easily damaged, bloodwood is not commonly used by those with reckless or destructive tendencies. Bloodwood excels in casting charms as its porous qualities allow for magic to flow through the wand easily.
  • Lacewood: Looking as if it contains gold, lacewood wands are incredibly popular amongst the wealthy. This wood is adept in multiple forms of magic, making it ideal for someone who wants to be proficient in as much as possible while still having a little flair.
  • Macacauba: This colourful wood is popular amongst wizards who are little flamboyant. The magic it produces often gives a little extra, making it the perfect choice for someone who loves charms, or is trying to impress a special someone.
  • Pink Ivory: This uncommon wood is found in the southern region of Africa! It is a very difficult wood to work with, requiring wizards to have strong wills and endless ambition. If a wizard forms a connection with pink ivory wood, they will be guaranteed a loyal wand for the rest of their life.
  • Pistachio: As this wood is named after a nut, it is often used by wizards who are involved in herbology. The green colour is attractive to various plant lovers. Wizards who possess a green thumb are easily connected to this wood type.
  • Purpleheart: Purpleheart wood is for those who are seen as strong-minded. It works best for wizards who find themselves able to resist temptation.
  • Sucupira: Due to sucupira being a durable wood, those who get this wood find themselves able to withstand most things thrown at them. It is believed that the wizard will live longer than most if they get this wood.
  • Tineo: Commonly found in Chile and Argentina, tineo is favoured for its unique colours. Any wizard who uses a wand of tineo tend to be outgoing and flamboyant.
  • Wenge: Known for its strength, wenge normally chooses wizards who have a good control on their magic. Those with this wood may also find that their magical core is greater than others.
The new wand cores available are the following:
  • Bear Fur: As bears normally have a shy nature, those who get a bear fur core might find themselves avoiding contact with fellow humans and prefer to do things alone.
  • Bone: This sinister wand core prefers wizards who have an interest in dark magic and the unknown. Those who come to possess a wand with this core have an endless curiosity that cannot be satiated.
  • Butterfly Essence: Those that have a butterfly essence core may find themselves to be very paranoid when it comes to certain situations. Wizards with this core also love change.
  • Dragonfly Wing: Because of a dragonfly's territorial nature, many who have a dragonfly core may find themselves very protective of both friends and family. These wizards rarely find themselves leaning towards dark magic.
  • Icicle: Forged using magic, those with cores made of icicles tend to be closely bonded with the wizard who forged their core. Their magic is often linked, making this an unlikely option for most wizards. The strengths and weaknesses of one tend to be the strengths and weaknesses of the other.
  • Pegasus Wing Feather: This hard-to-get core is not used in the average wizard's wand. Those with a Pegasus wing feather as a core often go on to do great things later on in life, and the strong magic that is produced aids in this.
  • Pixie Dust: Wizards who find themselves holding wands with pixie dust cores are said to be exceptional at charms magic, and often have a flair for dramatic cosmetic spells too! They're said to wield their wands beautifully, almost as a natural extension of their own arm.
  • Seahorse Scale: Due to the calm and patient nature of the seahorse, the seahorse scale core is perfect for those who are able to stay calm in tricky situations.
  • Stardust: This core is perfect for wizards who have an out-of-this-world ambition! Often packed densely into the core of the wand, stardust produces extremely potent magic. Wizards who have a stardust core excel at divination!
For more information, head to our in-game store or web store to view and purchase a wand lore token! As a reminder, our butterbrew items are on the store until the end of the month, so head to the store and don't forget to grab them before they're gone too!



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Hello, @Deathlish,

The Wand Lore token allows you to change the lore of your wand, meaning what is seen when hovering over it. You can combine any of the wand woods and cores. This is purely cosmetic, so it does not alter the behaviour of your wand. I hope that clarifies it, and please let us know if you have more questions!

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