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  • Hello Potterworldians! :giggle: I have released my art store to the public! All commissions on the store are tradeable with Potterworld gold. I have several art options to create your character! From Hogsworth Student IDs, Signatures, and Store Trades we have it all and more to come :DShatterdHeart's Store Commissions Request I have partnered with @Engelhardmarcos for his incredible renders, which you can also put in your requests for renders. On our website which is linked in our request form above. On our website we our prices page with all prices listed on there. If there is a sale our sale will be listed on our website under prices. We also have our portfolio page on our website where you can see all the work from myself and Engel on there!! :heart::serpent:
    Hey guys! I made a form where you can check out all the art commissions I will be doing. Here is a link to my Commissions Request! There has a link to my website with prices and my portfolio. I have also partnered with @Engelhardmarcos on creating renders which those can also be found on Commissions Request! Prices are also on website.
    I have changed the last name of my family today. We use to be called the Morozov's but decided to change our name to the Woodmoors!
    The builds for this new event is amazing, everyone involved did a wonderful job! From the gameplay, to builds, to minigames its all really cool and really enjoyable! Thank you for the 2023 Winter Waltz!
    Hello everyone! I would like to make a statement here and so everyone knows and is up to date about my sexuality, where I stand, etc. I would like to come out to the Potterworld community as Transgender. I have been for a while now and I am proud to be apart of the trans community. I now go as Aspasia and my pronouns are she/her. If you are confused of who I was before, I was Allan/Alexander. Thank you for allowing me to write and come out to you guys personally. If you need anyone to talk to my DMs are open (ShatterdHeart#5031). Stay safe!
    okay tbh the magiventologists team did a amazing job on the star wars event. I love the build, the aspect for crafting the lightsaber. It's literally perfect. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who put their time into this event!!
    2-25-2021 // While Alexander sits in jail waiting for a visitor to come. He plots his demise while waiting for a trial.
    1-14-2021 // The Crystalbone lore will be split into parts so it's not so massive. We will also be writing members backstory in different forum posts as well.
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