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Crystalbone Family Lore

Aspasia Castellanos

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Part One: The Beginning

In a land far far away from Hogsworth, there was a new land being introduced into the universe, Aragon.

Moving to a cold frigid town northwest of Aragon, Legedrid. There was a woman looking for true love. This woman's name is Seraphina Salavik. Seraphina is a local baker for the kingdom. Seraphina single for her whole life - waiting for true love to happen in real life. Moving east from Legedrid and heading to a very warm Winthor Haven. We meet a man with resting midnight black wings that are 32 feet long when stretched. This man has curly blonde hair with emerald green eyes. This mysterious man’s name is Frederick Crystalbone. Frederick is also looking for a lover in his life but can never find one because of his wings and the rumors about him.

Seraphina sold her bakery to take a new approach to the world. Seraphina had to take a wagon to Peidan Harbor to catch a boat to get to Keilitheil which is the central kingdom that manages all the other kingdoms. While Seraphina is going to Keilitheil, Frederick decides to leave Winthor Haven and go to Keilitheil to speak to King Alexander about taking a woman to speak to the Grandmaster of Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. Once Seraphina reached Keilitheil docks King Alexander’s guards grabbed her as she was confused why the king’s guard was taking her to the palace - she went along with what was happening. Once she reached the throne room which stood Frederick next to the King. Frederick told the King that she had been chosen to be taken to Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. After the King told her why she was in the palace. She took one good look at Frederick and saw his emerald sparkle green eyes and fell right in love. With his blonde curly hair, she decided to go with him.

The two decided to go into a room so Frederick could discuss how the process to get to Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum will be. Frederick looked at Seraphina once she walked into the throne room and fell in love with her long jet black hair with her brown colored eyes. “Hello!” said Frederick. “Hi! My name is Seraphina Salavik,” responded Seraphina. Such a charming name, he thought. “My name is Frederick Crystalbone,” he said with excitement. “Okay so, basically what will happen is I’m going to grab you by your waist and fly towards a bunch of clouds. Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum is in between Aragon and Earth,” said Frederick firmly. “Okay,” responded Seraphina. Frederick grabs Seraphina’s waist and starts flapping his wings and creates wings stronger than a hurricane.

He flys out of the sphere-shaped window and flies up and north into a mountain. When they’re 50 feet away from the mountain he angles himself facing upwards and flies into clouds. When he reaches two hundred thousand feet in the sky, purple, green, and blue stripes start swirling around the two and he flies faster and breaks the sound barrier and enters Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum.

Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum looks like a floating island with a crystal in the middle of the sky emitting magic to homes and the town below it. The island also holds a mountainous mountain which is capped with snow on top and has a grand meeting table inside. Frederick flies inside the mountain and is greeted by an elder angel and nine other council members which are a mix of fairies and angels. Once Frederick lands on the stone with cyan, grey, and black carpets. He is dismissed by the elder angel. He whispers in Seraphina’s ear and says that’s the Grandmaster of Angels and Fairies. Once Frederick leaves the Grandmaster starts speaking to Seraphina.

“Hello, Seraphina! My name is Leofrick Crystalbone. I’m the Protector and Grandmaster of Angels and Fairies.” spoke Grandmaster. “Hel- how did you know my name?” asked Seraphina. The Grandmaster responded by telling her about the table and that it allows him to connect to every human, elf, wizard, fairy, angel, dwarf, vampire, werewolf, and nymph. He also spoke about how his son is about to become the new Grandmaster. Seraphina asked who his son was and he said, Frederick. She gasps and gets worried. The Grandmaster notices that she is worried and asks if everything is okay. She proceeds to explain to him that she is in love with him. He looks at her and thinks to himself a plan to fix the issue at hand.

He tells Seraphina that if he is to become Grandmaster he cannot marry or date a human. Seraphina’s heart shatters hearing what Grandmaster said. Seraphina later asks why she is in Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum then. The Grandmaster responds with “If you want to marry my son Frederick I shall grant you the power to switch between a fairy and a human.”

Once the Grandmaster was finished speaking he banged his staff against the ground and the crystal shot a magic stream to Seraphina’s back and grew blue fairy wings. She fluttered the wings and was able to hover until she fell to the ground because she wasn’t able to control them. The Grandmaster summoned his son and said please accompany miss Seraphina back to Aragon. Frederick agrees and spreads his midnight black wings and holds hands with Seraphina and flies into the clouds surrounding the floating island. Once landing back at Poxmillia Seraphina’s wings shrunk into her coat and is hidden when on the ground.

Upon landing, Frederick rested his wings and used his environmental powers to form an Arbor out of vines with pink and red flowers. He reaches into his back pocket behind his wings and pulls out a ring and asks Seraphina if she wanted to marry him. She bursts with excitement and says yes. They got married and purchased a home in Proxmillia.

A couple of months later a fairy shows up at their door and informs Frederick that his father is passing. Seraphina expresses that they need to go to Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. Frederick agrees and flies to Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum with Seraphina and the fairy. Once reached Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum you can tell that The Grandmaster is passing. The trees are dying, the grass and the snow are melting. The fairy that accompanied Frederick and Seraphina left to go prepare the ceremony and Frederick and Seraphina went to the Grandmaster’s household and he was laying in bed waiting for his son, so he could pass the Grandmaster powers to Frederick. Seraphina waits outside the room while Frederick goes inside to speak to his father and see him before he passes. After speaking to his father, Leofrick touched him and spoke his last words “transire mihi vires.” This spell passed all of Leofrick’s powers to whoever he touched. While saying the spell he was touching Frederick and it made Frederick’s skin glow a golden color.

After watching his father pass he walked out of the room and looked out of the window and saw all the trees, and grass coming back. It started to snow as well. When he walked outside of the room Seraphina looked at him and said “is everything okay?” He responded with “Yeah he passed with seeing his son and living his dream life. I’m now the Grandmaster!” Seraphina congratulated him and told him the news that they’re expecting a child.
Fifteen years after the passing of Leofrick Crystalbone. There was a baby boy born by the name of Athalos. Athalos was born in Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. Athalos has wings as big as his fathers and as white as snow. He also inherited the ability to retract his wings whenever. While in Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum he became friends with a fairy and her brother Gwendolyn and Xavier Logtrium. Athalos and Gwendolyn were trouble makers in Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. One day Athalos went to Gwendolyn and explained to her that there is another world outside of Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. She gasped and was concerned about where the conversion was going to go and just asked him “Where did you hear about this?”. Athalos responded and I heard my father and mother speaking about it.

Later that evening at dinner with his family he spoke to his parents about the world down below. His mother looked at Frederick with a surprised look. She was confused about how he knew about it. Athalos’s father answered his question with “Athalos, we need to make sure that you don’t go down there because it’s very dangerous and scary.” Athalos agreed with his father. The next day Athalos, Gwendolynn, and two other kids want to fly down to the world. Athalos followed them disobeying his father and mother. They all held hands with Athalos since he had the largest wings and strongest. They flew across the island and through the sound barrier and clouds. Once they left Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum territory. They start flying down and see the land fade into their vision and see the beauty of Aragon.

Upon landing they tried to hide their wings as well as possible since only Athalos could shrink his wings. As they cover their wings - they want to explore the land. After a couple of hours exploring the land of Aragon, they decide to go back home before their parents figure out they left. Once again they took off their coats and grabbed onto Athalos and flew back to Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. Once they all landed back at Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum they flew home. Athalos flew home and once he saw his parents he told them everything that happened. Gwendolynn told her parents as well of what happened. The next day Gwendolynn and Athalos went to go see each other and they started to catch feelings for each other. When Athalos turned seventeen he asked Gwendolynn to be his girlfriend. When Athalos turned twenty-three he was given the power of being the Grandmaster of Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. When Athalos became Grandmaster he flew down to Keilitheil to speak to Prince Marcus; King Alexander’s son, about opening a portal to a new world that the Angels have seen. Prince Marcus and King Alexander agreed and opened an off-limit island for us to install the portal. After eight years of dating Gwendolynn Logtrium, he dropped on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Six years later Gwendolynn and Athalos Crystalbone finished the portal and traveled to a town called Edgebrook where Gwendolynn had a baby boy which she named Allan, she gave him a middle name Xavier because of her brother. The baby boy had wings as big as his father and grandpa and great-grandpa. When Allan turned four they figured out that he could control ice and snow and wield magic. They heard of a school that could help him learn how to control and channel it. They call it Hogsworth. Two years later they had a baby girl and they named her Vampira Crystalbone. She was a fairy with pink wings. She also had the ability to wield magic. Instead of controlling ice and snow, she could control mother earth. Her name is Vampira. Allan and Vampira both possess the power to retract their wings.

Allan Xavier Crystalbone was born in Edgebrook and is the older sibling to Vampira Crystalbone. Allan attended Hogsworth for all seven years. He was sorted in the Serpent house. He also mastered the arts of the Defense of the Dark Arts, Magical Creatures, and Wand Lore. While in Hogsworth he met one of his good friends that later became The Flamekeeper to the Lord of the Phoenixes; Andreu Zoldyck. After graduating Hogsworth he got on Hogsworth Express and went to Edgebrook to go back to Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum so he could accept the Grandmaster role. Once Allan came back to Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum he saw all of his friends from school and family at the ceremony. Once all the powers from Athalos transferred to Allan everyone celebrated. Allan had something to say “Thank you everyone for coming to this ceremony! I just want to say a quick thing. From this day on all Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum citizens, warriors, council members now follow the Aurorlocks and stand with the Aurorlocks. That’s all thank you.” After the ceremony, everyone left and went back home. Allan went outside when it was snowing and grabbed a snowflake and turned it into a massive snowflake and attached it to a stick and made a staff off of it. To this day Allan is still the Grandmaster of Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum.

Several years later, Allan went down to Aragon and entered the portal his parents set up. When he landed on Earth he retracted his wings and walked a couple of miles and stumbled across a very small town named Appleby Village and saw an orphanage and entered the building. Previously he’s been thinking of adopting a child. He looked at one child and whispered “This is the one!” After speaking to the clerk about adopting the baby girl. Allan grabbed the girl and walked back into the portal and flew to Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. Upon reaching the floating island he lands at his home and creates a minor snowstorm that creates a crib. Setting down the baby in the crib he thinks to himself what he should call her. He thinks of two names he has to pick from, Lilura or Nirualtry. After an hour of choosing he decided to call the baby girl Lilura. Allan gave Lilura a middle name of Seraphine. She was born on December 10th 1990. Since Lilura was from Earth she didn’t inherit her wings. But every Grandmaster is able to grant one person a life as an Angel or Fairy. He ensured that she became an Angel. He casted a spell to grant Lilura as a baby girl angel wings. Once the spell was done surrounding the girl she grew small wings that turned midnight black like his grandfather and her great-grandfather. When the girl turned six years old Allan taught Lilura how to retract her wings so she could go into the normal world without being judged. Lilura would always rent out books in the library and read about a wizarding school called Hogsworth. She didn’t know she was magical until she turned eleven and she got the letter asking her to attend Hogsworth. She rushed to her father and told him about the news and he was extremely excited for her. When she first walked into Hogsworth she thought that she wouldn’t fit in because of her name and it didn’t make sense. So she went by Aliana Riddle. Once graduating Hogsworth she found an interest in Magical Creatures just like her father and became a Magizoologist for the Ministry of Magicians and helped the Phoenixes with anything Magical Creatures related. She didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of her father and become a Grandmaster of Aeris Cenaculo Deorsum. That means that Allan will be Grandmaster until he has another child. Allan is not expecting to leave the Grandmaster position anytime soon.

Moving back into the past and visiting Gwendolynn Logtrium. Gwendolynn had a brother and his name is Xavier. Xavier dated a female fairy, Elizabeth Matruyim. Elizabeth had a baby girl and called her Rebecca. Rebecca was born a fairy but was granted the wish to go to Hogsworth. When she was a student at Hogsworth she was sorted into Honeybadgers by the sorting hat. Rebecca didn’t want to use Logtrium as her last name so switched it to Crystalbone to fit her cousin.

Part Two coming January 5th.

Family Application:
  • The Crystalbones are an Angel/Fairy family this means that we highly recommend you getting either fairy or angel wings. You will not get rejected because you don’t have the hat appearance. Do you have/will get either the fairy or angel wings?
  • Minecraft Username?
  • What would be your nickname? (Firstname_Crystalbone)
  • What house are you in?
  • Which allegiances do you have?
If you are interested in joining the Crystalbones please message me on discord answering these questions (allan#3912). If you do not have discord you can mail me in-game, my username is Allannnn.
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