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    Aviforma's Trial - Recap 4

    I had no part in the death of Lauren Strudel! Eat my dust, Ministry!
  2. Aviforma

    Declined Add a Year Requirement for Dueling Challenges

    Thank you for working on this change! I'm excited to see how loadouts are, as they seem like an effective solution to the issue.
  3. Aviforma

    On-Hold Release a comprehensive gear list

    Can't wait! Any day now, I think. If the bot has it, it shouldn't be too hard to just compile it.
  4. Aviforma

    Under Review Change Quabbleball Scoring Rules (problems with defender cooldown)

    I definitely agree with this one. Passers are flying too close to the hoops!
  5. Aviforma

    Under Review option to turn off player visibility in flying

    Sorry for being late to the conversation, but this is a great suggestion! Games like Mario Kart have top-down perspectives, so seeing your opponents isn't a huge issue as you still know where you're going. However, in Flying, you need to make split-second turns through tight intersections. This...
  6. Aviforma

    Declined Change the rule regarding approved mods.

    I am immensely in favor of this suggestion. I think it's important that there is clarity between the staff team and players, y'know? I hope this is elaborated upon!
  7. Aviforma

    Under Review Marketplace Forums Revamp

    I am heavily in support of this suggestion. The marketplace tab on the forums is underused at the moment, and I think a revamp could really help with it becoming an active facet of the community.
  8. Aviforma

    Declined Discord new channel?

    I miss the old days of Potterworld, sometimes. Seeing memories like the old brewing system, grinding inferni for peppermint, all of that. It's nice to take a walk down memory lane, yeah? Just my two cents.
  9. Aviforma

    On-Hold Add Wool's Orphanage

    This is one of the most memorable places in the Harry Potter Cinematic Universe. I feel like having this location added on the map would increase my immersion. I'm fully in support!
  10. Aviforma

    Declined little protello

    Personally, I enjoy Protello's current place in dueling. For most people, it is already at 2/3 seconds. Timing the deflection of spells also isn't very easy, even with a low cooldown.
  11. Aviforma

    On-Hold Add The Ability To Delete Your Posts/Replies

    I would love this suggestion. Sometimes, I say something that I realize is wrong a couple seconds later. This would help!
  12. Aviforma

    On-Hold Quabbleball World Cup

    I love this idea! I hope it gets accepted. Full support!
  13. Aviforma

    Completed Winstreak In 1v1 Arena!

    t h a n k
  14. Aviforma

    Completed Winstreak In 1v1 Arena!

    I think it'd be really cool if you could see your current winstreak in 1v1 arena. Wouldn't it be fun to see how far you could get?