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  • ok hi

    1.) What is your favorite Disney character?
    prob like Moana or Belle :)
    2.) What is your MBTI result?
    INFJ <3
    3.) What is your zodiac sign?
    libra :D
    4.) Favorite song?
    I LITERALLY DON'T HAVE ONE, but anything by Frank Ocean tbh. maybe pink + white IDK
    5.) Happiest memory?
    kinda happy kinda sad
    memory but my fav, wanting to quit dance and being a bad place with it but competing and my love for it coming back instantly or my keys trips every summer.
    6.) Fun fact about you?
    I've been dancing competitively my whole life and I wanna be a vet!
    7.) How long have you been on the server?
    great question, since 2018! 4 years this upcoming month!
    8.) Favorite water brand (bottled)?
    9.) Favorite TikTok audio?
    favorite as of rn, "am I the drama? I don't think im the drama."
    10.) Pronouns?
    she/her! <3

    im tagging @Snowys and @zachmath15
    We’re eating cold Chinese food
    Playing kids’ games in Central Park
    And I know our days are numbered
    But we’re laughing in the dark

    And I’ll miss those nights dancing in the middle of the street
    And I’ll hold on tight if I thought we had a chance of keeping in the heat
    And in a different city we would make it through the fall
    But it’s New York in September and I think we’ve lost it all

    It’s a lifetime in one hot Manhattan summer
    It’s the view from a fire escape
    I’m scared to live but I’m scared to stay
    When this heat wave finally breaks

    And we’re fighting in the grocery store
    And I love you but I don’t know if I like you anymore
    And we’re running through the city in an August thunderstorm
    And you drive me f****** crazy but at least I’m never bored
    In a world of endless summers you’d be mine and I’d be yours
    But the sidewalk’s cooling down now
    That was summer in New York (in New York)

    And I miss those nights dancing in the middle of the street
    And I’d hold on tight if we had another chance of keeping in the heat
    In a different city we might have made it through the fall
    But it was New York in September and the writing’s on the wall
    It was New York in September when we had and lost it all (Yeah you said)

    You said you would keep me warm but now I’m pulling on a sweater
    But I’ve never known a colder month than New York that September
    and i love you but i dont know if i like you anymore..
    Likes: Ralie
    I know I LOVE you,,,
    but you said you'd keep me warm..??
    Likes: Ralie
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