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  • can we please please PLEASE visit ft meyers are eat chicken wings ):
    no but we can go back to my not freezing college & eat chicken wings there we just have to dodge the aggressive raccoons
    I know it might be crazy
    But did you hear the story?
    I think I heard it vaguely
    A girl and a zombie
    Oh, tell me more, boy
    Sounds like a fantasy
    Oh, what could go so wrong
    With a girl and a zombie
    You're from the perfect paradise
    And I'm living on the darker side
    Ooh, I've got a feeling
    If you get to know me
    Right from the start you caught my eye
    And something inside me came to life
    Ooh, I've got a feeling
    If you get to know me
    This could be, this could be ordinary
    Could we be something extraordinary?
    You and me side by side (yeah, yeah)
    Out in the broad daylight
    If they laugh, we'll say
    We're gonna be someday
    We're gonna be someday (Someday, someday)
    We're gonna be someday
    We're gonna be someday
    Hello members of the PWMC Website community... Anya and I crafted delicious questions and they tagged me so I present to you my answers:
    1.) What is your favorite Disney character?

    Also love pascal and Rapunzel a dynamic duo

    2.) What is your MBTI result?

    3.) What is your zodiac sign?
    Scorpio! I'm a Scorpio sun/moon and Cancer rising :)

    4.) Favorite song?
    I currently do not know but love Mr. Worldwide's work

    5.) Happiest memory?
    Spending time with my long time PW friends in person and making Christmas cookies!

    6.) Fun fact about you?
    I almost burnt my house down making emotional support cinnamon rolls for Anya.,,,

    7.) How long have you been on the server?
    I joined Feb. 27 2016 so pretty much 6 years

    8.) Favorite water brand (bottled)?
    SmartWater ftw

    9.) Favorite TikTok audio?
    I currently have major bag alert stuck in my head but my all-time favorite is Remember the Times we Had

    10.) Pronouns?

    That's it from me :) I nominate @Sorcellerie ,@Erin, & anyone else reading this!! :cool::love::whistle:
    hey em, just wanted to let you know i failed a math test today<3
    BAHAHAHA im so proud of you this is 100% something I have done but will not do again because I am done with math <3 hope u get better live laugh love!
    thanks em! appreciate the support
    Likes: Ralie
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