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  • Day 19:
    No... this can't be! They can't seriously be planning...

    I have to get out of here, now! I have to warn them. If only I had found the files sooner...

    It's so obvious now. The decreased number of guards, the papers that were recovered from the Aurorlock Manor... they've been planning this for months, even before they blamed me for Noah's escape. This is so much bigger than even I anticipated.

    There isn't enough time. I had already sent H to gather my lieutenants to help me break out, but he's out of range of the link for me to tell him—and them—what I know. I have my wand, I have Scout, and I have the information I need. After the next guard shift I'm using Avomora and getting out of here. I only hope it's not already too late...
    Day 18: It took longer than anticipated, but Scout has retrieved the special item. The Aurorlocks were smart, it took a lot of searching to find where it was stashed. But when you've got an ally that can morph to mimic any key, no lock stands a chance. There seemed to be less Aurorlocks hanging around today, which certainly made my job a bit easier. I wonder where they've gone...

    Now that Scout has returned, I can technically break out at any time I wish. But I must not be hasty... I need to wait for the opportune moment in order to minimize the attention I draw. Besides, now that I can freely explore their HQ through Scout this is the perfect opportunity to gather intel and find out what they're planning next. I suspect it's no accident that Ministry lady pinned Noah's escape on me. I will send Scout to investigate the Aurorlock archives to see what I can find. If I'm lucky, I'll be back with the Phoenixes and preparing countermeasures long before the Ministry discovers I'm gone.
    Day 17: Over the years, many people have attempted the "smuggle a prisoner something useful in a cake" trick. This may be the first time, however, that the useful thing IS the cake. They never saw it coming!

    The "chocolate cake" arrived in my cell earlier today, already cut into by Aurorlocks checking for items. One command word later and it morphed into its regular form: a small pale humanoid, staring up at me waiting for direction. I presented it with a drop of my blood, and now the neural link seems to be working normally. The being before me does not have the same capacity for rational thought as H or myself, but it can follow instructions well enough and I can see through its eyes via the link. More importantly, it's small enough to fit through the ventilation. The first step will be retrieving that important item...

    Now that the link is established, I should probably give this being a name. I think I'll call it... Scout.
    Day 16: It is finished. The subject's vital signs are normal, and it appears to be reacting to external stimuli. I've directed H to perform a few tests on the subject. Cellular recombination and regeneration seem to be operating as anticipated, though it does not show any reaction akin to pain. I have no way of testing if it can respond to my commands, but based on past experiments it should be able to follow directives once I establish a link with it. Of course, for that to happen I'll need to get it to my cell. I will have H conduct a few more tests tonight, then prepare it for transport.

    I wonder what icing I should go with... chocolate sounds good.
    Day 15: After so many days of radio silence, H has finally returned to London and within range of the link! I am so incredibly relieved. I was beginning to believe he had been captured or destroyed along the way. But not only has he made it back in one piece, he has also acquired the necessary items!

    Apparently, there were a number of Aurorlock patrols throughout the countryside that H needed to dodge which slowed his process significantly. However he was able to make it to the cache and acquire the components. I'm letting H rest for today (Merlin knows he needs it) and then tomorrow we can complete the process.

    Mandrake, Mercury, and Phoenix Tears. Seemingly unrelated and incompatible, yet each contains a property needed for the final result. The foundation, the spirit of transformation, and the power of regeneration.... if all goes right, this next creation will be everything I require and more.
    Day 10: The lab has run out of a number of crucial components: mandrake root, phoenix tears, and mercury just to name a few. H will need to venture out to gather these materials, or else the plan will not succeed. Naturally I am concerned... H will be traveling out of range of the link, so I will not be able to guide him directly. He will have to rely on his own cunning and initial instructions. If there was ever a moment where the plan was most likely to fail, it is now. But I must have faith in him. He is capable and resourceful, and he has yet to disappoint. Here's hoping that doesn't change now.
    Day 9: H is making steady progress, but I still feel a sense of unease... there are too many things that could go wrong here for my liking. If the Ministry figures out what I'm planning, it'd be the end. If they spot H in public, it'll raise too many unwanted questions. And then there's the matter of getting the package delivered to my cell.

    The Aurorlocks aren't accepting visitors at this moment, especially to those in their containment cells. I'll need some way to make H (or whoever delivers the package) unseen. An invisibility cloak or potion might work, but the Ministry will probably expect that... this attempt must be something bold, something never before attempted... I think I've got it! I'll send H to gather the necessary ingredients now.
    Day 6: It's taken some time, but I finally managed to pry open the ventilation system. It's far too small for me to fit through, but perhaps something smaller could make it...
    I've sent H back to the lab to begin work on the new project. He is a fast worker, just as fast as me, so he should be able to finish it in time. The only problem will be getting it to me in the cell...
    Day 3: There are certain advantages to my current predicament, as I am now discovering. While I myself cannot move about freely, I am also protected from any assassins or assailants by the thick metal bars. Moreover, I'm at the heart of the ministry... a perfect place to discover the truth of their operations. Provided I can get out of this cell, of course.
    Day 1: Thanks to my eyes, I know that Andreu made it out safely. I am very glad of that fact, though I wish I hadn't also gotten caught in the process. I should have been more careful...but that is in the past. Right now, there are bigger things I need to focus on.
    (Out of Character) So today has been one of the most exciting moments of my Potterworld career. I am so so thrilled to serve as your new Lord of the Phoenixes. I remember back in 2016 dreaming about one day serving the Phoenixes in some greater capacity, but back then I never thought I would ever make it here. Thank you to everyone who has supported my journey this far, and I can't wait to do my part to make this new season of RP better than ever!
    Today I made one of the biggest steps in my life: moving into a dorm for college. All's well so far! The roommate's plenty nice (we played pool). Still getting used to all of this. Wish me luck!
    19 Years. 19 years of life. Almost a full two decades. Where DOES the time go?

    In all seriousness, I want to express my gratitude for all of the people who have made the last year special. It's been incredible time, finally joining staff team and working my way up to Sr. Prof. I've seen lots of changes in the server, and most importantly, I've made friends. And now the biggest change of all, college, looms on the horizon. I can't wait for the challenges and adventures that year number 20 will bring. Thank you everyone for all of the fun times, all of the memories, and all of the sweet birthday wishes!
    Oooh wow, first post on the new website! Talk about a clean slate!

    I've figured out a cool formatted bio, but it says it's over the character limit (probably because of new lines) so I'll work on it.
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