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Anniversary Store Releases

Greetings witches and wizards,

It's not every day that the server reaches such a big milestone, and we're super excited to kick-start the 10th Anniversary celebrations with our brand new Anniversary Store Releases! In the spirit of a grand celebration, we're bringing a range of items fit for the party. Why not treat yourself to a fantastic party hat, some explosive anniversary death effects, or even a selection of fire dust items? The full list of items included is:
  • NEW The Emerald Flaming Wand: Enjoy the portability of Fire Dust flames all day long with this magnificent wand appearance!
  • NEW Emerald Flaming Broom: Take a different approach to Fire Dust travel by soaring through the sky on its emerald green glow!
  • NEW Purple Party Hat: Carry the celebratory spirit wherever you go with this brand new party hat, perfect for any party!
  • NEW Anniversary Death Effects: Celebrate a decade worth of deaths on Potterworld and explode in a firework of joy!
  • NEW Anniversary Wand Effects: Freshly conjured from the core of Potterworld spirit, you too can spread the iconic purple particles in any duel, chest run or adventure!
  • FEATURED Pet Balloon Collection: Take your pick from one of these four iconic balloons, and spread the celebrations further afield as you explore the anniversary celebrations!
As an additional bonus, we are also extremely excited to announce some recent updates to existing store features! These new changes are as follows:
  • UPDATE In-Game Store Wearable Wands: Our many unique wand and staff appearances have been popular hats for a while now. As a result of this update, you can now test out your style of wearable wands/staffs before making a purchase!
  • UPDATE In-Game Store Ascendio Spell: Experiment with your new wand effects by launching yourself through the air with this new In-Game Store spell! Check it out using the In-Game Store wand now!
  • UPDATE Additional Custom Wand Name Slot: You may be familiar with our custom wand names, and they're a great option to customise your character! With an additional slot, you can now have up to two custom wand names stored and ready for use at any time!
  • UPDATE Minor Voting Store Updates: After recent feedback, we're pleased to share that the voting reminder will now be issued up to 18 hours before a streak is lost! Claiming a streak pack will now also need you to claim your daily reward first, ensuring your streak stays strong for as long as possible!
For more information about the new items, check out the New Releases category of our store! The featured balloons can be found in the pets section of our store. All items are available for preview in our In-Game Store and can also be purchased from our Potter Points Store.




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ahhh the new models are amazingg!!! Great Job!!! :D