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Arena 2023 Season 1 Releases

Greetings witches and wizards!

It's time for our Arena 2023 Season 1 Releases!

Arena Dueling Halls: We have updated the Dueling Halls to include a feature where you can see how many people are in each Arena!

New Challenge Types:
We heard your feedback regarding some of our dueling & flying game modes and have decided to add some new ones! Here are all new challenge modes:

NEW - Knockout Flying Challenge
NEW - FFA-styled Dueling Challenge
NEW - Flying Training Sessions

Arena Protocol:
The Arena Team has added two new protocols to its rules. These new rules are:

- If both players forfeit a duel, then both players will be marked as having lost the duel (and will receive the lesser rewards, if forfeiting within the top 4).
- In a team dueling challenge, if a teammate leaves the challenge, the team will be given the option to duel with the acknowledgement that they will be down a player. (This will be a third option between (1) finding them a new teammate that has not participated in the challenge yet, (2) playing with a man down, and (3) forfeiting the duel. Players are allowed to decide on any of the above options.)

We have added these new protocols in our continuing efforts to ensure that your experience in challenges and tournaments remains consistent and fair at all times.

Arena Valentines Changes:
We've gone ahead and decorated both the Arena Lobby and the Arena Hubs with the valentine's theme! Be sure to explore them as you attend and depart from our challenges and tournaments.

Arena Discord Changes:
#Arena101: This channel will be used to post tips, tricks, and helpful tools for anyone looking for more information about topics related to dueling, flying, and much more!

Arena Token Shop: We've rotated out our seasonal items and have added some old and new items! Make sure to check out the Arena Exclusives to see the new Arena Sceptre Wand Appearance!

Arena Day: We will be hosting an Arena Day on February 25th! On this day, we will be hosting a handful of challenges throughout the day to showcase a few of our challenge types. More information about the upcoming Arena Day will be coming soon!



And finally, we'd like to credit you guys! This update wouldn't have been possible without all your feedback. We hope you enjoy this release and we're looking forward to seeing you at our future challenges and tournaments!