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Arena Expansion Update

Greetings witches and wizards!

As Season 3 comes to a close, it's time for our Arena 2022 Season 4 Release! The release will be titled the "Arena Expansion Update" and includes lots of improvements to the already existing Arena systems we have to offer!

Arena Dueling Halls: We have updated the Dueling Halls to include many new features! Here are some of the changes we've made:

- Changed the overall build, and added a new dueling Arena within the new halls!
- NEW - Added Tournament NPCs to showcase our monthly winners!
- NEW - Added a room for the Arena Token Shop
- NEW - Added Season Winner NPCs to showcase our season winners!
- NEW - Arena Museum: Added a brand new room for players to explore our different games and to learn more about the Arena Team!
- NEW - Room of Training: Test out your skills against target dummies to learn more about spell interactions and damage! There are 2 rooms to test in, one against dummies and one against your friends in a real Arena!
- NEW - Target Practice Room: Feeling a bit rusty? Head over to the Target Practice Room within the Training Area to test out your aim in a short but exciting challenge!
- NEW - Champion & Arena Recruiters: Talk to the recruiters to learn more about the Arena Team and about becoming an Arena Champion!
- NEW - Added various new Dueling Arenas to the Arena Selector NPC! Those maps include:
- Lion's Den, Time Room, Chamber of Mysteries, Battle of Hogsworth, Great Hall, Coliseum, Ministry, and the brand new Training Halls!

Dueling & Flying maps Reworks: We heard your feedback regarding some of our dueling arenas & flying courses and have decided to give several of them some well deserved reworks! Here are all the arenas that received updates!

NEW - Greenhouses Dueling Arena
NEW - Dark Follower Election Arena
NEW - Beauxbois Arena
NEW - Room of Hidden Things Arena
NEW - Mirrors Arena
NEW - Ice Arena
NEW - Hogsworth Flying Course
NEW - Diagonal Lane Flying Course

Arena Protocol: The Arena Team has been putting more effort to ensure that your experience in challenges and tournaments remains consistent and fair at all times, which is why we've gone ahead and produced a protocol document that will remain public to the players and will include all our rules and criteria for decisions taken while hosting a challenge or tournament. This will be posted on the forums!

Why: This helps us stay consistent and helps you know what to expect when certain things happen during challenges and tournaments. With more consistency and transparency, we will be one step closer towards guaranteeing fair play at all times.

Arena Halloween Changes: We've gone ahead and decorated both the Arena Lobby and the Arena Hubs with the halloween theme! Be sure to explore them as you attend and depart from our challenges and tournaments.

Arena Team Rework: We have decided to rework the way the structure of the team works! These changes will not affect you as a player but we wanted to share this so the players know about the name changes for our roles!
Arena Squire (trial) ----> Arena Squire
Arena Squire (full) ----> Arena Master
Arena Master ----> Arena Grandmaster
Arena Advisor
Lead Arena Master

Arena Discord Changes:
#Notices: This channel will be used to highlight challenges, teasers, mini announcements, hirings & promotions and more!
#Discussions: We've previously gathered feedback in #general, but moving forward we would like to keep all discussions and feedback in this new channel! We'd also like to thank those who took the time to take part in the discussions we had by providing feedback!

Arena Feedback Form: Within a week or two of this update releasing, we will be sending out a feedback form to get your opinions on the update as well as your experience with the Arena Team as a whole! Stay tuned for that in the Arena Discord!

Arena Token Shop: We've gathered your feedback about our Arena Shop and have decided to lower the price on every item available in the shop! We will also be releasing brand new rewards and cosmetics for you to claim as a mid season release sometime in November!


And finally, we'd like to credit you guys! This update wouldn't have been possible without all your feedback and discussions. Your opinions are so valuable for us and help us produce the best possible content for all of you to enjoy. We hope you enjoy this update and we're looking forward to seeing you at our future challenges and tournaments!