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Arena Master Evolution

We're very excited to announce some awesome changes coming to the Arena Master team! We're going to be moving towards having regularly scheduled challenges, in which you guys can practice for tournaments, and different tournaments each month, rather than the standard 3v3 tournaments. For this, we have restructured the team in order to allow players to apply for the team! The new structure is as follows:

Arena Squire
Arena Squires assist Arena Masters with running challenges and tournaments in-game, as well as managing our Dueling and Flying Discord servers, and keeping track of champions, finalists, backups, etc. You can apply for this position here!

Arena Master
Arena Masters inherit all the responsibilities of Arena Squire, as well as running challenges and tournaments.

Arena Grandmaster
This is the lead of the Arena Team, they oversee the team and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Additionally, members of this team are no longer bound to either Dueling or Flying, they will be involved in both!

We'll have more information about challenges and tournaments in the near future. If you have any questions, feel free to message the Head of Game Design on Discord!



Minecraft IGN: Anoobalous
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Can’t wait to see some new players on the team!