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Arithmancer Render Workshop

The Arithmancer team is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Render Workshop! This will take place on August 28th at 12pm PST in the Official PWMC Art Discord. If you are not already in the Art Discord you can click here to join!

During this workshop we will be creating a render live and answering questions. We also will be providing tips on how to improve your renders, including:
  • Wand/Dueling Poses
  • Generic Poses/Tips
  • How to make Wallpapers
  • Broom Render Tips

We highly recommend following along if you have Blender and your own MC rig to create something as we go! We hope to see you all there! If you have any questions about the workshop, you can message the Head of Media (sunnya#6761) or the Arithmancer Lead (Ralie#5837) on Discord.

  • All rules from the main PW Discord apply in the Art Discord & individuals will need to have their account linked (do /discord in-game).
  • We will not be teaching people how to access models from the PotterworldMC resource pack.
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